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Fresh off of his 47 hour plane journey from Dubai, Cluckin' Bells Assistant to the Regional Manager; Dale Morris lands safely in Los Santos. With little money, no friends and one heck of a wagon, Dale must quickly adjust to life away from home or his time in Los Santos may be short-lived...
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  1. LIVED 2

    LIVED 2

    7 giờ trước

    Is that miss Vanji that hear????

  2. Don Dada

    Don Dada

    7 giờ trước

    GTAO looks different then on console and i'm not talking about graphics

    • Don Dada

      Don Dada

      7 giờ trước

      How the hell did he get in the trunk and how the hell do people tweet

    • Don Dada

      Don Dada

      7 giờ trước

      Even the phone looks different, locations its crazy

  3. SkellyKat Gaming

    SkellyKat Gaming

    17 giờ trước

    What server is ir

  4. gazelle k

    gazelle k

    21 giờ trước

    I’m getting married to a Morris so this just makes me 💀

  5. Aiden 66

    Aiden 66

    Ngày trước

    Hi dale

  6. Mark Turn

    Mark Turn

    2 ngày trước

    Tim ur a funny interesting guy..

  7. Sqeaker modz

    Sqeaker modz

    3 ngày trước

    Do more

  8. kcarp


    4 ngày trước

    Whoever is Gladys is so good lmao

  9. abby rose

    abby rose

    4 ngày trước

    You made ninja cry

  10. Burning Boy

    Burning Boy

    6 ngày trước

    Ninja has Red Bull, the much better Tim has Monster

  11. Tiffany Masias

    Tiffany Masias

    6 ngày trước

    This is oddly funny. I'm on my mothers VNchannel but my name is actually Brandon Dale Morris. It's amusing your role playing name ia literally my middle and last name lol

  12. Bootleg Bastion

    Bootleg Bastion

    8 ngày trước

    Is this possible to do on console?

  13. Jetracer112


    9 ngày trước

    I love your face (no homo)

  14. Oliver Rennie

    Oliver Rennie

    9 ngày trước

    Into starts at 1:50 The RP starts at 3:10 Thank me by subbing to me

  15. james laceken

    james laceken

    9 ngày trước

    How do you create a name? Like when the cops stops you and they ask for your licence and proff of insurance, what name should you use to give it to them?

  16. kylekenneth1


    9 ngày trước

    Lol even Mr Chang is in this

  17. Higgins III

    Higgins III

    9 ngày trước

    I died at "I'm a blood breathin american"

  18. 0 0

    0 0

    9 ngày trước

    LOOOOOOOOOL they way the guy just opens the boot and lays down in it and they drive off

  19. quastick man

    quastick man

    9 ngày trước

    That was Mr chang

  20. gamingmaster 369

    gamingmaster 369

    10 ngày trước

    Hey Tim I think it was really really really cool of you to get that sweet kind of kid a computer I watched his video and watch your video it touched my heart you're the coolest person in the whole wide world keep up the good work you have great content ingrate videos end happy birthday I subscribed and hit that but post notification button I love you you warm my heart

  21. Hi


    10 ngày trước

    My chang

  22. Jamesatron JD

    Jamesatron JD

    10 ngày trước

    Is that CHANG

  23. Sharklen


    10 ngày trước

    Awesome vid bruh keep it up I like these lol

  24. Austin Robinett

    Austin Robinett

    10 ngày trước

    Doooo more!

  25. BryceMasterCat Guy

    BryceMasterCat Guy

    11 ngày trước

    I swear tim might be an uncle of mine

  26. CerXe


    11 ngày trước

    She sounds like madea

  27. LucidDream


    11 ngày trước

    Well, I'm new to your channel though I've seen you before. I've been really into GTA RP lately and saw you on Summit's stream. It made me want to sub, so I hope you do use feedback and continue playing this.

  28. Izaiah Hernandez

    Izaiah Hernandez

    11 ngày trước

    Hey Tim! Do you think you would ever consider asking to RP with Markiplier? His dudes name is Stan the Water Man and his episode is hilarious! It'd be a good Duo I think. "The Adventures of Dale Morris & Stan the Water Man"

  29. RDM_FireDoc


    13 ngày trước

    12:23 the person in the trunk has been in a vid with CallMeKevin!

