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Deaf Fortnite Pro Ewok Accuses Eh Bee Family Of Mocking Her For Being Deaf!

Deaf Fortnite Pro Ewok Accuses Eh Bee Family Of Mocking Her For Being Deaf!


  1. The Fortnite Guy

    The Fortnite Guy

    Tháng trước

    4TH EDIT: ANOTHER VIDEO UPDATING THIS SITUATION WITH MORE CLARITY: 3rd edit: it’s confirmed that the account was created today using Twitter age verification, so there is still not proof whether or not the account was Ewoks or not. @twitchewok was in her commands on twitch. Idk what’s going on but nothing is proven! Will keep you all updated! 2nd Edit: wait this account had no followers previously to this situation it seems! can anyone confirm that her twitch had this twitter before? Because if not they can just be trying to hide it. You HAVE to watch the ENTIRE video to fully understand everything that happened. Do NOT go to either Eh Bee Family or Ewok spreading hate because this is a VERY sticky situation. Hope you guys enjoyed the instant coverage on this situation. If you like my videos, then LIKE it! Ty for watching

    • Awesome F.T. Frags

      Awesome F.T. Frags

      13 ngày trước

      Bruh u can delete messages...

    • Dogsveal


      18 ngày trước

      Marcals jkn5

    • what a demon

      what a demon

      21 ngày trước

      you mean BF house lol

    • MC Adam

      MC Adam

      Tháng trước

      The Fortnite Guy The eh bee family should be reported for abusing her This is. Child abuse Get them good

  2. Lesley Floyd

    Lesley Floyd

    12 phút trước

    Obviously a fake account

  3. ttv.xxxstreamerbtwxxx


    12 giờ trước

    Eh bee family are the most mean, cringe and shit channel that ever existed on VNchannel them racist piece of dumbshit

  4. ImHotFire


    Ngày trước

    If I ever have to watch Korean competitive scrims again I am going to go skydiving without a parachute🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  5. Jadari Elim

    Jadari Elim

    2 ngày trước

    Vvv !! Nnn.

  6. King Mobile

    King Mobile

    2 ngày trước

    It looks fake because the punctuation pattern and vocabulary completely change it’s inconsistent

  7. zeke Sanchez

    zeke Sanchez

    2 ngày trước

    I am sure their messed up, rich, spoiled kids sent the message

  8. master key

    master key

    2 ngày trước

    He definitely deleted the message

  9. typhlosion 787

    typhlosion 787

    2 ngày trước

    Visualized sound affects

  10. Fresh wartermelon Jake

    Fresh wartermelon Jake

    3 ngày trước

    ewok is a bot

  11. Boring 5

    Boring 5

    3 ngày trước

    The hacker is such a fucking loser it blows my mind. The fact they asked Keemstar for help lets me know it was probably someone affiliated to him who started this whole shit in the first place.

  12. Boring 5

    Boring 5

    3 ngày trước

    So not only did the hacker hack a little girl but a deaf little girl at that. Congrats you piece shit. You thought you would get props or something? Then to top it off made up some controvery to try and ruin 3 people's lives. How about using those hacking skills to do something productive like let twitter know about an exploit so they can pay you, instead of ruining a little girl's life more than it already is.

  13. S.vrxnityy


    3 ngày trước

    🅱️ 🐝🐝🐝🐝 bee family

  14. Trey Roebuck

    Trey Roebuck

    3 ngày trước


  15. Agent Hidir Minnesota

    Agent Hidir Minnesota

    4 ngày trước

    He could of deleted it

  16. Synergy Xeno

    Synergy Xeno

    5 ngày trước

    6:27 "I'm at my girlfriends house and it gets a little *hecctic* over here" *( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)*

  17. Harry Sime

    Harry Sime

    5 ngày trước

    Can we please not say deaf because it sounds extremely harsh, can we say hard of hearing

  18. Capten199fan


    5 ngày trước

    I didn't like eh bee family, I mean their videos are cringe af

  19. John Hey

    John Hey

    5 ngày trước

    I like the fact ehbeefamily deleted that message



    5 ngày trước

    I hope the eh bee family dies in a school shooting

  21. Hamid Diaw

    Hamid Diaw

    5 ngày trước

    Ewok is innocent and there’s actually a hacker who took her account, he really did it with dr disrespect

  22. Andrei Jade Barrientos

    Andrei Jade Barrientos

    5 ngày trước

    Hey it's not her real twitter it's fake her twitter is in her description in twitch and her account is ewokits

  23. TGFilip


    5 ngày trước

    Anyone else heard he said Ewok TV 4:40

  24. Lorne williams gaming

    Lorne williams gaming

    5 ngày trước

    The bee family got hacked

  25. ChronicDemTingz


    6 ngày trước

    Deaf or not deaf, there should be something morally unsettling about messaging a 12 year old girl with business propositions You all needa go outside more

