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  1. Love Blue

    Love Blue

    37 phút trước

    Ok... 💙💙💙

  2. Niaja Jones

    Niaja Jones

    3 giờ trước

    i love you mom

  3. Antonio Victom

    Antonio Victom

    5 giờ trước

    Most of these views are mine, MoMo! Beautiful song by a beautiful woman.

  4. Trazon McMullen

    Trazon McMullen

    7 giờ trước

    THIS SONG IS THE TRUTH!! Class, style and TRUE talent...This right here is REAL R & B.

  5. Elsie Lc

    Elsie Lc

    8 giờ trước

    Oh my God, this song is song well written I can't believe my ears. Good job Mo.

  6. King Speights

    King Speights

    8 giờ trước

    Can You TeaCh Me How To Sing

  7. CeeSanchara TV

    CeeSanchara TV

    10 giờ trước

    Sheeeeesh 🔥 😫😢❤️ #Relatable

  8. melmillz Mel

    melmillz Mel

    14 giờ trước

    Didn't even know Monica had a new song out! Monica!!! Get ya team together sis!!!!!

  9. Jason Rodriguez

    Jason Rodriguez

    16 giờ trước

    Yasssss mo this video is amazing and the song is bomb 🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️

  10. Boogang Empress

    Boogang Empress

    17 giờ trước

    Yassss my new theme song so relatable 💯💯💯

  11. Sabrina Doctor

    Sabrina Doctor

    17 giờ trước

    Monica ; Amazing Vocalist & Songwriter 💕💕💕💕 This Song is Lit 🔥

  12. Matiluko_King


    17 giờ trước

    So Dope 🙌

  13. Abdul Haleem

    Abdul Haleem

    18 giờ trước

    I have been in love with this woman since the 90’s... Monica just know that Donald Birch in Milford Delaware originally from Philly always did and always will love you.

  14. Smoove Talk

    Smoove Talk

    19 giờ trước

    Like most women just need a man to sit with them. Women need to much love thats there down fall.

  15. 24K InfO

    24K InfO

    19 giờ trước

    Monica, I used to get mad at you when you was beefing with Brandy recently. But now, Idc man, some men just can't see when they have a good wife already. What else could he possibly want? Unless he's jealous of your career and knows that being with someone else is the only thing that can get your attention, when that's all you wanted to start with. Idiots!! The more attention we get, the better your life will be sir. Seriously lol

  16. AB DL

    AB DL

    19 giờ trước

    I lol🙌🙌💋❤🎤🎶🎼

  17. Epic Stylez Boutique, LLC

    Epic Stylez Boutique, LLC

    19 giờ trước

    Wow.. Monica and Mary J 2019. Just Wow. The passion that they put in their songs. Make u really feel it...

  18. Necole Posey

    Necole Posey

    20 giờ trước

    Tiny bout to get smashed that big ass lady

  19. Kandi Zv

    Kandi Zv

    21 giờ trước

    They should have had couple clips of her man cheating then destroying him, rather her just singing in jail lol.. come on Monica I know you got it in you girl👍🏻

  20. Kae Morring

    Kae Morring

    21 giờ trước

    Love this song nothing but facts

  21. Tenisha Campbell

    Tenisha Campbell

    21 giờ trước

    Why so many people dislike this video

  22. Charelle Unique

    Charelle Unique

    23 giờ trước

    I love Monica!! That eye roll was serious! I would've like to see Tiny and Monica in a more natural state for the jail theme. Teyana did a good job...I just would've liked to have seen more content from the video concept. Anyway the song is fire!!!

  23. NeFeru Ra

    NeFeru Ra

    Ngày trước


  24. Sadaytra Hardy

    Sadaytra Hardy

    Ngày trước

    I love Monica!!💙❤💖🧡💜💕💚🌷



    Ngày trước


  26. jovente kaizen

    jovente kaizen

    Ngày trước


  27. Cierra Allison

    Cierra Allison

    Ngày trước

    Thats a good jail they get hugs juices 😂lol...this my song tho 😉

  28. Prince Hargrove

    Prince Hargrove

    Ngày trước

    thats why I love you baby...bae a be... LOL!

  29. Tawana Thompson

    Tawana Thompson

    Ngày trước

    Yes Monica💖

  30. Shamika Thompson

    Shamika Thompson

    Ngày trước

    #QueenMonica !! Been a Hott Flame since the beginning!! Girl KNOW she can sang

  31. Lovely Simmons

    Lovely Simmons

    Ngày trước

    I love this 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥thanks Monica!!! Played this Loud so my husband can hear it lmao!!! Hope he play attention before them walking papers hit him at the front door🤗

  32. ••ya_girl tesia•• p.

    ••ya_girl tesia•• p.

    Ngày trước

    This is the fist song I have ever heard her sing I think so anyway

  33. Chauncy Davis

    Chauncy Davis

    Ngày trước

    I love this song just needed to longer

  34. Lynn Dumas

    Lynn Dumas

    Ngày trước

    I love Monica like a cousin. Even though she going through this divorce it's Shannon's loss. He lost a real woman. Monica will get her King one day who will have #COMMITMENT!!

