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House Gives Janitor A Promotion | House M.D.

House has no team. He's left with no other option but to hire his janitor otherwise known as Dr Buffer.
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  1. thatssexual


    2 giờ trước

    Check out "This is not your girlfriend" House M.D clip after watching this.

  2. Roxy Rx

    Roxy Rx

    22 giờ trước

    that cgi render is legendary

  3. EODChaosWo1f


    23 giờ trước

    i guess they only had the funding for 1 car to be super dirty because the rest of the cars in the parking lot are clean as if nothing happened lol

  4. mostmelon


    Ngày trước

    Dr. Jann Itor

  5. Cristian Clocianu

    Cristian Clocianu

    Ngày trước

    Plot twist: the boyfriend used the force to make the building collapse

  6. Calvin Barrett

    Calvin Barrett

    2 ngày trước

    The show's been off the air for a while then I'm actually beginning to like it from VNchannel

  7. Evyatar Hadar

    Evyatar Hadar

    2 ngày trước

    3:04 LOL gotta love Eddie Van Halen

  8. Mossad Agent

    Mossad Agent

    3 ngày trước

    Why should cuddy reveal the cleavage all the time?

  9. AHellNawProductionz


    4 ngày trước

    The building said "Allahu Akbar". Lmao

  10. Grasshopper K

    Grasshopper K

    5 ngày trước

    Janitor MD...

  11. PurpleJazz


    5 ngày trước

    love how Wilson is taking the coupons

  12. 疼痛團伙


    6 ngày trước

    This is a perfect example. You better like star wars. Or you get crushed by a building

  13. welsh fire

    welsh fire

    6 ngày trước

    Dr. Buffer is a great doc

  14. LePredator1


    7 ngày trước

    What's with House and janitors? A janitor doc inspired his becoming a genius doc, he promotes one, conspires with another (named Blue or something), and eventually becomes one in prison... the genius doc one.

  15. Alexis Cou

    Alexis Cou

    8 ngày trước

    Dude this episode was legit scary. When she’s silently screaming in pain but no one knows bc her body is so crushed. That shit harsh

  16. LoL random

    LoL random

    8 ngày trước

    Her sexual encounters boys girls ??shaving plants inside?? Inside where we need more information

  17. John Smith

    John Smith

    8 ngày trước

    Boss lady hot

  18. Tea Talk

    Tea Talk

    8 ngày trước

    6:18 - 6:47 feels like a scene straight out of The Office

  19. Madman 479R

    Madman 479R

    9 ngày trước

    Doctor: **suggests something that can save patients life** Parents of patient: are you really in charge here?

  20. Garthman03


    9 ngày trước

    I know some janitors, that janitor is an idiot.. cleaners know thier supplies and equipment..

  21. Tim Ibadov

    Tim Ibadov

    10 ngày trước


  22. fukcashflow 59

    fukcashflow 59

    10 ngày trước

    House with the sweet riffs 🙌💯💯

  23. Andy S

    Andy S

    11 ngày trước

    Poor Dr. Buffer, he could be facing criminal charges for impersonating a Doctor.

  24. Scott  Velez

    Scott Velez

    11 ngày trước

    I love how the way the car and house break in scene looks like someone made a home movie with a video camera.

  25. the yard body box

    the yard body box

    11 ngày trước

    Houses guitar skills are low-key fire

  26. DaxyCZ


    11 ngày trước

    6:19 Looks like The Office 😂

  27. nalani rae

    nalani rae

    11 ngày trước

    Why does he need a team ? In real life do doctor have teams? Just curious no hate

  28. Amberlance


    13 ngày trước

    that moment the janitor suggests "lupus?"

  29. bishal lite

    bishal lite

    13 ngày trước

    House's Blues name Buddy House

  30. Sobering Family

    Sobering Family

    14 ngày trước

    It's never lupus.

  31. Meme Goldbars

    Meme Goldbars

    14 ngày trước

    3 hours later... I guess I should start actually watching this show

  32. Ramunyte Kvepia

    Ramunyte Kvepia

    15 ngày trước

    Love this

  33. Damien3210


    15 ngày trước

    Castle Blackbury? Is this just an offhand comment or did the writers like ASOIAF. I know her name is Bradbury but House clearly says Blackbury

  34. Talha Aker

    Talha Aker

    15 ngày trước

    You have sex before you get married? Primal values there. We can do better.

