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Joe Rogan and Lex Fridman talk Touch of Death, Aikido and Martial Arts

Clip from episode #1188 JRE
Watch Full JRE episode here:


  1. Brandon Mcmullen

    Brandon Mcmullen

    Ngày trước


  2. Fred Freddy

    Fred Freddy

    Ngày trước

    oh my gods. this is like going back to the 1980s looney tunes traditional martial arts hooey.



    Ngày trước

    I guess Joe never heard of Bruce Lee ?



    Ngày trước

    Lol dudes a serial killer only on woman tho.

  5. Jayme Splendid

    Jayme Splendid

    Ngày trước

    If Luke Skywalker can do the Valcan nerve pinch, I guess the touch of death could be possible

  6. David Geldner

    David Geldner

    2 ngày trước

    Aikido schools are often BS but also sometimes are incredible. There’s no reason you can’t win fights using aikido, if you spar and actually practice fighting with it.

  7. buckdich1


    2 ngày trước

    Why do I hate this guy

  8. william skrainski

    william skrainski

    3 ngày trước

    3:00 because the UFC is loaded with Aikido masters

  9. Ben Bolt

    Ben Bolt

    3 ngày trước

    Touch of death, how bout a joke of death, I fukin died laughing

  10. Ben Bolt

    Ben Bolt

    3 ngày trước

    For being smart, This mf is a DUMB STUPID SON OF A BITCH

  11. pied piper

    pied piper

    3 ngày trước

    how boringcan 1 guy beeeeeeeeeeeee...sorry,dozed off for a second therrrrrrrrr

  12. Cody Mana

    Cody Mana

    3 ngày trước

    Punch in the throat.... touch of death

  13. Ray C. Lozano

    Ray C. Lozano

    4 ngày trước

    Aikido is all defensive. It’s the last martial art people study many people with black belts in other arts study aikido last. Like playing piano it takes a couple years. Book Giving in to get your way.

  14. enlightenedtrucker


    4 ngày trước

    That guy is either highly intelligent or a serial killer. Or a highly intelligent serial killer.

  15. Jesse Zuniga

    Jesse Zuniga

    4 ngày trước

    Y'all talking like these people are out to kill no the know it's a sport the want to knock out people but some one in a life or death situation I promise my touch will be death believe that

  16. that dude

    that dude

    5 ngày trước

    The touch of death is the rear naked choke. Smaller person can use it on bigger people. It may not be the answer this guy was hoping for but it's the answer he shall ultimately get.

  17. Matthew Murray

    Matthew Murray

    5 ngày trước

    Touch of death?? No. You'll never touch someone and kill them but a human can have the power to kill another with one blow. A well placed kick or punch from the right person could kill you. Hell Joe's spinning back kick to the chest could easily disturb the heart and cause death.

  18. ultrabaiter


    5 ngày trước

    I wondered about the possibility of mastering a lethal blow while I was at school, we were all into jiu jitsu and training and in that head space...when a kid in our year was killed by a cricket ball that hit him in the chest...and he was dead before he hot the deck. So we wondered...was it possible to make your fist like that cricket ball? Was it a lucky shot..timing just right etc?...or a congenital defect maybe? Anyway...not a touch of death...but a cricket ball of death!

  19. Sai Ananya

    Sai Ananya

    6 ngày trước

    Wish someone would give this boring twat the touch of death .

  20. ya boi

    ya boi

    7 ngày trước

    Touch of death = hit in the balls

  21. matt bugg

    matt bugg

    7 ngày trước

    The tod is a system it's not just one strike. And figuring it out is a very long process. Most people think they know how to do it with learning a few dangerous points. Others have spent years with the correct information and still don't have a solid framework of the process. There is books that have the entire process outlined in them hidden in stories. But the drivers "the forms" are very important because they put you in correct placement for strikes with the setup for the next one tied to the last. And the points are all laced together like that, there is diagrams dividing body, and things like the microcosmic order and divisions of sun, moon, days months, years, seasons, mountains, and rivers, oceans, all tied together in the process of how it works. I always wondered why tod was not taught after forms, because in fencing and sword they teach running through after basics where you are going to aiming at with a sword. Yet tod is kinda hidden. So now when I watch pro mma and some guys are hitting points that are tod points it kinda erks me cause it's a competitive practice not a life or death matter. They do this in other martial disaplines also and people who know the whole process just look at it as poor sportsmanship. It would be akin to snapping armbars, and not releasing holds when someone taps. But until someone puts out the entire system and it's real purpose were all going to see this.