  30. ChibiFox009


    14 ngày trước

    Two weeks ago!!!! I looked him up thinking he played this along time ago wow

  31. Bradyn Morris

    Bradyn Morris

    14 ngày trước

    My last name is Morris and I don’t know if I should be offended or not lmfao



    15 ngày trước

    This is the best MOVIE i ever watched.

  33. Barf 6969

    Barf 6969

    15 ngày trước

    I love gta more please

  34. MrStraightPipes


    16 ngày trước

    Yes more of thissss

  35. liamturbop


    16 ngày trước

    “Yeah, I’ve been working with cocks my whole life.” Tim 2019

  36. Jayden Matau

    Jayden Matau

    16 ngày trước

    Madea is that you?? 😂

  37. MrFlamingTaco


    17 ngày trước

    Love it keep doing it

  38. Warren Leeder

    Warren Leeder

    17 ngày trước


  39. MissStephanie


    17 ngày trước

    Anyone know what rp server this is?

    • MissStephanie


      16 ngày trước

      John Blowjobin hey thanks 🙏

    • John Blowjobin

      John Blowjobin

      16 ngày trước

      MissStephanie NoPixel

  40. lol benneh

    lol benneh

    17 ngày trước

    Love it Tim! Keep up the great videos!!!

  41. AndorsTv


    18 ngày trước

    "Married with 1 child" sounds weird..

  42. James Field

    James Field

    18 ngày trước

    You need to change your sub callout "DALE"

  43. Ricky G1568

    Ricky G1568

    18 ngày trước

    Love it keep it going

  44. chol makai

    chol makai

    18 ngày trước

    Dude you are one of the funniest people I have ever seen on Twitch. Never really enjoyed the games you played so I never really watched your channel but you have quickly become one of my favorite streamers. Thanks for all the laughs my man.

  45. Ryan Hilton

    Ryan Hilton

    18 ngày trước

    can we get an "american made" counter??

  46. hijuhnelle


    19 ngày trước

    Um Andy milanokis was in this video!!

  47. MickDaInfamous


    19 ngày trước

    I was extremely privileged to have be apart of your role play. Was a lot of fun man!

  48. AlbinoCorbino


    19 ngày trước


    • AlbinoCorbino


      16 ngày trước

      +John Blowjobin MR CHANG DA MAN

    • John Blowjobin

      John Blowjobin

      16 ngày trước

      AlbinoCorbino hell ye

  49. Tony Ramirez

    Tony Ramirez

    20 ngày trước

    Who plays Gladis?

  50. Chucky


    20 ngày trước

    Nobody: Taxi Driver: Blueface baby...Yeah aight!

  51. poocrafter2


    20 ngày trước

    0:28 Sasquatch yawning OMEGALUL

  52. Jay Patel

    Jay Patel

    20 ngày trước

    "My name is Dale Morris and I'm a blood breathing American"

  53. Skwoogie Trihard

    Skwoogie Trihard

    20 ngày trước

    Great shit Timothy

  54. Topno7chgamer


    20 ngày trước

    Isn’t the VNchannelr joblessgarrett in this rp server

    • FutureLegacy YT

      FutureLegacy YT

      20 ngày trước


  55. Sara Regan

    Sara Regan

    20 ngày trước

    Love it

  56. FragaZ


    20 ngày trước

    He kind of sounded like a fat black man

  57. Facundo Fleitas

    Facundo Fleitas

    20 ngày trước

    damn nigga.. that hairline gone bruh

  58. Joel Chavarria

    Joel Chavarria

    20 ngày trước

    Keep these GTA V videos coming Brother! Love your content 😄

  59. God


    20 ngày trước

    You kinda sound like dutch from rdr2

  60. Reese Shumway

    Reese Shumway

    21 ngày trước

    I love to see Dale Morris and Kevin Whippilloe

  61. SUPERstonedeskimo1


    21 ngày trước

    Subbed for the beard.

  62. Oskar Roos

    Oskar Roos

    21 ngày trước

    More plz

  63. Ligma Patient 0

    Ligma Patient 0

    21 ngày trước

    For someone who has never role played before, you took to it like a fish to water Tim! Very entertaining and I hope I catch you RPing on stream.

  64. Anthony Hernandez

    Anthony Hernandez

    21 ngày trước

    good luck Dale Morris

  65. davisbird


    22 ngày trước

    “Blood breathing American” SORRY?

