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Gumball, the amusing blue cat with a giant head and his best buddy Darwin, a pet goldfish who sprouted legs, step up the hilarity and hijinks in Cartoon Network's comedy series, The Amazing World of Gumball. The BAFTA award-winning series tells the story of an extra-ordinary suburban family who just happen to live in an ordinary town. Along with Gumball and Darwin there's Dad, a 6'4" pink rabbit who stays at home while Mom works in the rainbow factory and Anais, a 4-year-old genius bunny. This season will bring to light to some tough questions such as; will Gumball ever win the affections of Penny? How will Darwin react when Banana Joe chews up his pen? And what happens when Gumball and Darwin get their first cell phone? All will be answered, well maybe not answered, but it sure will be entertaining to watch.
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  1. killr_millerlite


    8 giờ trước

    What season and episode is this?

  2. AskGoverntale


    11 giờ trước

    Gumball and Darwin's talent is doing literally anything as long as it's funny.

  3. Anime lover makes gacha videos plays ROBLOX

    Anime lover makes gacha videos plays ROBLOX

    11 giờ trước

    A special talent was gro into a giant?

  4. Midnight Playz

    Midnight Playz

    18 giờ trước

    Gumball dose have a talent for BEGING in unbelievable stupid and can survive any hits without dieing

  5. ML MakeZZM

    ML MakeZZM

    20 giờ trước

    Harry Potter 2.0

  6. Karolina Kirkilaite

    Karolina Kirkilaite

    Ngày trước

    why did gumball do voldermort from harry potter

  7. Olivia Man

    Olivia Man

    Ngày trước

    harry potter = the nice one, with the scar and the spectacles voldemort = tHe bUtT-KicKiNG oNe WItH tHe SnAke aND nO noSe! ...who also murders children... and... everyone else...

  8. Teresita Sarol

    Teresita Sarol

    2 ngày trước

    Harry Potter

  9. Genji


    2 ngày trước

    What episode?

  10. Lunar Minnex [The Demon]

    Lunar Minnex [The Demon]

    2 ngày trước

    There are so many harry potter references XD

  11. Kiwi Vlogs

    Kiwi Vlogs

    2 ngày trước

    "to learn the hocus pocus"

  12. FunnyBunny YT

    FunnyBunny YT

    2 ngày trước

    How many movie Easter eggs where In this?!

  13. Noob MT

    Noob MT

    2 ngày trước

    Did he forget he can roll his stomach (seriously I don’t know anyone who can do it)

  14. The Outsider

    The Outsider

    3 ngày trước

    Can’t he use cat powers like always landing on his feet and his senses n agility n shet

  15. Megan Mckenzie

    Megan Mckenzie

    3 ngày trước


  16. Carrie Jones

    Carrie Jones

    5 ngày trước

    Its harry Potter there talking about

  17. Hermione Granger

    Hermione Granger

    6 ngày trước

    ....your a wizard gumball

  18. MegaChickenfish


    6 ngày trước

    Special Talent you say? Did a weird symbol appear on his butt the day he discovered it?

  19. Adam Yousef

    Adam Yousef

    6 ngày trước

    How did gumball bend a metal spoon with his bare hands

  20. Echi Halinas

    Echi Halinas

    6 ngày trước

    00:44 | | | v Gumball: And clayton can shape shift! Me: *More like cheating in Gym class o.o* Edit: OmGGG i got a like tysm! uhm.. wait a sec.. its my like.. :,)

  21. Leah Gray

    Leah Gray

    7 ngày trước

    When gumball was cleaning the dish with the genie in how did his sleeves not get wet?!

  22. Primal Xenolith

    Primal Xenolith

    7 ngày trước

    3:07 is this a Doctor Strange reference

  23. Completely Happy

    Completely Happy

    8 ngày trước

    I love all the Harry Potter references

  24. Completely Happy

    Completely Happy

    8 ngày trước

    Can’t take these stupid muggles...

  25. Finery Gamer

    Finery Gamer

    8 ngày trước

    3:23 Hey I didn’t know the killer book from Harry Potter had a bro/sis?!

  26. Finery Gamer

    Finery Gamer

    8 ngày trước

    2:16 YUM!

  27. Finery Gamer

    Finery Gamer

    8 ngày trước

    Literally Gumballs talents outnumber the amount of students at Elmore High

  28. Finery Gamer

    Finery Gamer

    8 ngày trước

    In America you bend spoon 🇺🇸 In Russia spoon bend you 🇷🇺

  29. Cringe Tails

    Cringe Tails

    8 ngày trước

    *inhales* Teach mEeeeeeeeee...

  30. The Iaro Show

    The Iaro Show

    8 ngày trước

    1:56 So he wants to be Voldemort?Alright!

