Hilarious Trucks Fails [Ep.#2] | 2019


  1. ContinuEntertainment


    5 giờ trước

    0:55 Why do I know people that sound like this guy 😂

  2. [LE GR] RUIN Gaming

    [LE GR] RUIN Gaming

    8 giờ trước

    4:45 now that’s what you call horse power

  3. xavierhernandez67


    19 giờ trước

    Poor ford it didnt deserve that tree

  4. andrew hill

    andrew hill

    19 giờ trước

    Just a bunch of asshole petrol heads with small cocks tying be be something. Glad you all failed fucking cunts

  5. Rick Johnson

    Rick Johnson

    Ngày trước

    This makes me so happy. Truck drivers are some of the worst human pieces of garbage on the face of this flat earth. You a holes tailgate, speed and act as if your stupid ass vehicles can defy all acts of weather. Get outta here!!!

  6. The Vandal

    The Vandal

    3 ngày trước

    5:00 how many horse power does a Chevy dually 4×4 need?

    • Chris. G

      Chris. G

      3 ngày trước

      Apparently.......only 2 😂💪

  7. Rockingbart


    3 ngày trước

    The worst part is the stupid hysterical OMG, OMG... and the insane high pitched laughter. Are these guys on crack or sumptin'?

  8. Edgar Addams

    Edgar Addams

    3 ngày trước

    that ranger nearly bent double... what the actual fuck...

  9. bayside customs

    bayside customs

    3 ngày trước


  10. YeaiMeanYeah


    3 ngày trước


  11. Tdogtheripper


    3 ngày trước

    Damn those horses have some serious horsepower



      2 ngày trước

      Tdogtheripper plus there 4 wheel drive too.

  12. Grizzly


    3 ngày trước

    Listen to 5:32 buddy is getting off on Don LOL

  13. Derek Hughes

    Derek Hughes

    4 ngày trước

    8:50 who was retarded enough to tow something from the bumper🤔

  14. Leonardo Myers

    Leonardo Myers

    5 ngày trước

    That Chevy at the end the suv pulled it cause the truck had no weight in the ass I’m not make an excuse either cause Chevy are shit anyway.

  15. sinaca05


    5 ngày trước

    like a rock like a rock getting pulled by an suv like a rock

  16. Bobby807


    6 ngày trước

    Made me sick watching the fall the tree on that truck

  17. Nikita Guscha

    Nikita Guscha

    6 ngày trước

    Страна долбоебов на пикапах

  18. Chef A.R Dee

    Chef A.R Dee

    6 ngày trước

    Less dip!!

  19. BIGESCA 57

    BIGESCA 57

    6 ngày trước

    Lets dip lets dip fucking pussies grow up and face consequences little fucking cunts

  20. Reckless entertainment

    Reckless entertainment

    7 ngày trước

    The first video of the ford was at a dyno dat here in Ohio that I went to lol I left before it happened though lol

  21. Michael Dunlap

    Michael Dunlap

    7 ngày trước

    Sometimes it just about being stupid.

  22. Daniel Barton

    Daniel Barton

    7 ngày trước

    The People's Car (VW) dragging that shitbox Chevy down the street, f'ing priceless!

  23. Mehey urus

    Mehey urus

    7 ngày trước

    Can someone tell is that VW on at 10:19 I was sure it was going to be get on her knees n pray the last prayer

  24. OfficialSnoopDogg


    8 ngày trước

    "Lets dip let's dip let's dip foo...let's dip come on foo let's dip" -the homie

  25. Marcus a

    Marcus a

    10 ngày trước

    Hits someone's car "let's dip"

  26. muckerpie


    10 ngày trước

    5:34 i hope nobody thought i was watching porn. (turn down speakers)

  27. ian Zhang

    ian Zhang

    10 ngày trước

    4:45 Sometimes, you are just short of two horsepower to get free from stuck.

  28. J Johnston

    J Johnston

    11 ngày trước

    boomerang truck @ 4.35

  29. Dopey NightlifeTV

    Dopey NightlifeTV

    11 ngày trước

    0:23 you gota be kidding me bro

  30. Dom T

    Dom T

    11 ngày trước

    Seems as if possibly driving a diesel truck and being stupid go hand in hand. Like maybe stupid people buy them?

  31. sote ful

    sote ful

    12 ngày trước

    5:33 is this guy having an orgasm?

  32. Theft Gaming

    Theft Gaming

    13 ngày trước

    *Dad my turbo blew*

  33. John Steel IV

    John Steel IV

    13 ngày trước

    5:13 is why people dont like cops. Instead of chasing murderers and rapists they worry about some guy putting his truck a tiny bit sideway SAFELY.

