I sent FREE Vbucks to EVERYONE i killed in the Lobby... I AM BROKE NOW... Fortnite

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  1. Griffin Angelloz

    Griffin Angelloz

    Ngày trước

    Btw, you let everybody see the codes

  2. Brayden Hine

    Brayden Hine

    3 ngày trước

    P2 ur sorta making me sad I play on Xbox and u put the trash thing when u said Xbox 🥺🥺😭😭😭😥😥😪😪

  3. Colin Poort

    Colin Poort

    4 ngày trước

    It was clumsycrown05

  4. JaydenYsBoiLO


    5 ngày trước

    It was clumsycrown05 not clumsyclown05 🤦

  5. Rene Hernandez

    Rene Hernandez

    6 ngày trước


  6. Jared Hanif

    Jared Hanif

    6 ngày trước

    yo how many times do p2 say you lil tri hard

  7. BOT Boii

    BOT Boii

    6 ngày trước

    It said clumsycrown05

  8. kourtni Felps

    kourtni Felps

    6 ngày trước

    My name is carbon six guy and I got I already subscribe if you give me Vbox dab

  9. Familia Perez

    Familia Perez

    7 ngày trước

    It was clumsycrown05

  10. Farhan Mateen

    Farhan Mateen

    7 ngày trước

    It was clumsycrown

  11. Helium TV

    Helium TV

    8 ngày trước

    lol u gave a random person vbucks at 8:49, cuz ikilledu1 is supposed to be ik1lledu1.

  12. clarkworld savage

    clarkworld savage

    8 ngày trước

    P2 u mean u said xbox get slap

  13. Stupidity Gaming

    Stupidity Gaming

    8 ngày trước

    Yo p2 bruh you not great but you’re also not horrible I would want to 1v1 you I’m an Xbox player and my friends wanted me and you to 1v1 because they think that you’re trash and I’m saying you’re okay but not godly

  14. Magic Siegel

    Magic Siegel

    9 ngày trước

    P2 Rermeber the picture mamba atlas sent u

  15. Wizzes The lord

    Wizzes The lord

    10 ngày trước

    It’s kinda late but I’m just watching a random videos but p2 you killed me and i play on Xbox

  16. Nayelli Alvarez

    Nayelli Alvarez

    10 ngày trước

    You put in clumsyCLOWN05 when it was clumsyCROWN05

  17. Marquis Council

    Marquis Council

    12 ngày trước

    I am your biggest gain

  18. Nick Saunders

    Nick Saunders

    12 ngày trước

    My brother used ur code P2isthegoatgod and you didn't send him vbucks but i think you should but he uses an xbox one so i think you should expand it to get more viewers and subscribers because it won't just be the PS4 players that vet special treatment it will be everyone and Don't get me wrong I love your vids their like the best content I've ever seen I'm just sayin that if you were to expand your rewards more people would enjoy it and subscribe and use the code by the way everyone support this man and use the code P2isthegoatgod in the item shop

  19. Robert Equihua

    Robert Equihua

    12 ngày trước

    why cant x box and play station have peace comment if you think that

  20. Z3RO _ TR3KNIS

    Z3RO _ TR3KNIS

    13 ngày trước


  21. Z3RO _ TR3KNIS

    Z3RO _ TR3KNIS

    13 ngày trước

    I can’t believe that p2 actually gets kills

  22. Latoya Bowden

    Latoya Bowden

    13 ngày trước

    Hey p2 I got the season 9 battle pass

  23. Seanie D Rasay

    Seanie D Rasay

    13 ngày trước


  24. Seanie D Rasay

    Seanie D Rasay

    13 ngày trước

    I have a youtube

  25. Seanie D Rasay

    Seanie D Rasay

    13 ngày trước

    U the goat god

  26. Seanie D Rasay

    Seanie D Rasay

    13 ngày trước

    P2 how do I win the giveaway. I really need it I have the worst phone ever plz my gamer is MizuKasaiChikyu if it does not work try lower k

