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  1. Camille Cook

    Camille Cook

    Giờ trước

    Listen at 1.25 speed

  2. Sophie D

    Sophie D

    2 giờ trước

    Oops I hit replay again

  3. DELE_11


    2 giờ trước

    Qualche italiano? Comunque Billie spacca

  4. Lyndsey Pike

    Lyndsey Pike

    2 giờ trước

    204 I Kind of wish you were going

  5. Priya Sivathanu

    Priya Sivathanu

    3 giờ trước

    Y do so many peeps dislike this?!?!

  6. - Drake CsGo & More

    - Drake CsGo & More

    3 giờ trước

    I dont give a shit about this songs history ok? So please go put your disclaimers right up in the ass :) ty

  7. dead meme

    dead meme

    4 giờ trước

    straight good lookin' guy James Charles: wish you were gay JK Rowling: wish granted!!

  8. The flying frog

    The flying frog

    4 giờ trước

    James Charles should use this song as an intro for his videos

  9. King Cantu

    King Cantu

    5 giờ trước

    Interesting kid. Is Prozac still a thing?

  10. I Love Bebe Rexha

    I Love Bebe Rexha

    6 giờ trước

    what if i tell you that my crush is bisexual :')

  11. paigey ok

    paigey ok

    7 giờ trước

    I'm just searching the comments looking for the lyrics and all I'm seeing is JamES cHaRLeS

  12. Brown Wick

    Brown Wick

    8 giờ trước

    James Charles : i just wish you where stright

  13. shin tin

    shin tin

    9 giờ trước

    she protecc she attacc but most importantly... that boy will never come bacc

  14. Julia Falvey

    Julia Falvey

    10 giờ trước


  15. Beetleguese


    11 giờ trước

    my lesbian heart has been played yet again

  16. Mr. Annoyingface

    Mr. Annoyingface

    12 giờ trước

    bro this is what James Charles thinking about rn

  17. Craig Haythe

    Craig Haythe

    13 giờ trước

    Be careful babygirl......a lot of sick people in the industry

  18. fearless bunny231

    fearless bunny231

    13 giờ trước

    Mom: wash the dishes!! Me:😑😑 Mom: *bellie eilish's smile on the whole video*

  19. 热茶 长岛

    热茶 长岛

    13 giờ trước

    哭了 太酷了

  20. Sara of Isla

    Sara of Isla

    17 giờ trước

    *i love this song so much* i made a cover of it, would love for you to give it a listen and tell me what you think!

  21. Humdrumsii


    18 giờ trước

    Billie: I just kinda wish you were gay Me: Don't worry, i am uwu

  22. Tee Johnson

    Tee Johnson

    19 giờ trước

    James Charles has entered the chat.

  23. Mini Deus Gamer

    Mini Deus Gamer

    21 giờ trước

    I just kinda wish u weren't straight

  24. Hilde Desparrois

    Hilde Desparrois

    21 giờ trước

    Bille Eilish is evil. She is really offensive to all gays everywhere. This song is horrible. She has no right to sing it cause she is not gay. I wish she would take it down. This made me cry.

    • Banditø


      5 giờ trước

      you are literally the most idiotic person i've ever met How is she offensive to gay people you spoon

  25. Anti-Social Souls

    Anti-Social Souls

    21 giờ trước

    This song: *Exists* James Charles: *I felt that*

  26. Guy Mulinder

    Guy Mulinder

    21 giờ trước

    The chord progression's the same as Viva La Vida.

  27. Hugh Jassole

    Hugh Jassole

    21 giờ trước

    when anyone writes a song: same old, same old when Billie writes a song: OMG I LOVE THISSSSSSSSSSSS

  28. Spicy Guap

    Spicy Guap

    22 giờ trước

    I’ll be gay for Billie



    22 giờ trước

    te AAAMOOOOOo billie

  30. Hung Nguyen

    Hung Nguyen

    22 giờ trước

    Listen to "wish you were gay" "WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP WHERE DO WE GO?"

  31. Lizzz R

    Lizzz R

    22 giờ trước

    Comment content: 5%- Billie isn't gay... 2%- Other stuff 93%- jAmEs ChArLeS Ik this is unoriginal btw :)

  32. XxCookie_WolfxX YT

    XxCookie_WolfxX YT

    23 giờ trước

    me when I look in my mums room and she expects me do be there at 3 am

  33. susana lodi

    susana lodi

    23 giờ trước


  34. Kuya Gabe

    Kuya Gabe

    23 giờ trước

    is this the James Charles anthem?