  34. jino h

    jino h

    13 ngày trước

    I bet these drivers also own mustang's

  35. Alex շՅ

    Alex շՅ

    13 ngày trước

    "Lets dip."

  36. Marko Vučilovski

    Marko Vučilovski

    13 ngày trước

    4:32 wut?

  37. John Doe

    John Doe

    15 ngày trước

    6:06 truck rice... just stop it

  38. The Average Joe

    The Average Joe

    15 ngày trước

    Why am I always so pleased with trucks exploding on a Dyno

    • Dez Nutz

      Dez Nutz

      12 ngày trước

      It's very satisfying. Now you have it, now you don't.

  39. Chris Kazmierczak

    Chris Kazmierczak

    15 ngày trước

    At 1:00 that truck isn't a Mustang

  40. Xplicit_Kid15


    16 ngày trước

    4:53 HORSEPOWER get it

  41. Matthew Kasik

    Matthew Kasik

    16 ngày trước

    "Le's deep! Le's deep, homes! Eef I.N.S. sees dis sheet, we gonna geet deported!"

  42. Paul Racine

    Paul Racine

    16 ngày trước

    2:45 easiest way to entertain Mexicans! Driving around in circles in an old Ford is like "magic" to them!

  43. بـاسّـم


    18 ngày trước

    مامن سواقه لو نايمين ابرك

  44. Dirty Dinky Motorsports

    Dirty Dinky Motorsports

    20 ngày trước

    From DD Motorsports home of the Dirty Dinky live by these words SEND it PEASANT.

  45. Derpies


    20 ngày trước

    ItS a JeEp ThInG

  46. The_Lone_Wolf57


    21 ngày trước

    All’s you need is 2 horsepower to tow a 3500 and motor home.

  47. Mike Still

    Mike Still

    22 ngày trước

    Please explain the motorhome in beginning? Was someone actually driving or did they step out of camper?

  48. lil balls out

    lil balls out

    24 ngày trước

    Fuck your diesel and your bitch mum

  49. Max MAX

    Max MAX

    27 ngày trước

    You need to rename it to gay ass trucks

  50. Logical Beast

    Logical Beast

    27 ngày trước

    4:44 It sucks they were only two horsepower short of pulling out of there. XD

  51. Mark Bartlett

    Mark Bartlett

    27 ngày trước

    Cant cut a tree down right to save your life

  52. Mark Bartlett

    Mark Bartlett

    28 ngày trước

    For people who cant drive

  53. Thurnis Haley

    Thurnis Haley

    28 ngày trước

    "he did that shit on purpose" *slams into the wall*

  54. Thurnis Haley

    Thurnis Haley

    28 ngày trước

    there's always like a 10-25% chance they hit a car doing what they were but goddamn it if they don't hit that 10-25% every time

  55. Samuel Perez

    Samuel Perez

    29 ngày trước


  56. Benny X

    Benny X

    29 ngày trước

    Pathetic American idiots

  57. Karl Zimmer

    Karl Zimmer

    Tháng trước

    The higher the truck...smaller the dick.

  58. Michael Rueckert

    Michael Rueckert

    Tháng trước

    I hope the cop pulled that drifter over just to compliment his skills! I wish more people knew how to handle their vehicles in the snow like that!

  59. Real Hoody

    Real Hoody

    Tháng trước

    4:32 when the going gets tough..the tough gets goin

  60. Niklaus UberWurst

    Niklaus UberWurst

    Tháng trước

    5:43. He busted one off.

  61. อนงค์ แก้วมาตร์

    อนงค์ แก้วมาตร์

    Tháng trước


  62. Cody Ammon

    Cody Ammon

    Tháng trước

    What a fucking dumb ass at 4:30 that truck was save able

  63. GLITCH


    Tháng trước

    70% of these were pavement princesses haha, trucks aren't supposed to look badass or impress, they are to get the job done

  64. xXLucWuvXx


    Tháng trước

    5:34 close your eyes and listen.

  65. Louis Jones

    Louis Jones

    Tháng trước

    He did that shit on purpose moments later runs Into the barracade.

  66. JozaeJA


    Tháng trước

    The Ford at 4:33 made me laugh! The way it's bent reminds me of Snoopy from Charlie Brown!

  67. Breanna Tillery

    Breanna Tillery

    Tháng trước

    Kim go boo monotonous@l up

  68. Aaron Webb

    Aaron Webb

    Tháng trước

    5:45 did that guy just blow his load or something?

