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    • Buzz Killington III

      Buzz Killington III

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    • MissVictoriasys


      Tháng trước

      thank you for these uploads i love them

    • Julio Jones

      Julio Jones

      Tháng trước

      A&E let’s go

    • It’s Your Boy Nino

      It’s Your Boy Nino

      Tháng trước

      A&E bring all episodes post them at once

    • Huncho bih lol

      Huncho bih lol

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      Yes, sir keep them coming

  2. James Santos

    James Santos

    9 giờ trước

    Purto is the worst type of person to become a CO or a cop.

  3. Monique Marquez

    Monique Marquez

    11 giờ trước

    the guy trying to cut his wrist is like a kid trying to get attention in the dumbest thing to do is for these cops to keep giving him attention and I feel if they want to kill themselves let them don't stop them because if they really wanted to they probably could they just want attention and the dumbest thing like I said is to keep going back and giving them the attention they need these people have nothing better to do except for waste your time and that's what they're doing and how stupid is it for you guys to keep going up there worrying about a little tiny cup it's his own fault what he's doing to himself and whatever happens to himself as so if he gets infected so be it

  4. Sheso Madeline

    Sheso Madeline

    Ngày trước

    18:33 This fools hands are the color of his shirt LOL wthell?!

  5. Dalton Bryan

    Dalton Bryan

    Ngày trước

    Need to fire lily and Fabian asap

  6. Mother Phoenix

    Mother Phoenix

    2 ngày trước

    How bout some pork for dinner? Not the guards, the inmates!

  7. The Anti Christ

    The Anti Christ

    2 ngày trước

    00:12 inmate-"see dis right here? dis is what we live fo" CO-"those are your hands inmate now shut up"

  8. kevin15chopper


    2 ngày trước

    The world will be better off when all those thugs are dead!!!!!!!!

  9. kevin15chopper


    2 ngày trước

    Sure the prisons are.filled.with blacks and Mexicans we should should send them all back to their home land of just kill all of them and solve the problem!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. kevin15chopper


    2 ngày trước

    OMG that one guard is like 120lb and 5ft tall!!!!!!!!!!! He looks like he's 12 yrs old!!!!!!!!! He'll be killed or raped!!!!!

  11. Laila Marquez

    Laila Marquez

    2 ngày trước

    Im going to be standing next to officer purto in a couple of years

  12. tHe boRing LiFe oF EmMa

    tHe boRing LiFe oF EmMa

    2 ngày trước

    Oh no Fabian and lily smh dont think there gonna make it honestly

  13. Rocks One

    Rocks One

    2 ngày trước

    7:47 it looks like the officer throws the first punch, with his left

  14. Randy Gamble

    Randy Gamble

    3 ngày trước

    Putting a small young female anywhere around a place like this just seems to be asking for trouble and pretty stupid.

  15. Cindy Ifeoma

    Cindy Ifeoma

    3 ngày trước

    Ohhh no this facility needs different cops 07:44 the other cops were literally panicking not know wtf to do after ole dude was fighting

    • Aesthetic Richmond

      Aesthetic Richmond

      2 ngày trước

      Cindy Ifeoma not ready for the smoke.

  16. JR Luna

    JR Luna

    5 ngày trước

    WOW!!! look at all these cutie female Correctional officer's.I wouldn't mind doing a little bid in der iffin I had to 😇😇😇👅👅👅😉❤❤❤

  17. BIG MAN


    5 ngày trước


  18. Rayna Diaz

    Rayna Diaz

    6 ngày trước

    Thats a lot of chaos to be around. To keep composure & still be assertive would be so difficult. Definitely have to be a strong individual to work in an environment like that. Those two girls & the 18 yr old C.O. all come across so timid.

  19. M Gomez

    M Gomez

    6 ngày trước

    Purto got a fake chin lol

  20. Bumble Bee

    Bumble Bee

    8 ngày trước

    Why do the girls all sound like cartoon kids??? so intimidating...

  21. Steven krupka

    Steven krupka

    8 ngày trước

    "Female On The Floor?" Are they supposed to bow and pay homage? What a joke this place is. Hire men,not scared little barbie dolls.

    • Stephanie Almanza

      Stephanie Almanza

      3 ngày trước

      No 🙄..when they say female on the floor its for the men to know just incase they are undressed or doing something they shouldnt be doing

  22. Redeemed


    8 ngày trước

    No hate, but I am a woman myself, and I honestly don't see the common sense of putting women in a men's prison. There are so many problems that will result from that, and to be honest, women and men are built totally different, and women do not fight like men at all. I think it is insanely ignorant to think it is a good idea.