  31. Sam Vidas

    Sam Vidas

    10 ngày trước

    Okay but bending that spoon is still pretty impressive

  32. Robodroid


    10 ngày trước

    Dude gumball’s talent is his singing skill in multiple episodes along with his amazing impressions of his family members.

  33. Galaxy queen

    Galaxy queen

    10 ngày trước


  34. lucas relph

    lucas relph

    11 ngày trước

    no one gets the hint 1:36

  35. Max devil cartoon life

    Max devil cartoon life

    11 ngày trước

    harry potter

  36. THE ribbity molester

    THE ribbity molester

    13 ngày trước

    Thought the thumbnail was a Pillar men reference from JoJo

  37. Internet Hatter

    Internet Hatter

    13 ngày trước

    Gumball can do unhuman stuff

  38. Danny Furrison

    Danny Furrison

    14 ngày trước

    Wow. Gumball's actually a real spot on artist.

  39. Louis Benavides

    Louis Benavides

    14 ngày trước

    Is Gumball talking about Harry Potter

  40. rashed a564

    rashed a564

    14 ngày trước

    Anyone saw the reference about karate kid at 3:11

  41. Water Nebula

    Water Nebula

    15 ngày trước

    1:12 Well he would have slammed into it anyways seeing as he didn't bother trying to open the door

  42. Belle The doggy/thunder paw/bendy/aka Felix

    Belle The doggy/thunder paw/bendy/aka Felix

    15 ngày trước

    Voldemort and Harry Potter they were saying XD

  43. WolfenHoweller


    15 ngày trước

    4:24 has a reference from the ghost busters lmao

  44. Dancing Unicorn

    Dancing Unicorn

    15 ngày trước

    1:10 I call it Political

  45. Brenda Brayboy

    Brenda Brayboy

    15 ngày trước

    I got powers to it’s called: making fun of other peeps with my mind

  46. 하son


    15 ngày trước

    Broccoli for me tree for u

  47. Entertainment FIlms

    Entertainment FIlms

    16 ngày trước

    2:30 idk why but the rest of the video sounds better at 2x speed

  48. Itz_JustRed


    17 ngày trước

    Gumball is able to shapeshift too ;)

  49. Roma Tamer

    Roma Tamer

    18 ngày trước

    Do you mean Harry Potter

  50. Mimi Chen

    Mimi Chen

    20 ngày trước

    Could you link this video with like to the full video? Or not

  51. Supersonic Gamerpro

    Supersonic Gamerpro

    20 ngày trước


  52. Negative Positive

    Negative Positive

    21 ngày trước

    He has one. It’s called Sarcasm’s Rage. It activates when sarcasm is around.

  53. Derpyboy30


    21 ngày trước

    How did he bend that does he have super strength

  54. حسام AOT

    حسام AOT

    21 ngày trước

    سلام عليكم

  55. MysteryWriter


    21 ngày trước

    If karate kid met Harry Potter

  56. ØFiernFire_Flames 666

    ØFiernFire_Flames 666

    22 ngày trước

    Carries a ghost Claytons clay and allan is a ballon

  57. Anna Johnson

    Anna Johnson

    22 ngày trước

    My teacher yelled "its Friday!" At the same time, Gumball said it.

  58. AAA HHH


    23 ngày trước

    I noticed Harry Potter, Aladin, Mirror Mirror On the wall, and I think The HumpBack.

  59. PhantomsAngel216


    23 ngày trước

    So many pop culture references

  60. Anonymous Indominus

    Anonymous Indominus

    24 ngày trước

    Gumball dude... you have the power of plot armor.

  61. tasveer iqbal

    tasveer iqbal

    24 ngày trước

    Gumball is Voldermort Darwin is harry potter

  62. Zoe Lulu

    Zoe Lulu

    25 ngày trước

    1:52 omg the Voldemort reference is hilarious

  63. unicorn


    25 ngày trước

    Is it me or does Hector's mother sound like granny JoJo?

  64. Slvrr Gld

    Slvrr Gld

    25 ngày trước

    There's a bunch of Harry Potter references The Sorting Hat Hedwig (The Owl)

  65. Slvrr Gld

    Slvrr Gld

    25 ngày trước

    There's a bunch of Harry Potter references The Sorting Hat Hedwig (The Owl)

  66. Slvrr Gld

    Slvrr Gld

    25 ngày trước

    There's a bunch of Harry Potter references The Sorting Hat Hedwig (The Owl)

  67. Slvrr Gld

    Slvrr Gld

    25 ngày trước

    There's a bunch of Harry Potter references The Sorting Hat Hedwig (The Owl)