  22. cheesy wheeler

    cheesy wheeler

    7 ngày trước

    And this guys can’t fight

  23. cheesy wheeler

    cheesy wheeler

    7 ngày trước

    And if you know a catch wrestler the Bbj guy will change the rules

  24. Jason G

    Jason G

    8 ngày trước

    The army threw billions into the men who stare at goats Why waste money if something isnt there

  25. Jeremy Burlingame

    Jeremy Burlingame

    8 ngày trước

    Trained by day, Joe Rogan podcast by night, all day

  26. Jim Butler

    Jim Butler

    8 ngày trước

    How dare this guy come on this show and not be as funny as Robin Williams. It's almost as if people are different. The Humanity! Oh yeah... that's what he is. One of the billions of types of human personalities. Why don't you get in the ring with him and have a go. Joe Rogan can respond to people on their level with respect.

  27. Max Pheby

    Max Pheby

    8 ngày trước

    Theres a touch of death alright its called a gun lol.

  28. jamie cruz

    jamie cruz

    9 ngày trước

    I think the "touch of death" is absolutely real. It's origins are in China where marital originated, and I could see for example an accurate strike to the throat being called "the touch of death"

  29. Johnny Mac

    Johnny Mac

    11 ngày trước

    This guy's tie doubles as his black belt I presume

  30. Todd Wolf child

    Todd Wolf child

    12 ngày trước

    It's totally easy to kill someone with just one finger It's pulling a trigger. On a gun

    • Daniel Tittyfish

      Daniel Tittyfish

      6 ngày trước

      Really though? You use your whole hand to fire a gun.

  31. Abd. T Juliano

    Abd. T Juliano

    12 ngày trước

    Hand to the jaw is the true touch of death

  32. ray8uk


    12 ngày trước

    He sounds like he would make great "Best man" speeches.

  33. carlos oliveira

    carlos oliveira

    13 ngày trước

    I knew I saw this guy before. He was a Jehovah's Witness that knocked on my door last month.

  34. carlos oliveira

    carlos oliveira

    13 ngày trước

    Killed by the touch of monotony.

  35. Swazi Prince

    Swazi Prince

    13 ngày trước

    This guy is another one of these ass holes who think they are cleverer than they are.

  36. tk0100


    13 ngày trước

    Who is lex fridman? Never heard of him.

  37. Woodrow


    13 ngày trước

    All modern "martial arts" are obsolete feudal warfare techniques of the warrior classes.

  38. utavatar


    13 ngày trước

    if you keep yiour mind sufficiently open ...people will fill it with all kinds of stupidity.

  39. HeliRy


    13 ngày trước

    That awkward moment when you meet a guy who thinks _Kill Bill_ is a documentary...

  40. Correction Codes

    Correction Codes

    14 ngày trước

    I bet this dude road his 10 speed mountain bike to the podcast.. while holding his mormon bible..

  41. Kenliero


    14 ngày trước

    Hate to break it to you, but that "Wing Chun" move is just normal Muay Thai move... I use it a lot... But instead of calling it "Chiao Ban Tuit Niauo Nao", we just call it "Hand trapping"...

  42. Aduha Dx

    Aduha Dx

    14 ngày trước

    I hope a chiropractor comes in and beat down rogan with a lifetime of knowledge 📕 unlike this MIB reject did.

  43. Mandy Piedra

    Mandy Piedra

    14 ngày trước

    touch of death=Bomb-Squad!!!!