  27. Emily Lazo

    Emily Lazo

    13 ngày trước

    I feel bad for clumsy crown 01 cause you put clown and it was Crown 🤦‍♀️🥺🥺

  28. Firefly7 fire

    Firefly7 fire

    15 ngày trước

    It was clumsycrown05

  29. Iminmemumscar 9999

    Iminmemumscar 9999

    18 ngày trước

    Don’t show the codes you idiot

  30. AllTigerTCH


    18 ngày trước

    Clumsy clown05 dude was clumsycrown05 idiot 😩🤦‍♂️😂

  31. Angel Cardenas

    Angel Cardenas

    19 ngày trước

    P2 the name wizzy wiz was capital for WIZZY

  32. Cash Carti

    Cash Carti

    19 ngày trước

    lol i stole a code, thx for the card

  33. banroll gaming

    banroll gaming

    19 ngày trước

    Dont disrespect xbox

  34. Ty DragonEMD

    Ty DragonEMD

    19 ngày trước

    He low key called Xbox trash come on p2 I’m on Xbox and I’m good the sad thing is I use combat pro but I would love to play with anyone on ps4 @Mixer-Tydear

    • Ty DragonEMD

      Ty DragonEMD

      19 ngày trước

      Look at this why u bully me 10:18

  35. YOUTUBE _markell

    YOUTUBE _markell

    19 ngày trước


  36. Michael Johnson

    Michael Johnson

    20 ngày trước

    Clumsy Crown not clown

  37. Epic game clips Fortnite

    Epic game clips Fortnite

    20 ngày trước


  38. MeGa GoLL

    MeGa GoLL

    20 ngày trước

    if you cant finde him thet dosnt mean thet he is playing on Xbox he has a difrend name on account

  39. Inspired Home Care Inc

    Inspired Home Care Inc

    20 ngày trước

    Name in for nite vaub kib

  40. Inspired Home Care Inc

    Inspired Home Care Inc

    20 ngày trước

    I kinda what da 1v1 one the p2

  41. Inspired Home Care Inc

    Inspired Home Care Inc

    20 ngày trước

    P2 da best

  42. Kevin Novine

    Kevin Novine

    20 ngày trước

    You put in the wrong username

  43. gamer Pro 90

    gamer Pro 90

    20 ngày trước

    Xbox is the best

  44. Jacaurian brown johnson

    Jacaurian brown johnson

    20 ngày trước

    Can I get vbucks please I'm your biggest fan

  45. Mayas W0rld

    Mayas W0rld

    20 ngày trước

    It was clumsy crown not clown

  46. Jaylen Thomas

    Jaylen Thomas

    21 ngày trước

    Hey P2 my name is Jay my epic account name is jahjah416 please can we be friends I am a big fan maybe some Vick too

  47. Clutch gaming 1310

    Clutch gaming 1310

    21 ngày trước

    Can I have bucks plis 😒😭😭😭😭😭😭



    21 ngày trước

    Bring back Noah

  49. sam triton

    sam triton

    21 ngày trước

    The Name is clumsycrown p2: clumsyclown why are you in Xbox

  50. aaron Low

    aaron Low

    21 ngày trước

    did you realize that it was clumsyCROWN05 not clumsyclown05

  51. Kamren Mootz

    Kamren Mootz

    21 ngày trước

    Nobody: P2: I have great memory

  52. Malcolm James

    Malcolm James

    21 ngày trước

    P2 I did use ur creator code but I don’t know how to show you and I play Fortnite on mobile so I need to apple card

