17 Muscle Building Foods (BULK UP FAST!)

These are the 17 best muscle building foods that are great for both men & women looking to gain muscle. This is also great for skinny guys to learn what kind of a diet to eat to build muscle fast. Not only will you learn how to eat to gain weight, but you'll also burn fat and stay lean. Enjoy! Hope it helps
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Eggs - 1:08
Lean Beef - 2:06
Shrimp - 2:39
Chicken Breast - 3:04
Salmon - 3:34
Pork Tenderloin - 4:10
Protein Powder - 4:30
Tuna - 5:00
Sweet Potato - 5:42
Quinoa - 6:08
Oatmeal - 6:32
Apples - 6:57
Blueberry - 7:20
Nuts - 7:59
Beetroot - 8:50
Greek Yogurt - 9:25
Avocado -  10:05
You train hard in the gym but you don’t grow in the gym. In fact, you do the opposite. The whole goal of working out is to break down your muscles. But the end goal is to build them back up, bigger and stronger than they were before. And the way you do that is Through smart nutrition. you see You need to give your muscles the nutrients that they need to grow bigger and stronger. The right foods at the right time will fuel your body with the proteins, carbs and fats that it needs after a hard training session to pack on the solid muscle mass that you're after. But Without eating enough of the appropriate foods you’re just going to be stuck wasting away your time and effort while seeing no results in the mirror. So Today, I’m going to share with you the 17 best foods to build muscle fast. Before, we begin, though, keep in mind that there is no one food that will magically bulk you up after a single meal. The key to building muscle is consistency, both with your training and with your eating. You want to Find the best muscle building foods that you actually
(1). Research shows that eating whole eggs provides a boost in both lean mass and strength.
(2). Beef is a great muscle building food because of its high protein, cholesterol and saturated fat count, all of which help increase testosterone levels
(3) Shrimp is very nutrient dense while being relatively low in calories, making it ideal for lean muscle growth
(4) It also contains some important vitamins and minerals that promote muscle growth
(5) This will result in greater muscle strength and better insulin sensitivity, which leads to greater protein uptake by the muscle cells
(6) A serving of tenderloin will also give you a third of your daily requirement of Vitamin B2, which helps to digest protein
(7) a protein shake right after your workout will replenish your muscles and get amino acids directly into the cells to start the rebuilding process straight away
(8) Research has found that omega-3 promotes leanness, improves heart health and slows down the loss of muscle that naturally happens as we grow older
(9) A medium sized sweet potato will give you 24 grams of carbs, 4 grams of which are fiber. It’s also packed with vitamins and minerals.
(10) Research has also shown that eating quinoa will increase levels of insulin like growth factor-1, which is critical for muscle growth
(11) Oatmeal is a complex, slow release carb that will provide you with a long-lasting source of energy (11)
(12) Apples contain polyphenols which increase muscle strength and endurance
(12.5) Free radicals may cause damage to muscle cells
(13) Research also shows that blueberries help to increase post workout recovery
(14) They’ll also boost your energy levels thanks to their levels of manganese and copper, which fight against free radicals damage to the mitochondria, which is the part of your cells that creates energy
(15) Betaine has been shown to bolster muscular strength and endurance
(16) Research done at Baylor University shows that a combination of whey and casein is the best combination to increase lean muscle mass
(17) Studies have shown that eating healthy fats like those in avocados can boost your levels of testosterone and human growth hormone, both of which are prime muscle building hormones.
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