  23. Arsomoru Maitoyame

    Arsomoru Maitoyame

    9 ngày trước

    well we all dont know eisteins relativity of theory sir 8=D

  24. nose fart

    nose fart

    10 ngày trước

    Purto should not be working with the mentally ill..

  25. Plant Based Analyst

    Plant Based Analyst

    13 ngày trước

    Why would a prison even hire Lilly and Fabian. How stupid!

  26. Justin 1234

    Justin 1234

    13 ngày trước

    99% of the CO's are either little pu$$ys or 200 years old lol

  27. Michael Nitsch

    Michael Nitsch

    14 ngày trước

    lilly has my vote you go girl!

  28. Stryker


    15 ngày trước

    I'm surprised the officer at 27min fits through the prison entrance.

  29. m


    15 ngày trước

    mexeecon wuman!!!! im gonna eat your beanssss!!!

  30. Gary Ciapa

    Gary Ciapa

    16 ngày trước

    Really she don't belong there

  31. dub duberson

    dub duberson

    16 ngày trước

    Main trainer dude is a cross between Kurt angle and Dana white

  32. youngswhtx


    18 ngày trước

    Man these CO's are so young !!!! Why is this even legal?

  33. Cluckery Duckery

    Cluckery Duckery

    18 ngày trước

    one word: unibrow

  34. Koke Licovoli

    Koke Licovoli

    18 ngày trước

    Why not put PURTO in the unit with the Gang Members, since he wants to be so Tuff.

  35. M Czenk

    M Czenk

    19 ngày trước

    Purto, as a fellow CO I have to correct you, we aren't the thin blue line, that's Police. We're the gray line.

  36. Tyler Schroeder

    Tyler Schroeder

    19 ngày trước

    Lilly has no business being a CO in prison.... period!!

  37. Barber Hacks

    Barber Hacks

    22 ngày trước

    I sound like you when I’m on helium

  38. Sergio Hernandez

    Sergio Hernandez

    23 ngày trước

    Crimson chin

  39. Christopher Nieman

    Christopher Nieman

    23 ngày trước

    Purto really bothers me. He's the type of guy that was teased as a kid and made an effort to seek out law enforcement as a profession just so he could give payback. He also is demeaning to absolutely anyone HE thinks it's below him. He is the worst kind of officer. The fact that he intentionally seeks out, and as he said, hopes that an inmate goes off so he can go "hands on" is disgusting.

    • Cluckery Duckery

      Cluckery Duckery

      18 ngày trước

      Christopher Nieman sounds like most cops. I always say that the type of person that wants to be a cop is the exact type of person that shouldn't be a police officer. It's a catch 22. I know correctional officers and police officers are two separate things, but I think the concept applies to both.

  40. Ricardo Vazquez

    Ricardo Vazquez

    23 ngày trước

    Fire Fabian

  41. Jason Rogers

    Jason Rogers

    25 ngày trước

    I use to be a CO and it’s ALL about Comand Presence. If your not sure what to do act like it until help arrives !

  42. Diego Jaimes

    Diego Jaimes

    25 ngày trước

    They need to toughen up those rookies



    26 ngày trước

    Lilly should work with Ariel so she can teach her the ropes and toughen her up!

  44. Sammy Jimenez

    Sammy Jimenez

    26 ngày trước

    Lilly doesn’t belong there

  45. Christopher Flores

    Christopher Flores

    27 ngày trước

    Shoutout to the Inmate with the Sacramento Kings logo on his chest at 16:48

  46. Pr Johan

    Pr Johan

    27 ngày trước

    Ariel at level 6? are u just tryin to get her shanked?!?!?!

  47. LinkaCoywulf


    28 ngày trước

    fabian reminds me of sharkboy lol

  48. Waymon Tucker

    Waymon Tucker

    28 ngày trước

    Purto needs to be fired ASAP

  49. X X

    X X

    28 ngày trước

    Thanks for the full episodes A&E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Angel Htx

    Angel Htx

    29 ngày trước

    All these episodes got me feeling like I’m a CO now 😂😂

  51. Anh D

    Anh D

    29 ngày trước

    'I wouldn't take myself seriously.' Fabian is quite self aware.

  52. Snickas Bah

    Snickas Bah

    Tháng trước

    Big fan of the Fabester. You can do it bruh.