  44. Richie Stevens

    Richie Stevens

    14 ngày trước

    U mad bro?? He really wants to death touch. Someone

  45. David Bamber

    David Bamber

    15 ngày trước

    I dont do Aikido anymore. But , people need to learn that it is not a complete system in itself. Before you started Aikido originally you would have to already have proficient skills in another martial art say a Dan grading in Karate, Jui Jitsu, Judo whatever that may be. Then what Aikido does is teach you a specialization in this instance joint manipulation of the hand , elbow and understanding of how energy is delivered into an attacked to control your opponents center of gravity.

  46. Jacques Malan

    Jacques Malan

    15 ngày trước

    This dude can bore the paint off a wall

  47. NemeanLion


    15 ngày trước

    Wtf Joe? A big puncher needs wide shoulders, big hands and a powerful frame? How did that work out for Tommy Hearns or Julian Jackson?

  48. Ike Malik

    Ike Malik

    15 ngày trước

    It’s completely legit and called Commotio cordis but I didn’t have time to watch the whole video to see if they discuss that. It’s rare but seen by sports MDs during training and competition

  49. Luis Lopez

    Luis Lopez

    16 ngày trước

    Why does Lex sound like he's full of shit?

  50. 2mwillis


    16 ngày trước

    Ya telepathy is not a thing... glad you figured that out by watching UFC.

  51. g00gleyes


    16 ngày trước starts around 40min apparently the touch of death is real, but whether or not it would work on a real person, especially on someone with a lot of muscle, is up to debate.

  52. K


    17 ngày trước

    Terrible guest.

  53. MC ZULU


    17 ngày trước

    LOL one of the most amazing martial arts discussions I've heard. Very true about JiuJitsu. It shreds your ego and rebuilds your understanding of where you stand in the universe 🤣. The only point of difference, I think, is Joe describing "death touch" as if it might be a blunt force application. I think it would be more like acupressure. With that in mind, maybe some blood chokes could be considered?

  54. TandemKnights


    17 ngày trước

    I love Joe Rogan and I think he has a well-informed and interesting take on almost all things martial arts related, himself being a long-time practitioner and an explorer, in general. But I disagree with his thoughts on Aikido and here is why: 1) Aikido was developed during a time when two armies met, hand-to-hand, on a battle-field. When war changed, Aikido naturally became less effective. Aikido IS a martial art but it wasn't designed for one on one battle in a cage. Rogan's perspective is completely skewed in that regard, believing that one on one cage fighting is the only method of display. One could argue that a jiu-jitsu player trying a rear-naked choke in a bar would get his head split open with a chair, why isn't that mentioned in the same way? 2) The rules of MMA, which generally make small joint manipulation illegal, hinder Aikido even more, as that is one of its primary strengths. In fact, small-joint manipulation is one of the core specializations of Aikido. 3) It just takes one fighter to successfully adapt Aikido techniques and it will be all the rage. Example: Ronda Rousey with Judo. BTW, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is just refined Kosen Judo, but that is a whole different story. :)

  55. Pass Dah Boof

    Pass Dah Boof

    17 ngày trước

    9:17 Oof

  56. Jonas Nascimento

    Jonas Nascimento

    17 ngày trước

    Guy looks like he wants to steal Mobs powers and become the greatest Esper in the world

  57. Joseph Miller

    Joseph Miller

    17 ngày trước

    Aikido will work against a untrained street attacker but not against a trained MMA fighter.

    • OG Willikers

      OG Willikers

      14 ngày trước

      You spelled "might" wrong.

  58. Jules Vallez

    Jules Vallez

    17 ngày trước

    Who’s the tart?! 🤣😂

  59. Hellifiknow


    18 ngày trước

    bruce lee could gen. alot of power. he wasnt a big guy

  60. elsie bond

    elsie bond

    18 ngày trước

    bullshit is bullshit.

  61. David Billy

    David Billy

    18 ngày trước

    Joe man i hate to correct you but i grew up in the street and fighting most people that are going to start somthing on the street are not knowledgable about martial arts personally but by things they have watched aikido does have a use in a street fight not everybody is trained like yourself or myself

  62. msmithzz


    18 ngày trước

    And why are we talking to this guy about Martial Arts? Wastes of words!

