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Instagram is an inspiring place with beautiful pictures, places you want to see and fancy clothes. But the difference between Instagram and real life is huge! Everything depends on a certain pose you are making a photo, makeup, photoshop, and filters. Most of the photos full of happiness are actually fake. How do you usually spend time with friends? Nobody talks, staring on the phone, very boring! But what do you usually see on Instagram? Instagram photos show smiling faces that pretend to have a lot of fun! Moreover, people usually lie about relationship status and even make photos with stranger boys or girls to pretend that they are in a happy relationship. Not to be boring a lot of people post photos that they spend the weekends partying, riding a bicycle and more.
Do you need cool photo ideas to make your blog more popular? Watch our video to learn how to make your photos special! You don’t need to buy an expensive camera or buy expensive photoshop lessons. Even if you are not a blogger our tricks will help you to make cool photos for your friends. You can easily make underwater photos without an underwater camera. Use a clear vase instead. Watch our tutorial! You will learn how to make you look skinnier on photos or if you want to add some curve. We share new tips on how to make jumping photographs more attractive. Have you seen creative splash photos a lot of people make? We have a fun idea of how to make it really cool! Learn the secrets behind one of the most popular images and don’t forget to find a cute cup!
00:09 Instagram vs real life
03:20 Photo tricks you should know
05:56 Levitation photos
06:51 Romantic photo idea

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