  53. Cee L.

    Cee L.

    Tháng trước

    Where's purtos neck ?

  54. Mario Luffy

    Mario Luffy

    Tháng trước

    I kinda got annoyed when she said she hasn't written anyone up. So she deserves the verbal abuse if she is not going to do anything about it.

  55. Jose


    Tháng trước

    These brave young men and women will learn. Good for them for taking on one of the most adversarial careers in America.

  56. greg E

    greg E

    Tháng trước

    Most of those inmates (animals) need to be euthanized!

  57. BiLLy m

    BiLLy m

    Tháng trước

    lilly needs to go nursing school and fabian needs to go to college for like IT work

  58. BUDS: The Animated Series

    BUDS: The Animated Series

    Tháng trước

    I want my Quran or I'm going to cut my wrists... Where's the problem? Have at it tough guy. Just try to do it over the sink or toilet.

  59. jasmine Al-Amin

    jasmine Al-Amin

    Tháng trước

    to all the future CO's and police officers: you dont have to be big to have a command presence- teachers and coaches do it all the time with bad kids.

  60. jay walker

    jay walker

    Tháng trước

    Definitely need more full episodes on not 8 minutes not 3 minutes not 4 minutes full episodes thank you for putting these ones on here

  61. Layrr Jackson

    Layrr Jackson

    Tháng trước

    fabian dumb af 😂😂😂😂, they walked straight in there goin thru stuff

  62. Layrr Jackson

    Layrr Jackson

    Tháng trước

    nobody : tim: "hey fellas, hey fellas, hows everybody" 😂😂😂☠

  63. B


    Tháng trước

    Fabian should shave his head to have more of a gangster look just a little bit more intimidating



    Tháng trước

    Some people are a waste of air and should be disposed of. I gladly be their judge, jury, and headsman!

  65. awe Ruby

    awe Ruby

    Tháng trước

    one thing is for certain....i dont know if im coming home tonight

  66. C Bell

    C Bell

    Tháng trước

    Having lily there. No. Just no. She looks like a scared little girl. That needs to be addressed!

  67. C Bell

    C Bell

    Tháng trước

    You can’t be having people like Fabian on. He’s risking the life of other officers. He just comes off as prey. He’s scared, he’s not ready to be there.

  68. Anthony Ramos

    Anthony Ramos

    Tháng trước

    Lilly about to get gang banged soon lol

  69. Brandi Castillo

    Brandi Castillo

    Tháng trước

    Lilly boo boo stand up for yourself.

  70. Mohammad Infante III

    Mohammad Infante III

    Tháng trước

    All that girl is wants respect but doesn't want to earn it

  71. MilitantDOAR


    Tháng trước

    Sorry, but Lilly doesn't have what it takes... she belong's in a Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts, dead serious.

  72. Red pilled patriot

    Red pilled patriot

    Tháng trước

    They let jr high kids work in prison?

  73. Brixie Winchester

    Brixie Winchester

    Tháng trước

    he just let them in li ke that?? omfg

  74. Frankiej 128

    Frankiej 128

    Tháng trước

    I don’t get how lily hasn’t writing anyone up yet her and Fabian shouldn’t be there

  75. Rich E Rich

    Rich E Rich

    Tháng trước

    Lilly, what an intimidating presence!!! I sure wuda respected her

  76. Phinoxboi


    Tháng trước

    Bruh, Fabian ain't ready. Call for 2-5 immediately. Use ya verbals. He gave them information that they dont need to have, period. I felt that fear when they just walked in and raided him.

  77. ACEshredZ


    Tháng trước

    I don't understand these little weak people being CO's. No offense to them, but it doesn't make any sense. Easily intimidated and overpowered. You'd think there would be a height and weight requirement.

  78. reallife828


    Tháng trước

    Why are they purposely putting insecure,timid people in a lions den??? WTF!!! That's just in responsible by hiring staff.

  79. CaliGrown Trees

    CaliGrown Trees

    Tháng trước

    I'm confused, at around 17 I could have sworn that was a black guy and he threw up the C for crip nd I even heard him say cuz, but in a sureno pod nd also ol boy with xv3 on his chest was 18st not sur13??

  80. Aey Phan

    Aey Phan

    Tháng trước

    That kid Fabian carrying his lunch bag walking past inmates. Being a small frame guy like that. Thats fresh meat right there. No joke. You is a target kid

  81. Veniece Williams

    Veniece Williams

    Tháng trước

    Fire Fibian. He's going to get someone killed if not himself. Lilly you'll be better off doing another position at all women prison. You'll never get respect from them now because you never corrected them from the start. Inmates are like toddlers they going to push buttons until they know when to stop but you never stopped them so now you'll be target walking around.