  69. Americanpatriot2


    Tháng trước

    why tf did that guy at 4:45 sound like he was busting a nut

  70. h3rD r3dUc3r

    h3rD r3dUc3r

    Tháng trước

    finally a channel with new content!!!

  71. rezz O

    rezz O

    Tháng trước

    Red tanker slides downhill sideways..."bye Felicia."

  72. Sean Page

    Sean Page

    Tháng trước

    Oh fuck nigga!

  73. That One Guy

    That One Guy

    Tháng trước

    Can you not record it?? "No..?" Lmaooo 🤣🤣



    Tháng trước

    Those LA street takeovers are stupid. Truck did a hit and run. Street takeovers are retarded and only idiots do it. They are ruining the vehicle enthusiast and creating a stereotype for the police to profile certain vehicles.

  75. Street skater Fun

    Street skater Fun

    Tháng trước

    That tree a 4x4 was amazing

  76. jorge h

    jorge h

    Tháng trước


  77. Raven


    Tháng trước

    the horses pulling the truck and trailer is the best clip. Maybe the brodozer getting pulled out of the ditch..

  78. Hero007ization


    Tháng trước

    The last video was hilarious. Stupid trucker didn't know that VWs have differential locks.

  79. Me sawyer 5186fish

    Me sawyer 5186fish

    Tháng trước

    A diesel truck fail is when you’re wife borrows the truck and puts gas in it instead of diesel fuel

    • Me sawyer 5186fish

      Me sawyer 5186fish

      Tháng trước

      Time to get a new wife lol Jk she almost did

    • jeffrey rhoades

      jeffrey rhoades

      Tháng trước

      no thats called a wife fail. time to get a new one.

  80. UtterJ424


    Tháng trước

    horses pulling out a chevy lmao

  81. doctorfeelucky


    Tháng trước

    5:31 trying playing this with the volume up and the wife in the same room, wondering what the hell you're watching. LOL!

  82. Alex Roberge

    Alex Roberge

    Tháng trước

    4:10 that's how you you load your truck with firewood

  83. 3rdworldtraveler


    Tháng trước

    Excellent Moran video , Good Job, and its always nice to see a truck with the exhaust up front so the driver gets the maximum exposure to carbon monoxide

  84. sive1231


    Tháng trước

    You know you're not a redneck when... it's a new all shop built truck, live in a suburban neighborhood and.....?

  85. Gryff Longprong

    Gryff Longprong

    Tháng trước

    Those first two polluting cunts.Suck shit aresholes.

  86. James Pennington

    James Pennington

    Tháng trước

    Real HORSEPOWER at 4:55...

  87. James 23

    James 23

    Tháng trước


  88. Slava Abramiants

    Slava Abramiants

    Tháng trước

    Should I feel bad for the RV guy? I would never leave the RV unattended.

  89. GXTHRV


    Tháng trước

    Those 2 horses pulled their own trailer.. Freakin badass man! Such awesome, inspiring animals. Natural Strength.

    • GXTHRV


      Tháng trước

      jackelracer593 thats unincorporated township to you guy

    • jackelracer593


      Tháng trước

      Those would be belgian draft horses city boiiii

    • TheKiddFrom 336Beoch

      TheKiddFrom 336Beoch

      Tháng trước

      Thought there was like 4

  90. TheBigGuy3380


    Tháng trước

    5:17 what’s the point of that pull over?

  91. iVlogBuzz


    Tháng trước

    3:06 i suppose he did that on purpose too lol!

  92. MaddoxInc


    Tháng trước

    I stopped watching when that ugly ass chevy got taken for a walk by a VW SUV...

  93. JoGoKiller


    Tháng trước

    CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME... I am trying to find the cab over that people were working on while going down the road. Thank you in advance!

  94. gregg4164


    Tháng trước

    Love watchin these ass holes try to pull their shit out of the mud with the straps tied to the tin can bumper guards they bolt on. Fucking hilarious.

  95. Nathan Orear

    Nathan Orear

    Tháng trước

    At 7:28 it was a cocaine over load hahahaha

  96. Jason Moyle

    Jason Moyle

    Tháng trước

    2:06 the dog put the RV into reverse! that's funny :)

  97. Jaebodiah


    Tháng trước

    1:00 I hope they die

  98. dude55man


    Tháng trước

    For the white explorer, the dude showed up to have fun, not caring about what happened to the thing

  99. Sean Martin

    Sean Martin

    Tháng trước

    that guy in the f-150 hit and run. what a pos.

  100. JM V

    JM V

    Tháng trước

    aprox IQ?

    • Mp57navy


      Tháng trước

      Probably around 80. All of the drivers combined.

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