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16 Types of Students on Picture Day

The world-renowned photographer, Pablo Diablo LaKosh has arrived to snap photos for Picture Day. What kind of challenges will he face when he meets ClassT1T5?
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  1. Maynine Marin

    Maynine Marin

    Giờ trước

    Madam soot beng are you realy pregnant

  2. Diplomar Crown967

    Diplomar Crown967

    Giờ trước

    Class T1T5 Class TITS 😆😆😆

  3. TR RAMA


    2 giờ trước

    Ren Yi xiang is not Hanson than me

  4. Rafael Sib

    Rafael Sib

    2 giờ trước

    Kevin always get the haircut

  5. dandalita star

    dandalita star

    3 giờ trước

    Im so happy for jian and abbie sorry if i spell it wrong or wrong hehe cuz abbie is PREGNANT omg!!!! 😃😃😃

  6. Kiyomi Aru

    Kiyomi Aru

    4 giờ trước




    6 giờ trước

  8. Ryaan Zahidani

    Ryaan Zahidani

    7 giờ trước

    7:13 lmfao

  9. Santiago Vallejos

    Santiago Vallejos

    8 giờ trước

    I LOVE his accent

  10. Maisy & Rosie’s World

    Maisy & Rosie’s World

    8 giờ trước

    👑 👧🏼 👗 👢

  11. WiFi CC

    WiFi CC

    8 giờ trước

    T1T5 =tits

  12. Nadia Arslan

    Nadia Arslan

    9 giờ trước

    11:50 was that a mean girls reference?

  13. Noreen Maventura

    Noreen Maventura

    10 giờ trước

    when he said: "confidence is everything, my friend" with a weird expression + the student's "pogi" pose with a big smile *cute* i can't stop laughing he's very funny, very entertaining ^-^

  14. Franchiska Ardian

    Franchiska Ardian

    10 giờ trước


  15. Starscream Cool cybertronian

    Starscream Cool cybertronian

    11 giờ trước

    This is hilarious

  16. Hydie Perez

    Hydie Perez

    11 giờ trước

    🤪🤣🤔😝😢😋😍🤩😘😛✌🤗🎈😂🤡😃😥☹😀😜🗑😁👍😀🥰🦄🐵🐒🐈🦄🐴🐖🐴🦄😎😗☺😗😑😚🥰🤑💮🥟🍦🍠🍥🍠🍥🥟🍦🥠🥠🥧🥟🥟🍧🍠🧁🍢🍢🍦🥠🍢🧁🥠🍰🥠🥟🍦🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🥇🏥🎹🇦🇷🏳️‍🌈🇦🇷🇧🇦🇧🇪🇦🇷🇦🇿I took long on this please heart this

  17. Hydie Perez

    Hydie Perez

    11 giờ trước

    I wish I lived with you

  18. margaux vlogs

    margaux vlogs

    13 giờ trước

    i ship vincent and dennise they look perfect together

  19. jeons cooky

    jeons cooky

    13 giờ trước

    15:32 his accent is like filipino.

  20. day rain_

    day rain_

    13 giờ trước

    Yay Denise is backkkkk!,!!!

  21. Ashlee Leon

    Ashlee Leon

    14 giờ trước

    Omg the camera man made me laugh so hard

  22. maksim songin

    maksim songin

    14 giờ trước

    I Love His Video's!

  23. Gucia BlueBlack

    Gucia BlueBlack

    14 giờ trước

    He doesn't even go here!

  24. Czaira Pestaño

    Czaira Pestaño

    15 giờ trước

    13:12 Santa maria inahan tabangi kami, wazaaappp philippines

  25. Siti Isnawati

    Siti Isnawati

    16 giờ trước

    Who wants to cry let Ren Yi Xiang 🤣 Meee!

  26. April Kewrney

    April Kewrney

    17 giờ trước

  27. Silverstraight Medusa

    Silverstraight Medusa

    17 giờ trước

    I love class T1T5 😂😘

  28. ping ping

    ping ping

    17 giờ trước

    pop mie

  29. Sagun Chitrakar

    Sagun Chitrakar

    18 giờ trước

    the teachers turn,and smile,ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the baterry is down !!!!

  30. Its_ Glitter rafa

    Its_ Glitter rafa

    19 giờ trước

    I think Kiara is Debbie One like-its not Debbie it's Kiara One comment-its Debbie it's not kiara

  31. Edith Menorias

    Edith Menorias

    19 giờ trước

    I thought the camera was low battery then it was not what is the truth this is a lier

  32. ItzCamille GamerGirl

    ItzCamille GamerGirl

    20 giờ trước

    Umm... its backwards... JianHao : Hey,Hey Look at the bright side,There's alot of Sea in the fish. WHAT!?!?