  26. Skippy


    6 ngày trước

    Wait the eh bee family is associated with a team for gaming😂😂😂the actual fuck

  27. Son Goku

    Son Goku

    6 ngày trước

    Eh bees fam is innocent

  28. Deal Wit It

    Deal Wit It

    6 ngày trước

    If you look at the message Ewok Blocked the bee family and the bee family deleted the messages

  29. Damian Ballin

    Damian Ballin

    6 ngày trước

    Yeah those were fake she was hacked if you think other wise please tell me why

  30. MaxiTrillionMus


    6 ngày trước

    im at my gf house and sometimes it gets a lil heckteck ou there . oooooooof XDXDXD

  31. IDKXD 369

    IDKXD 369

    6 ngày trước

    “Ehh Bee family”LMAO😂

  32. Its_Me_Billy 24

    Its_Me_Billy 24

    6 ngày trước

    If she is Deaf why is she wearing headphones?

    • Nate Turner

      Nate Turner

      6 ngày trước

      To talk to the people she play with

  33. BullymongKing


    6 ngày trước

    Is ewok def

  34. Gucci Boys

    Gucci Boys

    7 ngày trước

    how can she hear the tho

  35. Gecko


    7 ngày trước

    They probs deleted the message

  36. Fearless One

    Fearless One

    7 ngày trước

    Ewok and Bee family should tell wtf happened instead of having this BS going on.

  37. Rolando Torres

    Rolando Torres

    7 ngày trước


  38. Kilo.


    7 ngày trước

    I can't stand the eh bee family.

  39. Sculer // Pvz heroes

    Sculer // Pvz heroes

    7 ngày trước

    This fucking pissed me off so much

  40. Rens Johnen

    Rens Johnen

    7 ngày trước

    Ewok is a b*tch

  41. Wilfredo Cancio

    Wilfredo Cancio

    7 ngày trước

    Ewok did want to hear eb family’s excuses

  42. Ares Zexe

    Ares Zexe

    8 ngày trước

    The lil girl I a clout whore bitch

  43. Kowalschi


    8 ngày trước

    Like for PewNews

  44. Sirmhad Macon

    Sirmhad Macon

    8 ngày trước

    But you can deliver messages

  45. 愛Loyal-foxx


    8 ngày trước

  46. 愛Loyal-foxx


    8 ngày trước

    Btw 6:20 that guy is from a film i believe

  47. Dcialegend 12

    Dcialegend 12

    8 ngày trước

    Eh bee family. Would never say that shit somebody lying watch a video thats proof

    • 9trickz


      8 ngày trước

      Or are you just a fan?

  48. Liam Carreiro

    Liam Carreiro

    8 ngày trước

    Eh bee family is gay



    8 ngày trước

    I hate Ewok (jk)

  50. XFZ Zink

    XFZ Zink

    8 ngày trước

    Hate eh bee family

  51. CobraMT


    8 ngày trước

    Im new to the montage sort of videos, just uploaded my 3rd one and would appreciate some feedback! Thanks for everything :)