  35. Anis


    Ngày trước

    Billie Eilish : I just kinda wish you were gay JK Rowling : I can help with that

  36. •Gacha Oven•

    •Gacha Oven•

    Ngày trước

    *The only time I actually appreciate those babies saying "YAY" in the background =_=*

  37. Pinkey2209


    Ngày trước

    James Charles' favourite song

  38. Lilo X Charlie

    Lilo X Charlie

    Ngày trước

    James Charles loves this title

  39. Alex Kautz

    Alex Kautz

    Ngày trước

    I just made a music video for this 🥑🥑🥑

  40. Blue_Wolf 07

    Blue_Wolf 07

    Ngày trước

    I swear my friend sent this to me once 😂

  41. Unicorn Laure

    Unicorn Laure

    Ngày trước


  42. N 69

    N 69

    Ngày trước

    **james Charles joined the chat**

  43. Dreamy Luigi

    Dreamy Luigi

    Ngày trước

    ... *James Charles has left the chat*

  44. Sam Brady

    Sam Brady

    Ngày trước

    James charles has entered the chat

  45. VIPER ✓

    VIPER ✓

    Ngày trước

    Small girls listening to Billie Eilish for 5 seconds: I think I'm depressed

  46. Elliana De Claro

    Elliana De Claro

    Ngày trước

    only JK Rowling can manipulate gender :3

  47. Cory Hollingsworth

    Cory Hollingsworth

    Ngày trước

    *50%* : James Charles *2%* Wow so good *48%* : oMg tHaT's hOmOpHobIc

  48. Anežka Sikorová

    Anežka Sikorová

    Ngày trước

    This song is late. It could came up at least 4 years ago, when I was rejected by my crush. :)

  49. leila sd

    leila sd

    Ngày trước

    le femme de ma vie

  50. Kakune96 Gamimg

    Kakune96 Gamimg

    Ngày trước

    Love all my heart.

  51. That Slayer

    That Slayer

    Ngày trước

    I came to give this song a chance not for james Charles but just to listen

  52. Drama Queen

    Drama Queen

    Ngày trước

    Love 💖😉

  53. Leonardo Godoy

    Leonardo Godoy

    Ngày trước

    La instrumental de esta cancion me hace acordar a X no les parece?

  54. ***


    Ngày trước


  55. shin tin

    shin tin

    Ngày trước

    billie's interested in a guy that dosent like her billie:hold my invisilign me:im available😂

  56. Medoit


    Ngày trước

    I wish that guy

  57. sIX PaINt

    sIX PaINt

    Ngày trước

    She hate smile But i love she smile :)

  58. Melody Mind

    Melody Mind

    Ngày trước

    damn, who else had a feeling the comments section would be all about "James Charles"

  59. Xiime mmzz

    Xiime mmzz

    Ngày trước

    te amo

  60. Slskdndjx Usbsheyejb

    Slskdndjx Usbsheyejb

    Ngày trước

    James Charles really felt this one

  61. Rose Lilith Chan

    Rose Lilith Chan

    Ngày trước

    definitely i have a crush on him like he is 14 yrs old here in this yt and he has a channel and more subs and he is a countryhuman definitely his oc but he has 2 ocs, one is him and one his evil him and everybody ship him and his evil side and i was like i am jealous so well he is a bit gay.... his channel name was CallMeNick, check on his community.... i was going to do this meme for him but.....hahaha lol but i am a bit happy :[]

  62. Autumnz _Artz

    Autumnz _Artz

    Ngày trước

    yeah the person i thought of hearing this was another girl so for me its more like i wish you werent gay (she is gay)

  63. Autumnz _Artz

    Autumnz _Artz

    Ngày trước

    for me its i wish you werent gay 😓

  64. Jozee Torres

    Jozee Torres

    Ngày trước

    James Charles favorite song

  65. Queen Bee

    Queen Bee

    Ngày trước

    Please collaborate with Brandon urie aka panic at the disco

  66. The Really Bad YouTuber

    The Really Bad YouTuber

    Ngày trước

    No one: Literally no one: Not a single soul: James Charles:

  67. Gaby Peinado

    Gaby Peinado

    Ngày trước

    Thank you Billie for making this song! This song was got me thought dark times, time that make me feel like I just wanna end it all. “Tan fingers tarring out my hair”,” I can’t stand another day”, “I will never let you go,” “l just wanna make you feel ok”. Those are the lyrics that hit me hard man. I’m so thankful please make more songs like this, the type of songs that will put you In your feels👍👌🙏👊🏽

  68. You Xuan

    You Xuan

    Ngày trước

    Such a great song! Cant understand where that 20thousands something come from

  69. Excentric Bread

    Excentric Bread

    Ngày trước

    Who's scarier? Like: Billie Eilish Comment: JK Rowling's Twitter. It should be obvious lol

  70. mariahs spann

    mariahs spann

    Ngày trước


  71. Ñekö


    Ngày trước

    oh hey random people in the comments so do u like short horrible stories well if so here you go : so my friend shows me this song and i loved it cuz it was billie but couldn't really relate so then ofc my lets just say smart behind .... (to put it in nicer words) goes and gets a crush -_- and i was all happy and everything so one day he asked me out and i said yes so quickly i was so excited and as soon as i said yes his buddies come around the corner laughing and i just look confused and all he says is oh sorry your not my type ..... ;-; now i relate to this song on a spiritual level welp that was all if you stayed and read thanks !

