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10 Ways To Stop a Package Pirate..

Here are some ways you can prevent someone from taking your packages!
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    Sorry for the reupload! VNchannel didn’t like the last title so I had to change it!

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      Guava Juice its ok

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      Poopy Mc.Noobs

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      Play helllo neighbor

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    the box says "E"

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    I love your vid stay jucey

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    I needed this porch pirates keep taking mangles parts!

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    He looks like the creepypasta ticci Toby with that mask on

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    Sarah Machai

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    Can you get a hammer than you will probably be the package thief

  15. Sarah Machai

    Sarah Machai

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    Speed up the package thief with anything like a hammer

    • Sarah Machai

      Sarah Machai

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      Beat the package thief up with a hammer

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    S. Pimpaporn

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    You said #18 then #9?

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    It just said lesson 18 to 50 to 9

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    Momo play

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    I love you roi

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    I Can't Believe People Keep Stealing My Packages

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    It was five then 18 then 50then nine.

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    Doesn’t it say pirate not theif

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    How do we shrink ourselves

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    Love itttttttttt

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    0:00 IS THAT MARKIPLIER?! 🙀🤯🤩

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    The box says do do do do do do do woohoo

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    Hahaha this video is so funny I love your videos don't stop the hard work

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    I subscribed and like the video

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    How do you shrink yourself

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      @Master Bubble how!?

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    W Wwsasss Tri

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    Eciuj avaug is awesome

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    Did you meet OZRnoobslayer in PUBG, he was my friend

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    I littlerly lolled at the lead him to the cops part XDDD

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    If you heard him say 18

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    And a box cased the the thief

  42. Dino Dino

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    Hahaha he hugged the package and other package fell on him

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    what the heak

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    Jk 5:50

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    Hey lava juice you are now a zombie for five eskI meant I meant ask not not like what you thought I meant wait wait I have nothing else to say so how's your day going I said this is can't really wear haha

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    what does the box say? box! box! box! box! box! box! box! box! box! box!

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    It made me laugh 😂 and my mom woke up

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    Why they can’t make you say thief

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    this music is from prodigy math game!!!

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    Project Zorgo willhackyoutube



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    The box says: d d d d dont steal me

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    You said 10 ways but Roi you did a lot more than ten

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    How can you hold a anvil

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    The way to not let the package theif get your package is to put the package in your house

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    Baby Shark

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      And it’s ok I will give you one I have 2 u want pro? I have pro

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      You Tube Helpfarm I like for good luck of getting it back

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    A Package Theif Stole My Package My Name Is The Philippines

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