    • Ken W

      Ken W

      16 ngày trước

      He’s a legit Black Belt

  63. Dan Farmer

    Dan Farmer

    18 ngày trước

    This guy is pretty damn stupid

  64. Gian Ooz

    Gian Ooz

    18 ngày trước

    He should try screaming Kaio-Ken x 10. Maybe that could generate 10 times the power.

    • Demgphi x

      Demgphi x

      17 ngày trước


  65. Ronin


    18 ngày trước

    Is it the lighting or does Joe have a booger ?

  66. Joseph Zothanpuia

    Joseph Zothanpuia

    19 ngày trước


  67. Tavastian


    19 ngày trước

    Current Deadlift world record is 500kg (over 1000lbs).. humans can definetly generate insane amounts of force

  68. Harry Pender

    Harry Pender

    20 ngày trước

    At 6:40, is this guy using double think? 😂

  69. Unseemly Tag

    Unseemly Tag

    20 ngày trước

    The M.I.B agent needs a reality check. The formula for Force in physics, Force = Mass X Velocity, can't be increased up to 10 times. You'd break your bones hitting the person. The quickest way to kill a person (I hate to bring this up) is a strike to the hyoid bone. The person dies in 10 minutes. There's the closest you'll get, but have fun in jail. NEVER do it. Strike a vein or nerve? There's other veins and nerves, for good reason.

  70. johnnybob goldstien

    johnnybob goldstien

    21 ngày trước

    Aikido is great for cops one cop hold's a gun to the perp's head while the other puts him in a wrist lock, and cuffs him.

  71. free lance

    free lance

    21 ngày trước

    according to the voice Lex is more masculine than Joe :) So Joe's voice is of higher pitch than Lex :)

    • James Morris

      James Morris

      18 ngày trước

      You are wierd...moving on...

  72. L G

    L G

    21 ngày trước

    "I see Elon Musk as a representative of the champions of the impossible"... this is where I stopped watching because Musk is just a con man...

  73. LG4 Trey

    LG4 Trey

    22 ngày trước

    This guy is trying way too hard to sound smart. Annoys the fuck out of me

  74. jungle bunny

    jungle bunny

    23 ngày trước


  75. Shipbuilding Expert

    Shipbuilding Expert

    23 ngày trước

    Steven Seagall is the best

  76. Nelson Di Salvatore

    Nelson Di Salvatore

    23 ngày trước

    I have a friend that is an aikido master and he would get so pissed about this, he could show you dozens of videos of aikido master beatin the shit out of judo and karate guys.

  77. The Pinkerton

    The Pinkerton

    24 ngày trước

    Touch of dork.

  78. Tom A

    Tom A

    24 ngày trước

    Joe knocks Aikido but every form of martial arts has its weakness in real world fighting

    • Throbbin Wood

      Throbbin Wood

      20 ngày trước

      Aikido has far more holes in it though.

  79. Stevo's YouTube

    Stevo's YouTube

    25 ngày trước

    He's a good sport leaving a funeral to do a podcast.

  80. Tague Relyea

    Tague Relyea

    25 ngày trước

    I thought this guy was interesting different but interesting

  81. Jack Barrett

    Jack Barrett

    25 ngày trước

    Im sure a hard enough blow to the chest would stop your heart, but its doubtful a human could generate that much power. Joe (obviously) knows his stuff. He said that, as a black belt in jujitsu, and right at 190-200lbs, that there are 150lb black belts that could beat him. Since the advent of martial arts movies in America, there has been ppl saying theyre 'black belts' when theyre not, and now with the UFC, forget about it, that number has quadrupled. Every 20-something white guy you knows claims they "know" martial arts, esp BJJ, because they watch and admire UFC, but I would advise any one of em to go roll with a professional. Dana White said it best: "until you take on an expert in BJJ, you dont know how helpless you are". He thought he was tough, bc he was a muscular, 220lb boxing coach. Now hes all about MMA because he got scared and that fear, coupled with humility and a desire to learn is a good thing..Ive invited hundreds of ppl to my familys gym and the majority says "I dont need it". No, they just havent been shown how badly they need it. Women can appreciate it, because its great self defense, but it hurts a mans ego to be overpowered and taken down and held down and held down and be helpless. Many dont want to experience it, even in a training setting, so they dont go. I think everyone should.