  35. Jennifer Smith

    Jennifer Smith

    Ngày trước

    This was a beautiful song. I wish the video set was a little bit more diverse. It would have been nice for her to switch the sets up a little bit more. I didn't like her in that orange jumpsuit the whole time.

  36. LaTreece Huckleby

    LaTreece Huckleby

    Ngày trước


  37. pinkberrybish pinkberrybish

    pinkberrybish pinkberrybish

    Ngày trước

    She so beautiful ❤🌻💜

  38. Paradise Cobb

    Paradise Cobb

    Ngày trước

    Some failed to catch the message behind the video as well as the fact that I believe this is an all black cast while supporting other black industry ppl like T. Taylor. I like the video love the song. Great comtinous can't be a come back for a legend who was never forgotten or left behind. Should aaa known better lol in my Monica voice !!!

  39. Lakisha Miles

    Lakisha Miles

    Ngày trước

    A breathe of fresh air real music

  40. Ladyfil


    Ngày trước

    Love it...

  41. Yolanda Smith

    Yolanda Smith

    Ngày trước

    The ones who disliked this video is probably the ones that can't be committed

  42. J Hall

    J Hall

    Ngày trước

    Love the song and now I love the video 👌🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  43. K Brown

    K Brown

    Ngày trước


  44. Nicole Glass

    Nicole Glass

    Ngày trước

    Monica always comes through 💯

  45. Sky N Doughgirl

    Sky N Doughgirl

    Ngày trước

    I think she praised Teyanna Taylor about directing her video too much.. It's just plain. Coulda been a lot better. But I fuks with the song!

  46. Ar'Nesha Hill

    Ar'Nesha Hill

    Ngày trước

    come onnn mo 🗣🗣

  47. leslie yvette hingle

    leslie yvette hingle

    Ngày trước

    Who's that reflection in the mirror though--

  48. Beautiful Beauty45

    Beautiful Beauty45

    Ngày trước

    Yessssss Monica you go girl this song gave me life loooooooove it ❤ smh and shame on Shannon for fucking up a good thing i love her on Ti hustle and friends she's like the realist chic ever and i love her spirit smh damn shame men will have diamond and will fuck it up playing with rhinestones smh but this is fire 💯

  49. Conceal Don't Feel

    Conceal Don't Feel

    Ngày trước

    She still has a beautiful voice ❣️

  50. LitaL.


    Ngày trước

    This is the *FIRST* music video that I've ever watched that I didn't want to end. I'm sitting here wanting more like it's a daggone movie. LOL!!! Great song and video!!!!

  51. Shakendria Murphy

    Shakendria Murphy

    Ngày trước

    If them jail plates and tables ain't accurate ASF!!! 😂 I got lost from the song because the video is on point lol

  52. Jen'na Wright

    Jen'na Wright

    Ngày trước

    You know this woman is hurting when she come out with a dope ass video !! She hasn’t done a video in some years !!!! Her art is amazing I’m glad she speaks through her music and not actual actions

  53. Shean Davis

    Shean Davis

    Ngày trước

    Sing the phone book!! It’s gonna be a hit! 💯

  54. Odia Alexis

    Odia Alexis

    Ngày trước

    Ok these hairstyles look a lil too good for prison #justsayin'

  55. TheReal Malika

    TheReal Malika

    Ngày trước

    I like the song but I don’t think the video matched the vibe of the song. There was too much going on in those prison scenes and it distracts from the essence of the song .... probably would have had her lead up to the shooting by showing more of the relationship and the signs of shadiness and cheating and her tapping into her intuition and confronting the matter .... which is where she finally follows him to the bar, catches him making out, goes crazy, shots him and maybe her too (if you want to get dramatic) and then she’s shown being booked in the orange jump suit and getting fingerprinted and of course the mug shot .... the song to me was more about a build up of frustration because you just want someone loyal, committed, understanding and when you don’t get that some people either physically or in their thoughts mentally lose it and worse case scenario is catching a case because you couldn’t take no more of getting what you most desire ... the video just shows the end of the story. I think it would’ve been more powerful to show the build up and capture Monica’s frustration leading up to the incident

  56. alicia staggers

    alicia staggers

    Ngày trước

    Monica has a beautiful voice

  57. Mave Jn Baptiste

    Mave Jn Baptiste

    Ngày trước

    Here after watch...TI family and friends

  58. Liyah Liyah

    Liyah Liyah

    Ngày trước

    Yesss Sang Monica.💯💜❤️🥰

  59. Tarra Hoy

    Tarra Hoy

    Ngày trước

    Song fire & true

  60. Kimberley watson

    Kimberley watson

    Ngày trước

    Voice still gives me chills since the boy is mine👏

  61. Emmonie Branch

    Emmonie Branch

    Ngày trước

    Slide that huggie over here😩😩

  62. Duece 22

    Duece 22

    Ngày trước

    Omg I'm loving this new jam. #shesback like she never left. We gotta take our power back as women. Frfr