  35. Kendall Phillips

    Kendall Phillips

    19 ngày trước

    What is it with house and lupus? Like every episode you hear it

    • Mιsτεr Fαrεηhειτ

      Mιsτεr Fαrεηhειτ

      15 ngày trước

      Because its never Lupus

  36. jillian


    19 ngày trước

    Is it bad that Dr. Buffer is l i g i t i m a t l e y my favorite character so far

  37. Larissa Maendel

    Larissa Maendel

    19 ngày trước

    What if I don’t like having sex with them ? GuitAr sound haha

  38. Larissa Maendel

    Larissa Maendel

    19 ngày trước

    Does anyone else seriously wonder how house got thru med school with his arttitude

  39. Port Land

    Port Land

    19 ngày trước

    Am I the only one who noticed House's shirt is pun on backwards.

  40. Giovanni


    19 ngày trước

    Did house played jackass theme song?

  41. Mr.Flabbergasted


    19 ngày trước

    I liked the janitor dr.

  42. InfiniteSauce


    20 ngày trước

    4:43 it has to be lupus

  43. Lori Wolfcat

    Lori Wolfcat

    20 ngày trước

    The most COMPELLING QUESTION!! 🤔 How did the building collapse?? “Fever. Non-responsive to Antibiotics and Antipyretics. Fluctuating consciousness . . . Go!” (Turns around to see no team) Hilarious! 😹

  44. hannah rose

    hannah rose

    20 ngày trước

    “We’re gonna make her all better” “Show off”

  45. Andi Rojas

    Andi Rojas

    21 ngày trước

    I don't watch the show so can someone explain the Lupus thing? it seems to be a thing in the show .. right?

  46. Demarcus Faulkner

    Demarcus Faulkner

    22 ngày trước

    House is an ass.

  47. REYSiempre


    22 ngày trước

    Is it lupus? xd

  48. Omnisprime


    23 ngày trước

    Dr Jan Itor 😂

  49. Junko


    24 ngày trước

    I don't get why these people would get so defensive over antidepressants. It's not cocain Karen, it's fucking Prozac.

  50. Ernesto Jerezaguilar

    Ernesto Jerezaguilar

    25 ngày trước

    Well that archetic is in serious trouble

  51. meghostrider55 ,

    meghostrider55 ,

    26 ngày trước

    Jackass theme?

  52. Dr Pancake Face

    Dr Pancake Face

    26 ngày trước

    His left hand changes position between camera angles. In front he near the notes that it sounds like he is playing and from behind he is all the way down the neck.

  53. Starmadien2019


    27 ngày trước

    So what did she have

  54. ÒwÓ


    Tháng trước

    i love house and i haven't even seen the actual show. casually talks about a building falling on someone while jamming it out

  55. encryptlake games.

    encryptlake games.

    Tháng trước

    That's what she gets for not liking star wars lmao.

  56. Asher K

    Asher K

    Tháng trước


  57. Ajah Thomas

    Ajah Thomas

    Tháng trước

    It’s never lupus

  58. Sun Abeer

    Sun Abeer

    Tháng trước

    okay but what's this dude's problem with trying a treatment that might help her? just because he's convinced that she couldn't possibly have been depressed?

  59. Amy Vintage

    Amy Vintage

    Tháng trước

    Deserved it... Who doesn't like star wars!

  60. Andrew G

    Andrew G

    Tháng trước

    House very tight couldn't even part with $50!

  61. random craft

    random craft

    Tháng trước


  62. Thomas Vatz

    Thomas Vatz

    Tháng trước

    Foolish Janitor. It's never Lupus

    • Puffena


      21 ngày trước

      Thomas Vatz Except that one time

  63. Landon Walderbach

    Landon Walderbach

    Tháng trước

    She doesn't like Star Wars??? She deserves to be dead...

  64. CastielUchiha


    Tháng trước

    I might as well watch the whole damn show after watching all these Dr.House videos

  65. Melania Panto

    Melania Panto

    Tháng trước

    If your broke I can give you a little bit of money that I owe you oh no I can’t put you on that position lmfao!!!!

  66. jesper does minecraft

    jesper does minecraft

    Tháng trước

    wow that sgi was not good

  67. Avinash B

    Avinash B

    Tháng trước

    1:09 When you say no to starwars..

  68. George Brown

    George Brown

    Tháng trước

    the meta joke about it being lupis. i fucking died.