  33. Clare Scott

    Clare Scott

    20 giờ trước

    10:20 when u try your best but u don’t succeed

    • Clare Scott

      Clare Scott

      8 giờ trước

      Clare Scott So funny

  34. Infires man yeah

    Infires man yeah

    21 giờ trước

    Oh no Ridhwan :(

  35. Gene Tan

    Gene Tan

    21 giờ trước

    i love debbie

  36. Melody Piper

    Melody Piper

    22 giờ trước

    Ok imma break it down if you don’t know but diablo in Spanish means devil

  37. BTS thought me to love mah self

    BTS thought me to love mah self

    23 giờ trước

    I think Debbie still looks beautiful even with that big smile, I mean she's always pretty right? She caught my eyes and my heart💜

  38. le epic laught

    le epic laught

    Ngày trước

    I'm the unexpressive one :D

  39. Ink Sans

    Ink Sans

    Ngày trước

    11:23 oh hi victor ( from despicable Me) ( my bff Mystery wanted me to say this)

  40. catmonsters


    Ngày trước

    Love is bad don’t try it 😝

  41. Gatcha life Alexis enjoy

    Gatcha life Alexis enjoy

    Ngày trước

    Hi Jianhao(sorry if I spelled your name wrong)I maybe from New Zealand but I am also From Singapore I love you channel and the crew please keep doing what your doing now and enjoy it. When I’m sad or sick you make me better and happy.i laugh at your videos they are the best please keep you work up and I’m so happy that you goanna have a baby😀😀. Your the best my friends and I always laugh at you and smile I showed them your channel they loved it.😀😃😄😁😆

  42. Anna Sherman

    Anna Sherman

    Ngày trước

    Clumsy is me

  43. Konori Miumizu

    Konori Miumizu

    Ngày trước

    Why didnt ben get a photo

  44. Ayse Maden

    Ayse Maden

    Ngày trước

    Wait wait wait the baby is kicking😂😂

  45. anusha g

    anusha g

    Ngày trước

    Is Mr.Lakosh is from India

  46. zoebigmac01


    Ngày trước

    Did you say blueberry

  47. Anime Fanboy

    Anime Fanboy

    Ngày trước


  48. Matthea C.

    Matthea C.

    Ngày trước

    13:25 me when i look in the mirror early in the morning

    • Lara Oribello

      Lara Oribello

      7 giờ trước

      That is so me!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  49. kloster75


    Ngày trước

    I feel bad for dan

  50. SuperOmar2007


    Ngày trước

    20:00 Denise:It's my turn to take the photo now 20:08 Lakosh:Yes Indeed It is your turn to take the photo now

  51. Nzeribe Arinze Emmanuel

    Nzeribe Arinze Emmanuel

    Ngày trước

    This is so funny😂

  52. LDA Remix Wolf

    LDA Remix Wolf

    Ngày trước

    What was the tissues for

  53. Por MeJuice

    Por MeJuice

    Ngày trước

    This video made me think that " is jianhao and Denise has a relationship?" Well it's Debbie...

  54. general rex

    general rex

    Ngày trước

    Did you know that the unexpected is a maldivian

  55. Sherly playz

    Sherly playz

    Ngày trước

    is the boy called ben looks like jin from BTS because i love jin and i think ben and jin might be twins

  56. Harini Uthayakumar

    Harini Uthayakumar

    Ngày trước

    omelette au fromage vive la France les gars !!!

  57. Grngxx 11

    Grngxx 11

    Ngày trước

    3:01 that was me in our class group photo😂😂😂😂 And i nailed that poze 👌😂😂

  58. WKPaladinYT


    Ngày trước


  59. Xx_john 1101

    Xx_john 1101

    Ngày trước

    Rip ren gi xiang love 2017-2019

  60. Rene Kirit

    Rene Kirit

    Ngày trước

    8:19 When Your Lazy To Go To Picture Day

  61. Lia Siat

    Lia Siat

    Ngày trước

    I'm really in-love with Denise 😍❤️

  62. The fierce Lion

    The fierce Lion

    Ngày trước

    10:00 there’s plenty of sea in the fish Me:i never knew

  63. Sameera Rahman

    Sameera Rahman

    Ngày trước

    Best video i have ever seen!!! I wished i had a class like t1t5 -from bangladesh

  64. Ali Lafta

    Ali Lafta

    Ngày trước

    0:13 LOL! Vincent’s face!!!! 😂

  65. Kharisma Nugroho

    Kharisma Nugroho

    Ngày trước

    8:16 dat scream though

  66. Jessi Ka

    Jessi Ka

    Ngày trước

    10:20 how good friends handle it How I handle it: Puch him in the face until he's Fainted