  63. Munchie Canpbell

    Munchie Canpbell

    Ngày trước

    Luv this song

  64. Tim Mouers

    Tim Mouers

    Ngày trước

    Miss Monica, you did it once again, im so in love wit yo music

  65. Yevette Lifter

    Yevette Lifter

    2 ngày trước

    I love the song, but I don't like the video. Unfortunately, too many people do not know how to separate fictional videos from life's reality. Someone may just say , this is the way to fix their cheating mate.🙁

  66. Courtney Laster

    Courtney Laster

    2 ngày trước

    Love her love this hurt makes good music

  67. Raphael Smith

    Raphael Smith

    2 ngày trước

    I love that Mo gave Teyana the opportunity to direct. New generation need to be seen and supported. I love how Monica tells a story in her videos. I also liked how she explained on Family Hustle that she keeps her personal life separate from her performance life.

  68. Tacoyahall


    2 ngày trước

    Man I fucks with this lady STRONG!

  69. Maria Swain

    Maria Swain

    2 ngày trước

    Yes Monica! Love the song/ video

  70. Felix. Montalvo

    Felix. Montalvo

    2 ngày trước

    Amazing artist amazing voice an amazing black woman just that used to that Monica sound there

  71. Herica Aristide

    Herica Aristide

    2 ngày trước

    Love this

  72. Chill Bae

    Chill Bae

    2 ngày trước

    This song been on repeat ever since I downloaded .. I felt sis

  73. Trai McArn

    Trai McArn

    2 ngày trước

    She kill this song but why woman ask men they wants all of that's but wants give a men the same thing

  74. Jay Wat

    Jay Wat

    2 ngày trước

    I like the song. I don’t like the concept of the video. The video needs more scenes other than being in jail.

  75. Virgo Jones

    Virgo Jones

    2 ngày trước

    the good and bad. This song is 90's in 2019. This video is the result of not dropping any gems for years and the funds are gone.

  76. Mr. Good Dude53

    Mr. Good Dude53

    2 ngày trước

    She should’ve had Shekinah in this!!

  77. Dashynae Day

    Dashynae Day

    2 ngày trước

    She got tiny in there.......

  78. skylar blacc

    skylar blacc

    2 ngày trước

    I ❤mz peaches I ain't seen her in time love you mamma p

  79. TheReal Malika

    TheReal Malika

    2 ngày trước

    I’m tired of seeing black women hurt 😢 #WeDeserveMore

  80. Tyrione Williams

    Tyrione Williams

    2 ngày trước

    Omg this the one!!!

  81. Gods Gift

    Gods Gift

    2 ngày trước


  82. modimples70


    2 ngày trước

    Of course, I love the song. It's Monica for God's sake. Pure talent. The little girls out here these days have nothing on her. NOTHING!!! This is how R&B should sound.

  83. Alvardo Rolle

    Alvardo Rolle

    2 ngày trước

    I see you monica.. stay bless.. And all the real sisters out there one

  84. Britney Waldron

    Britney Waldron

    2 ngày trước

    Yesss Monica. Sing Queen 👑

  85. Marylin goldsmith Goldsmith

    Marylin goldsmith Goldsmith

    2 ngày trước


  86. Angela Murphy

    Angela Murphy

    2 ngày trước

    I wish I had this song for my strength when I was going through my situation. Keep it up Monica back to R&B👍🏼

  87. Wyoming Oregon

    Wyoming Oregon

    2 ngày trước

    Can we get Miissy Elliott on the remix?

  88. SweetShayla


    2 ngày trước

    Who has thier hair done n makeup that nice n jail

  89. kierra janea

    kierra janea

    2 ngày trước

    I played this over 2x she’s back 🔥🔥

  90. Israel


    2 ngày trước

    Dumb video

  91. April


    2 ngày trước

    Monica, I LOVE this Song!! YES!!

  92. Diana.


    2 ngày trước

    Nobody needs to rush love or commitment cause it never ends good

  93. QT Allen Andrews

    QT Allen Andrews

    2 ngày trước

    For You I Will... write a better song.

  94. Tiland03 00000

    Tiland03 00000

    2 ngày trước

    I could’ve shot that video... IJS

  95. Dae Rose

    Dae Rose

    2 ngày trước

    Honey if y’all don’t feel Monica then ur the problem

  96. QT Allen Andrews

    QT Allen Andrews

    2 ngày trước

    Is this what it comes to?? Crap-tune.

  97. Patricia Toney

    Patricia Toney

    2 ngày trước

    Monica bout to make get my damn hair cut gotta stop watching

  98. O. Georgia

    O. Georgia

    2 ngày trước

    Just to know,no man is worth going to jail/prison for,take control of your life and eventually you'll be fine

  99. Jazmyn Shelton

    Jazmyn Shelton

    2 ngày trước

    Backgrounds are on point

  100. Schameca Brewer

    Schameca Brewer

    2 ngày trước

    That's that old Monica, loving it

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