  52. Connell Koba

    Connell Koba

    9 ngày trước

    Can deaf people hear their own thoughts

  53. Nazme Games/vlogs

    Nazme Games/vlogs

    9 ngày trước

    They deleted the message

  54. Mario Correa

    Mario Correa

    9 ngày trước

    I think this situation is bull crap

  55. Heganツ


    10 ngày trước

    Like for Ewok Reply for bee family

  56. Tk Eagle

    Tk Eagle

    10 ngày trước

    They can delete the message tho

  57. Jose gael Sanroman

    Jose gael Sanroman

    10 ngày trước

    Bee family are pess of shit people that don't have life's

  58. Jose gael Sanroman

    Jose gael Sanroman

    10 ngày trước

    So if that family is watching this and sees the yall are fuck pess of shit

  59. Jose gael Sanroman

    Jose gael Sanroman

    10 ngày trước

    I wonder how that family will feel if there son or daughter would be death

    • Dj yonder

      Dj yonder

      9 ngày trước


  60. Jose gael Sanroman

    Jose gael Sanroman

    10 ngày trước

    That fuck up

  61. Flat Cake

    Flat Cake

    10 ngày trước

    Oh! So u have a girl that u call a friend? Hohoho

  62. ramin king

    ramin king

    10 ngày trước

    Fuck bee family fuck you Mather fucker

  63. minecraftgamer2297


    11 ngày trước

    She doesnt know what she heard

  64. Colin Zein

    Colin Zein

    11 ngày trước

    This is more fake than a gay guy saying the n-word

  65. Danteis Felici

    Danteis Felici

    11 ngày trước

    They probably they deleted it

  66. Fall_xRewind


    11 ngày trước

    i think eh bee didn`t do anything even do i dont like or watch them

  67. Blunt Machete

    Blunt Machete

    11 ngày trước

    Ooh conspiracies! My fav

  68. ItzSpeeDyL3on_YT


    11 ngày trước

    The ee bee family is shit

  69. Senitor 39

    Senitor 39

    11 ngày trước

    I’m not gonna lie I don’t like Ewok not to be rude

  70. ravruvian Gaming

    ravruvian Gaming

    12 ngày trước

    The Eh bee family is Innocent

  71. mattt hi

    mattt hi

    12 ngày trước

    I just want to put this out there. Why is it so big she's deaf? A deaf Fortnite pro? You can have the signals that detect footsteps and chests on screen? I don't have speakers and I play xbox on a monitor with a keyboard and mouse. I rarely use headphones, so I'm playing without sound. I'm better than her and I play with sound off and don't use that setting

  72. BlazingTank578 2

    BlazingTank578 2

    12 ngày trước


  73. I0IProbie


    12 ngày trước

    Tbh eh bee family has a lot of stupid drama

  74. katie sullivan

    katie sullivan

    12 ngày trước

    honestly the eh bee family is cringer then ghost Aiden

  75. Jiggly Bumflesh

    Jiggly Bumflesh

    12 ngày trước

    Ewok is trash. Keemstar is trash.

  76. I_ D _K

    I_ D _K

    12 ngày trước

    They should make headphones that vibrate and the closer the enemy gets the more it vibrates so u can feel it if your deaf but can’t hear it so (if anyone who sees this is like tHaTs A GoOd iDeA iM gOnNa mAkE ThIs PLZ give me some credit I’m broke 😂) no one who makes stuff will probably see this but so what might as well

  77. Infinite Oreos

    Infinite Oreos

    13 ngày trước

    6:02 am I the only one that thinks this is funny asf

  78. Mr Globster

    Mr Globster

    13 ngày trước

    Bruh ehbee family is close with ssg? LMAOOO OK SURE

  79. Elijah Davis

    Elijah Davis

    13 ngày trước

    I got by invited SSG it is a PC clan I'm on console

  80. Toby isBAE

    Toby isBAE

    13 ngày trước

    Btw u can delete messages

  81. Trent Byrd

    Trent Byrd

    13 ngày trước

    He had to say he was at his girlfriends house

  82. Dark Trapz

    Dark Trapz

    13 ngày trước

    I’m not to good with Twitter... but can’t you delete the messages?

  83. Justice Goal

    Justice Goal

    13 ngày trước

    I’m subbing twice to whoever subs to me

  84. Moby Dick

    Moby Dick

    13 ngày trước

    You've ruined my recommendations.

  85. Chronic ReFLeX

    Chronic ReFLeX

    13 ngày trước


  86. MR. No face

    MR. No face

    14 ngày trước

    You don't know what happened but your gonna break it down for us?... Wat

  87. Noodle


    14 ngày trước

    You could have deleted it eh bee so dumb I just saw it on calling eh bee dumb

  88. Elizabeth Fite

    Elizabeth Fite

    14 ngày trước

    They could of deleted the message

  89. Patricia Lopez

    Patricia Lopez

    14 ngày trước


  90. Ashley Mendoza

    Ashley Mendoza

    14 ngày trước

    I can't believe them

  91. Ashley Mendoza

    Ashley Mendoza

    14 ngày trước

    I think eh bee family is mean

  92. Daniel Parks

    Daniel Parks

    14 ngày trước

    They deleted the message.

  93. Perry The Memapus

    Perry The Memapus

    14 ngày trước

    Skeleton arm?

  94. Risate


    14 ngày trước

    being deaf is sort of an advantage (online at least) because if somebody sends out a fake insulting message about you without any proof at all then the entire media will spring to your defense.

  95. Leilan Gaming

    Leilan Gaming

    15 ngày trước

    It gets a little hectic 😂😂😂😂

  96. hi_how_r_ya123


    15 ngày trước

    Ewok is deaf but at least she’s getting somewhere unlike eh bee family like what are they doing with life making their kids do cringe fn dances

  97. Gillbrit


    15 ngày trước

    I don't like eh family or whatever that shitty channel is called but I think they're telling the truth and they've been very kind about it as well

  98. FootballManiac97


    15 ngày trước

    Ewok out here tryna get sum clout😂😂😂

    • J. W.

      J. W.

      7 ngày trước

      FootballManiac97 pretty sure her father wanted to use her to get clout... or better saying, money!

  99. SohkGaming Uk

    SohkGaming Uk

    15 ngày trước

    Do you ever play the dam game bro?

  100. Bryan Plonk

    Bryan Plonk

    15 ngày trước

    My grandparents r deaf so I was relieved when it was proven to be faked

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