  69. mr jay

    mr jay

    Tháng trước

    It's never lupus

  70. Joel Silva

    Joel Silva

    Tháng trước

    Buffer M.D. -- could be a nice show.

  71. dhSOAD


    Tháng trước

    where is his team?

  72. Celine Akl

    Celine Akl

    Tháng trước


  73. Annie BornAgain

    Annie BornAgain

    Tháng trước

    I really don't understand why if this was real life why the family would be fighting against dialysis .. it filters and cleans the system the worst it might do is give her body a kick start or not help with the infection.. Turned out it wasn't his wife/girlfriend in a coma it was infact the other girl who she handed the papers to before the roof they were looking at the wrong medical history all the time.

  74. Will Hull

    Will Hull

    Tháng trước

    Oh my god I died laughing when the family found out about Dr buffer 😂😂😂

  75. Aidan Whiteside

    Aidan Whiteside

    Tháng trước

    Every house episode Everyone but house: lupus House: confused pichachu face

  76. Tropical Breeze

    Tropical Breeze

    Tháng trước

    Its lupus

  77. Flower Chan

    Flower Chan

    Tháng trước

    "I'm not doing this for less than a 50" scene Wilson "where's the restaurant?" ....I *HAVE* to cry ....please help

  78. Seth F.

    Seth F.

    Tháng trước

    Anyone else noticed the camera work when it showed her in the cubicle at the beginning. Possibly an Office poke

  79. Angel of Toronto

    Angel of Toronto

    Tháng trước

    lolol wilson thought he was going to lunch lolol

  80. Angel of Toronto

    Angel of Toronto

    Tháng trước

    lol did he say you've gotta earn that fiber to a pot belly ??? thats so mean... lol i couldnt say that

  81. Blaster Master

    Blaster Master

    Tháng trước

    I cringed when she pulled out the cable

  82. lvl 100 boss needs sUbS

    lvl 100 boss needs sUbS

    Tháng trước

    Yikes i thought she was hallucinating too

  83. Buddhafollower


    2 tháng trước

    I would now murder for the whole episode!

  84. 210Dinero


    2 tháng trước

    Dr. BUFFER? hahaa

  85. Tony Sproule

    Tony Sproule

    2 tháng trước

    Still wondering what Dr. Buffer aka Lou the janitor is doing after his 15 minutes of fame on the show!! Dr. Buffer & House were almost as good as Wooster & Jeeves!

  86. Charlie May Films

    Charlie May Films

    2 tháng trước

    Okay but why is the family so against her being depressed/on medication?

  87. Leper Messiah

    Leper Messiah

    2 tháng trước

    I love the Office style camera work at 6:20.

  88. Chill.Sycø


    2 tháng trước

    wait I never knew that it took place in new jersey. I live in new Jersey

  89. Samantha Fleitman

    Samantha Fleitman

    2 tháng trước


  90. Davis Foxworthy

    Davis Foxworthy

    2 tháng trước

    The lupus part killed me my sister used to watch this show with me and we'd be like it's always lupus

  91. chrusty chen

    chrusty chen

    2 tháng trước

    l u p u s ?

  92. Aishah Cali

    Aishah Cali

    2 tháng trước

    What is lupus joke all about? I always see this joke in every comments section of house MD ep.

  93. Potato Fanatic

    Potato Fanatic

    2 tháng trước

    U talking to me 🤣🤣🤣

  94. Gideon Jones

    Gideon Jones

    2 tháng trước

    "I ain't breaking into no one's house. I got principles." You already impersonated a doctor, Einstein.

  95. Sydney McNeill

    Sydney McNeill

    2 tháng trước

    idk lupus seems pretty legit

  96. sweet lullaby

    sweet lullaby

    2 tháng trước

    I think House is a Lupus-awareness series

    • GFriend's Buddyguard

      GFriend's Buddyguard

      2 tháng trước

      A solid theory, mmhm.

  97. Diego Serrato

    Diego Serrato

    2 tháng trước

    Dr. Buffer, MD

  98. Mike Cane

    Mike Cane

    2 tháng trước

    Dammit. No resolution!! It could have been Lupus!

    • James The Nigger Hatin Dolphin

      James The Nigger Hatin Dolphin

      2 tháng trước

      Mike Cane they pulled the wrong patient from the rubble.

  99. Dheepak Surya Kalyanaraman

    Dheepak Surya Kalyanaraman

    2 tháng trước

    What's the song at 1:46



    2 tháng trước

    Dr.Buffer vs Mr.Clean

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