  66. Ollie


    22 ngày trước

    put chat up pleaaasseeee

  67. Thomas Baker

    Thomas Baker

    22 ngày trước

    Amazing man! You should totally continue this, please. :)

  68. ThatTyronex


    22 ngày trước


  69. Christopher Cabral

    Christopher Cabral

    22 ngày trước

    Now this is content.

  70. lneibbles


    22 ngày trước

    So weird watching every single soda streams and then coming in here and seeing him it's like an Easter egg guest appearance. And every other pro RPers are just like characters in a show that help the main grow its real cool

  71. AlmostAnythingMedia


    22 ngày trước

    Still miss Tims vlogs :(

  72. bqtes


    23 ngày trước


  73. FTG anoki

    FTG anoki

    23 ngày trước

    Do more

  74. tauroh


    23 ngày trước

    Gladys goin sicko

  75. Baby Lane

    Baby Lane

    23 ngày trước

    What's the server ip or name?

  76. Lauren Putty

    Lauren Putty

    23 ngày trước

    I needed this laugh. This is hilarious! #Generalregionalmanager

  77. jacobtrbl


    23 ngày trước

    I think this is the hardest I've laughed at a VNchannel video in years omfg

  78. Michael Richardson

    Michael Richardson

    23 ngày trước

    Did I actually see mr f’ing chang

  79. Parenegade


    24 ngày trước

    That intro dude. I imagine that's what it'll be like when Tim introduces us to his child lol. You could feel both the passion and the nervousness about sharing this with people.

  80. Lane Sulzer

    Lane Sulzer

    24 ngày trước

    I don’t think I’ve laughed harder at a video in a long time.

  81. Stoner Face

    Stoner Face

    24 ngày trước

    2asnt gonna keep watching till he hopped in the car with God damn colonel H Stinkmeaner lmao

  82. armonzo -

    armonzo -

    24 ngày trước

    definitely not enough commercials

  83. Charlie - CuriousJarl6941

    Charlie - CuriousJarl6941

    24 ngày trước

    4:25 it’s pewdiepie

  84. Charlie - CuriousJarl6941

    Charlie - CuriousJarl6941

    24 ngày trước

    Dale Morris is the name of my cousin lol

  85. Tokyo Draco

    Tokyo Draco

    24 ngày trước

    You fortnite streamers are so bad at GTA rp

  86. Hayden Rogers

    Hayden Rogers

    24 ngày trước

    Wtf!!! This was hilarious

  87. Trevor .-. Calhoun

    Trevor .-. Calhoun

    24 ngày trước

    Holy shit I just started to get into these and my favorite streamer is now playing it. WHAT?!?!?!?!

  88. Darksavage


    24 ngày trước

    I accidentally clicked this video and the intro was thanking me for wanting to watch and...

    • TRN Tre

      TRN Tre

      23 ngày trước


  89. Hunter Jackson

    Hunter Jackson

    24 ngày trước

    Im not sure what a blood made american is, but i think the term he was looking for was a red blooded american lol

  90. Dale Morris

    Dale Morris

    24 ngày trước

    Hi VNchannel!

  91. Spaciously


    24 ngày trước

    Sitting in class, dying laughing. This is amazing 👌🏼

  92. Andrew James

    Andrew James

    24 ngày trước

    Yooo Mr chang

  93. mere houk

    mere houk

    24 ngày trước

    did you have to add the shitty background music

  94. Aaron Wilhelm

    Aaron Wilhelm

    24 ngày trước

    Your vids are always hilarious. I watch them right after Courage 😋

  95. don emerson

    don emerson

    24 ngày trước

    Frickin hilarious!

  96. tanner malloch

    tanner malloch

    24 ngày trước

    I would like to clarify I don’t want to watch this I want to slowly drive my self to suicide POG u love the videos big hoss

  97. Philip Biaesch

    Philip Biaesch

    25 ngày trước

    Who knew you were so creative

  98. Jeremy Walker

    Jeremy Walker

    25 ngày trước

    gta v rp is the greatest thing to happen on twitch in years.

  99. Thunder Wolf

    Thunder Wolf

    25 ngày trước

    My friend looked at what I was watching and said “what is that” Then he realized it was Tim Lol

  100. Gh0stBustaz11


    25 ngày trước

    Cant wait for these streamers and their followers to RUIN something great which was GTA RP

    • Spired


      19 ngày trước


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