  68. Shadow SpiritNya

    Shadow SpiritNya

    25 ngày trước

    1:40 I think he was talking about Harry Potter but Gumball preferred Voldemort

  69. Splatoon Kraken

    Splatoon Kraken

    26 ngày trước

    Does anyone else remember that one episode where they got lost in the forest and gumball activated his claws, he's a cat his claws are his talent

  70. John Blox

    John Blox

    26 ngày trước

    Gum ball can talk to animals: 1. He is an animal 2. He talks to Darwin who is an animal

    • Crossover Fraternity

      Crossover Fraternity

      8 ngày trước

      Technicallly everyone is an animal or thing or e What ever some characters are supposed to be

  71. samo cerv

    samo cerv

    26 ngày trước

    Feel the same I have no talent Except leading or tricking others into doing my chores

  72. Thescott16


    26 ngày trước

    _They'll never let us in the zoo after this._ O_O

  73. Biamond ._.

    Biamond ._.

    27 ngày trước

    “I’m not sure if making school children disappear would be a good talent” -Darwin Watterson 777 B.C.E

  74. Gacha- Galaxy321GO

    Gacha- Galaxy321GO

    27 ngày trước


  75. Justin Sizemore

    Justin Sizemore

    27 ngày trước


  76. rigo hernandez

    rigo hernandez

    27 ngày trước

    Hmm no escape portal

  77. L0ve D0LLY

    L0ve D0LLY

    27 ngày trước

    Harry Potter!

  78. Trixie Mzila

    Trixie Mzila

    27 ngày trước


  79. I'm B3to2

    I'm B3to2

    28 ngày trước

    *My mind told me to BaNnnnn the sp00N*

  80. Summer Hayes

    Summer Hayes

    28 ngày trước

    I love harry potter so much

  81. Dan Jeffersan

    Dan Jeffersan

    28 ngày trước


  82. HubPlayz Gaming And More!

    HubPlayz Gaming And More!

    29 ngày trước

    Gumball’s talent is to focus on things like laser (also to be annoying) (even also have the power to give Darwin things that humans((well not humans but you know the drill)) so Gumball has lots of powers) Darwin’s talent is to breathe as a fish Carmen’s talent is to have self defence without using hands Tobias’s talent is to change colour of his body Penny’s talent is to shapeshift in only a couple of things Richard’s talent is to eat as much as food as he wants Nicole’s talent is to become a demon Anais’s talent is to be super smart at a young age Granny JoJo’s talent is to be super aggressive even when she’s old Louie’s talent is to stand up as an old man without anything assisting him *the senior citizens’* talent is to be like gangsters

  83. Donna Eccleston

    Donna Eccleston

    29 ngày trước

    Me trying to explain Harry Potter: 1:46

  84. Violetsareblue 100

    Violetsareblue 100

    Tháng trước

    He is talking to animals because he is talking to Darwin and he's an animal

  85. Corynn Held

    Corynn Held

    Tháng trước

    This episode is one big Harry Potter reference

  86. Kaleb Batista

    Kaleb Batista

    Tháng trước

    This is so full of Harry potter references

  87. John Marcell S. Peñaverde

    John Marcell S. Peñaverde

    Tháng trước

    Gumball:i can talk to animals Me:you are an animal Ps:you are already talking to an animal(darwin)

  88. Spirit Gaming14

    Spirit Gaming14

    Tháng trước

    Fun fact: junky janker was the voice actor for gumball during season 1 and 2 he had to leave do to his maturing voice.

  89. aCWOURN •

    aCWOURN •

    Tháng trước

    ”What are you doing here?” ”Teach mee...”

  90. MarcYTz


    Tháng trước




    Tháng trước

    I can bend things with my mind! matrix:I can slow down time XD

  92. Red Storm

    Red Storm

    Tháng trước

    I can read minds but it only works on me

  93. aNi


    Tháng trước

    What episode?

  94. Panda Space

    Panda Space

    Tháng trước

    Gumball: "half describes harry potter" Darwin: "fully describes harry potter" Gumball: Oh no no no "describes voldemort" Darwin" Ohh ok- WAIT NO

  95. DabKitty Sparkle

    DabKitty Sparkle

    Tháng trước

    Love it💗

  96. Elizabeth Bay Chapman

    Elizabeth Bay Chapman

    Tháng trước

    That book was Harey Potter

  97. Cookie the Catholic

    Cookie the Catholic

    Tháng trước

    I am gonna eliminate the middle class

  98. Phuong Lu

    Phuong Lu

    Tháng trước

    Harry Potter

  99. Dalad Gwin

    Dalad Gwin

    Tháng trước

    When i saw the thumbnaill, I thought Darwin had anime thighs and I said in my head, B E G O N E T H O T T.

  100. Galaxy_Gamer_Girl 123

    Galaxy_Gamer_Girl 123

    Tháng trước


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