  67. SmockyPocky


    Ngày trước

    Ridhwan: pei shi loves me Ridhwan: sees pei shi with another boy Me:thats what she said

  68. Yasir Hussain

    Yasir Hussain

    Ngày trước


  69. Salma Zoha Jahangir

    Salma Zoha Jahangir

    Ngày trước


  70. DJ - Dalania Joyce

    DJ - Dalania Joyce

    Ngày trước

    I like Debbie and Denise

  71. Rainbow Unicorn5

    Rainbow Unicorn5

    Ngày trước

    Jian hao was a pencil💖 Dee kosh was a highlighter🌈 Jian hao drew this video🤗 Dee kosh made it brighter!☄ Edit- please like🌷 have a wonderful day😊



    Ngày trước

    Love is bad Don’t try it -*Ren-Yi Xiang*

  73. Arsylia Muditiani

    Arsylia Muditiani

    Ngày trước

    Jian hao eat pop mie from indonesia

  74. YTIm_ Sam

    YTIm_ Sam

    Ngày trước

    Well I will never have a crush why? The couple said love is bad

  75. James_Charles_Fan


    Ngày trước

    I AmThe Unexpressive Student.

  76. Chan Kuan Eyong

    Chan Kuan Eyong

    2 ngày trước

    I think jianhao said wrongly. Plenty of fish in the sea.

  77. Mad Tieu Mad Tieu Whatcha Gonna Do

    Mad Tieu Mad Tieu Whatcha Gonna Do

    2 ngày trước

    10:02 There are plenty of sea in the fish

  78. Swami K

    Swami K

    2 ngày trước

    8:20 XD that scream XD

  79. Mich ,Gach life history

    Mich ,Gach life history

    2 ngày trước

    Denise is Back!



    2 ngày trước

    Nice one! New her from philippines

  81. Kirsten Tatoy

    Kirsten Tatoy

    2 ngày trước


  82. Anita Hui

    Anita Hui

    2 ngày trước

    HA HA Why is Kevin said it is blueberry 😆

  83. Ramiz Salman

    Ramiz Salman

    2 ngày trước


  84. Swar Kewalia

    Swar Kewalia

    2 ngày trước

    Mr. Lakosh is such a mood

  85. Lady D. Perez

    Lady D. Perez

    2 ngày trước

    Chill ren xi yang

  86. jwjwjwjjw Gamer537

    jwjwjwjjw Gamer537

    2 ngày trước

    10:00 it is supposed to be there is a lot of fish in the sea, not there is a lot of sea in the fish.

  87. #Donut Life

    #Donut Life

    2 ngày trước


  88. CyberLife


    2 ngày trước

    Love is bad, but I always experiment with it.

  89. Fatima Alrobae

    Fatima Alrobae

    2 ngày trước

    When you don't know what to expect #yassqueen

  90. Crystal Hoang

    Crystal Hoang

    2 ngày trước

    Did anyone else notice that JianHao said “sea in the fish” lmao 😂

  91. Monica Oo

    Monica Oo

    2 ngày trước


  92. Ichigo Artz

    Ichigo Artz

    2 ngày trước

    10:01 there's plenty of sea in the fish right?

  93. Caitlin Yu

    Caitlin Yu

    2 ngày trước


  94. DrTrayPlayz


    2 ngày trước

    13:25 **about to puke**

  95. kiran kadri

    kiran kadri

    2 ngày trước


  96. Farees Al-yasa

    Farees Al-yasa

    2 ngày trước

    13:27 lol

  97. Farees Al-yasa

    Farees Al-yasa

    2 ngày trước

    Omg debbie was the nerd all along thats why i wandered where is she

  98. Bert Cortez

    Bert Cortez

    2 ngày trước

    15:51 Denise looks kinda drunk to me.

  99. Ōkami UwU

    Ōkami UwU

    2 ngày trước

    “#yaaaasssssqueen” lol

  100. Bert Cortez

    Bert Cortez

    2 ngày trước

    There's plenty of sea in the fish right? Lmao. 😅😅😅

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