  53. Tony Cortez

    Tony Cortez

    21 ngày trước

    Ur a bot p2

  54. StormRaider Clan

    StormRaider Clan

    21 ngày trước

    Your lucky you get to spend your own money

  55. CyberRed


    21 ngày trước

    All he had to do was look at replay

  56. Miss Monie

    Miss Monie

    21 ngày trước

    Plese send me a p.s. n code

  57. boba life

    boba life

    22 ngày trước

    The first victim had capitals in his name 🤣

  58. Tripleme 3

    Tripleme 3

    22 ngày trước

    Trash ps4

  59. Tripleme 3

    Tripleme 3

    22 ngày trước

    U mean to Xbox

  60. RedAsasin Lol

    RedAsasin Lol

    22 ngày trước

    P2 you got it wrong it was Clumsycroud

  61. shaquita reaves

    shaquita reaves

    22 ngày trước

    Do another prank on msthotia

  62. Ashley Benjamin

    Ashley Benjamin

    22 ngày trước

    they can be on pc so p2 stop cuz ps4 is trash

  63. Isaiah Martinez

    Isaiah Martinez

    22 ngày trước

    12:01 Lmao 😂 he said I gave him head



    22 ngày trước

    Does he realize it said clumsycrown05 not clown

  65. Chatchouette357


    22 ngày trước

    Xbox is good ok

  66. SuperTheBest


    22 ngày trước

    Who wants to buy me vbucks so I can buy a skin. Pretty Please

  67. Elz


    22 ngày trước

    “I’m taking a nap” 1 second later “I’m watching Netflix”😂14:57

  68. Super_sunbrog YT

    Super_sunbrog YT

    22 ngày trước

    I'm using the code every week but I am not aloud to send a pictur😭😭😭😭

  69. Khai's Games

    Khai's Games

    22 ngày trước

    I play on Xbox but I do want a ps4

  70. Denay Groseclose

    Denay Groseclose

    22 ngày trước

    P2 want to 1v1

  71. Cason_ _

    Cason_ _

    22 ngày trước

    It was clumsy crown not clumsy clown

  72. Lil Burna burns

    Lil Burna burns

    22 ngày trước

    Clumsy clown was actually clumsy crown, just noticed that lol

  73. Lil Burna burns

    Lil Burna burns

    22 ngày trước

    Clumsy clown was actually clumsycrown just noticed

  74. blade 433

    blade 433

    22 ngày trước

    Bet unsubing now

  75. blade 433

    blade 433

    22 ngày trước

    Wow you just said that

  76. Roederwhip ,

    Roederwhip ,

    22 ngày trước

    it wasn't clumsyclown05 it was clumsycrown05

  77. Torie V.

    Torie V.

    22 ngày trước

    10:06 yooo p2 that said clumsy crown not clown

  78. Profe3er E _ttv/yt

    Profe3er E _ttv/yt

    22 ngày trước

    xbox is better then play station



    22 ngày trước

    Double_R_209 At this exact moment he knew he f*cked up 4:34

  80. Sars Piatti

    Sars Piatti

    23 ngày trước

    It was clumsy crown

  81. Anthony Mitchell

    Anthony Mitchell

    23 ngày trước

    my bday is the 9th im nine

  82. Digital Kyngcam

    Digital Kyngcam

    23 ngày trước

    Did yall realise that his name wasn't Ikilledu1 his name was ik1lledu1

  83. camden harris

    camden harris

    23 ngày trước

    its was clumsycrown

  84. LongLost Gamer

    LongLost Gamer

    23 ngày trước

    I have a question,but i only warched 2 of your videos and i love them,ok now if you call xbox trash i will usud a block and report

  85. Respect X Five

    Respect X Five

    23 ngày trước

    P2 I have your support a creator code in but I cant use twitter

    • Respect X Five

      Respect X Five

      23 ngày trước

      So can I have a PSN Code?

  86. Lisa King

    Lisa King

    23 ngày trước

    P2 is good at fortnite

  87. SmallTodo -YT

    SmallTodo -YT

    23 ngày trước

    P2 i think you should have told the people it was a 10 dollar psn

  88. Itz Tryharder

    Itz Tryharder

    23 ngày trước

    8:47 he had a 1 in the killed

  89. Frost Marcus

    Frost Marcus

    23 ngày trước

    Don't make me stop watching because u called Xbox trash

  90. x奧STicKZ奧x


    23 ngày trước

    It Was ClumsyCrown

  91. TJunior Legend

    TJunior Legend

    23 ngày trước

    P2 ive been watching u for a long time and ive always wanted to play on ps4 with u if u read this my psn is XxTSM_BlackKidxX

  92. Brayan T805

    Brayan T805

    23 ngày trước

    Yo thanks for the vbucks

  93. TeenGoKrazy ‘

    TeenGoKrazy ‘

    23 ngày trước


  94. LegendaryKidKory 2

    LegendaryKidKory 2

    23 ngày trước

    hi p2

  95. Chris Loyo

    Chris Loyo

    23 ngày trước

    I'mma unsubscribe now that u put a trash can when you said Xbox

  96. G H X Z T

    G H X Z T

    23 ngày trước

    it said clumsycrown

  97. Alex Kvng15

    Alex Kvng15

    23 ngày trước

    U was typing sum names wrong but all luv nohomo

  98. HeyThatsClaw


    23 ngày trước

    P2 it was clumsycrown05

  99. Mr.Clorox Bleach

    Mr.Clorox Bleach

    23 ngày trước

    Love the content P2 keep it up

  100. Jason McGowan

    Jason McGowan

    23 ngày trước

    I wonder y i got free vbucks 6 days ago

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