  82. Rich C.

    Rich C.

    25 ngày trước

    You mean to tell me that the 'Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique' from the movie 'Kill Bill' isn't real? Damn! Lol.

  83. Jay Gee

    Jay Gee

    26 ngày trước

    During the filming of Rocky 4, Sylvester Stallone told Dolph Lundrin to punch him as hard as he could in his chest. After minutes of prodding, Dolph reluctantly punched him. It shifted Stallone’s heart and he was hospitalized for weeks. At first his insurance refused to pay; saying he’d lied about how he was injured. That he’d only have been hurt so bad in a vehicle accident. They produced the video of the actual punch, and the insurance paid his bill. So, basically, there’s video out there of Dolph hitting Stallone as hard as a car wreck. Death punch confirmed. On a side note: the same thing happened while Stallone was training for Rocky 3. I can’t recall the boxer, but he was the original pick for Clubber Lang. He nearly killed & hospitalized Stallone too. So. Maybe the death touch only works on Sylvester Stallone. 🤔

  84. MrAlecRamsey


    26 ngày trước

    This fuckin guy.

  85. Bob Capps

    Bob Capps

    26 ngày trước

    See this is the point I was I can't talk right cause Joe drugged and tapped my ass like we was fishings . whaaat fishing isn't code for gay sex I'm Joe rogan you telling me this old dude just fucked me noooooooo you lying ho

  86. Bob Capps

    Bob Capps

    26 ngày trước

    Gay as fuck

  87. Bob Capps

    Bob Capps

    26 ngày trước

    It's it's a pussys game gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

  88. Bob Capps

    Bob Capps

    26 ngày trước

    This guy with Joe is just as dumb as him . it's fucking sad this guy never fought nothing but holding in his tears lmfao

  89. dreaded360


    26 ngày trước

    holy shit you boring monotone fuck

  90. flashhog01


    26 ngày trước

    Interesting discussion,.Joe is locked in to thinking about muscles, joints and body mechanics to generate power, perhaps something else exists not related to those that does give a 10x power advantage. We cannot discount it since we have no proof it doesn't exist, however, we have no proof unicorns do not exist; finding one would put the argument to rest.

  91. MistaOneGuy


    26 ngày trước

    Lex is so annoying. This was one episode I couldn't get myself to finish

  92. Danny Santino

    Danny Santino

    27 ngày trước

    I hadn't slept properly in days until I listened to this guy, now I listen every night and zzzzzzz

  93. Mark Brown

    Mark Brown

    27 ngày trước

    Martial arts work against people who don't do martial arts

  94. Ryan Casey

    Ryan Casey

    27 ngày trước

    What a nerd

  95. JOE HELM


    27 ngày trước

    Tony Ferguson is the type of to to eat his own ass after he ankle picks himself

  96. filming in ohio

    filming in ohio

    27 ngày trước

    Joe is 100 percent correct.... I do think it's important to stress though that competition was pretty much forbidden in Aikido..... It was in some circles added much later, stripped of its spiritual merit as well.... It was never something meant to be used in its current popular application.

  97. SpaceMan2209


    27 ngày trước

    Gets hit with the touch of death: Cums.

  98. Maggie Kettlewell

    Maggie Kettlewell

    28 ngày trước

    This guy is a creepy dushbag that reminds me of the king of assholes Steven Seagal

  99. TL Ezzy

    TL Ezzy

    28 ngày trước

    The so called "death touch " was never a touch. It is simply a heart punch. That's it.. can that blow stop your heart?? Doubtful.

  100. Ray Wideman

    Ray Wideman

    28 ngày trước

    I would disagree that you can’t develop power. Surely there are guys out there who are just born with it, yes, but to suggest because you have small hands or narrow shoulders that you can’t generate the same type of power would be inaccurate. You may have to work harder for it, develop it, but certainly it can be done.

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