  72. Hugo Draw tv

    Hugo Draw tv

    Ngày trước

    I’m like crying now😭😭😭😭

  73. Juan Tosoni

    Juan Tosoni

    Ngày trước

    Soy el único que habla español y no entiende nada pero la canción está BUENARDA

  74. Silly Lilly Shenanigans

    Silly Lilly Shenanigans

    Ngày trước

    There’s this kid in my class and he’s a boy and he has two ear piercings in each in like a girl and me and my friend we both think he’s gay so we sing this song in our head when we see him

  75. nightcore creations

    nightcore creations

    Ngày trước

    straight guys: *exists* James Charles:

  76. Gaby Peinado

    Gaby Peinado

    Ngày trước

    No one: ... No one at ALL: ... Billie: i just kinda wish you were gay Also Billie: so the guy that I was singing about did turn out to be gay so... yeah

  77. Gaby Peinado

    Gaby Peinado

    Ngày trước

    I looked up this vid 1 month before watching this now and boy I thought I was sad then PS: past me, it’s ganna get way worse💀

  78. Lexie Moss

    Lexie Moss

    Ngày trước

    it's about the implication

  79. Jarod Eloff

    Jarod Eloff

    Ngày trước

    hold up, noticing the change from "gender" to "sexual" orientation. Is this down to social ideas or because she/ someone thought it sounded better???

  80. Fish The Musician

    Fish The Musician

    Ngày trước

    i think i am the first one who play her song on kalimba -ahahaha-

  81. Natalie Chavez

    Natalie Chavez

    Ngày trước

    playback speed at 1.25

  82. duragreg


    Ngày trước


  83. Carlos Rodruguez

    Carlos Rodruguez

    2 ngày trước

    OMG Billie is a inspiration to me and i love her like to death

  84. Lupita Reyes

    Lupita Reyes

    2 ngày trước

    I love billie

  85. Luna


    2 ngày trước

    James Charles: wIsH yOu wErE gAy Straight Waiter: Uhm, okay.. here’s your food sir

    • Elijah Purser

      Elijah Purser

      4 giờ trước

      Luna wow you are not caught up at all

  86. Muffin Muffin

    Muffin Muffin

    2 ngày trước

    Why can’t I keep my own comment grey

  87. IIGachaHonII


    2 ngày trước

    i am bi sex.. ;c

    • tishtim


      2 ngày trước

      Lmo roblox, how old are you?

    • IIGachaHonII


      2 ngày trước


    • tishtim


      2 ngày trước

      Good for you 😊

  88. Maya McCormick

    Maya McCormick

    2 ngày trước


  89. Venus Skarlet

    Venus Skarlet

    2 ngày trước

    Billie: I Just Kinda Wish You Were Gay... *James Charles joined server* *Straight guys left server*

  90. Lizzie is Smelly

    Lizzie is Smelly

    2 ngày trước

    When she says I wish you were gay. I’m thinking she means happy. Because gay also means happy 😃. Just if you didn’t knew...😕

  91. M Scofield

    M Scofield

    2 ngày trước

    элджей, присмотрись к этой девушке

  92. Matthew Jones

    Matthew Jones

    2 ngày trước

    I’m bi does that count? Lol 😂

  93. j


    2 ngày trước

    "Baby, I don't feel so good." *billie fades away*

  94. Lina DJOUDI

    Lina DJOUDI

    2 ngày trước

    I also wish you were at least there would be a real reason about you and me not being us

  95. Şeyma Karaşin

    Şeyma Karaşin

    2 ngày trước

    your mom gay

  96. charmouri


    2 ngày trước

    james charles: same

  97. P A P

    P A P

    2 ngày trước

    nobody: comment section: JaMeS cHaRlEs Be LiKe

  98. Mormor Gaming

    Mormor Gaming

    2 ngày trước

    U gay mate?

  99. Tamara Francis

    Tamara Francis

    2 ngày trước

    9 times you never made it fair (or there idek) i ate alone at 7 you were 6 minutes away. what about 8!

  100. Aydan Allahverdiyeva

    Aydan Allahverdiyeva

    2 ngày trước

    i really wanna see video for this song

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