  82. Veniece Williams

    Veniece Williams

    Tháng trước

    My opinion. You should be able pass a age, weight and height test. They just letting anyone guard our prisons. How can you as viewer take these people seriously if they are just babies who haven't seen a full develop puberty yet. Our soldiers who comes home to no work or job training should be getting these job offers for them selfs. They are fully trained and full of knowledge without a doubt able to handle any situation. These men can retake over the prison without blinking a eye because all I see is mistakes being uncorrected. The camera crew is catching all of this but not saying anything. Ya'll life won't be spared if you keep quite, shoot ya'll just as much enemy than the Co's.

  83. Rico


    Tháng trước

    20:45 that dude should of went to a juvenile facility instead of prison😂😂😂

  84. sensible solution

    sensible solution

    Tháng trước

    The things the show don't reveal is the stench of prison .There is a certain odor of confinement and people,mixed with steel and concrete.

  85. Cody Jarvis

    Cody Jarvis

    Tháng trước

    anyone else realize that purto carries a holster?

  86. Brandon Hutchins

    Brandon Hutchins

    Tháng trước

    Please do it I would love to gas you that’s crazy how about I would love you to just chill out. Wrong line of work with that thought that money is not worth someone’s life.

  87. Andrew Hawthorne

    Andrew Hawthorne

    Tháng trước

    All those muscles, and gets a tear from falling down. What a fragile dude.

  88. Andrew Hawthorne

    Andrew Hawthorne

    Tháng trước

    18 year old correctional officer? In most states you can't be a law enforcement officer until you are over 21 years of age. In certain states. You can't work in corrections until you're 21. New Mexico has no direction or any idea what they're doing.

  89. pjdave27


    Tháng trước

    Who the f*** would let that cute little Hispanic girl do that job?? They’re all going to feel bad when some psychopath murders her on the job. It’s happened before. Damned shame, there is no place for a woman in that job.

  90. Kekoa Bullough

    Kekoa Bullough

    Tháng trước


  91. Killer Clown

    Killer Clown

    Tháng trước

    Some one get AA-ron some steroids ehh. He's the reason Cops roid rage...Mr tactical...

  92. T DRIT

    T DRIT

    Tháng trước

    Oh Fabian, you are in the wrong field bud. He's so tiny and looks younger than my 12 year old son. The old guy at 21:00 looks at Fabian like "you've got to be kidding me"!

  93. Cody Mac

    Cody Mac

    Tháng trước

    Purto reminds me of a peanut. Don't ask me why lol

  94. Joe Griego

    Joe Griego

    Tháng trước

    Lilly's problem is; she has absolutely ZERO command presence. Those predators in that prison recognize that and they will pounce sooner than later.

  95. Jaspar Carrington

    Jaspar Carrington

    Tháng trước

    I feel sorry for the type of people who were "Born to do this job." At the end of the day ur just an order taker. You'll do anything asked of you regardless of if it's wrong or right. I get that corrections officers are necessary, but our prison population is out of control. We have non-violent offenders who don't need to be subjected to this. Prison dehumanizes the inmates and the officers. We need to figure out a way to reform the system so that 96% of offenders don't return. One way to start changing things is to give these inmates meaningful jobs/ training, and a way to explore their own interests. People need to be able to access their passions, so that they can utilize them to contribute to society in a positive way.

  96. Sergio T

    Sergio T

    Tháng trước

    Seeing those tray brings back memories working the kitchen. Working next to inmates and having to him into COs watching inmates in the kitchen was frustrating. $14.98 was worth it I guess

  97. Tim Aispuro

    Tim Aispuro

    Tháng trước

    God help Lilly...ASAP tho.

  98. Ethan


    Tháng trước

    I think Fabian is on the spectrum.

  99. allen manzo

    allen manzo

    Tháng trước

    All this comments about lilly, but at least she has the guts to do this type job. Very stressful career. Respect for this CO.

    • adam clark

      adam clark

      Tháng trước

      She may have guys but no brains,,, she hasn’t even written up anyone,,,, she isn’t doing the job at all, she is just a distraction

  100. Angel Castaneda

    Angel Castaneda

    Tháng trước

    Y’all seen El Chapo at around 17:30?👀🤣

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