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John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (2019 Movie) New Trailer - Keanu Reeves, Halle Berry

John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum - In theaters May 17, 2019. Starring Keanu Reeves, Halle Berry, Laurence Fishburne, Mark Dacascos, Asia Kate Dillon, Lance Reddick, Saïd Taghmaoui, Jerome Flynn, Jason Mantzoukas, Tobias Segal, Boban Marjanovic, with Anjelica Huston, and Ian McShane.
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In this third installment of the adrenaline-fueled action franchise, super-assassin John Wick (Keanu Reeves) returns with a $14 million price tag on his head and an army of bounty-hunting killers on his trail. After killing a member of the shadowy international assassin’s guild, the High Table, John Wick is excommunicado, but the world’s most ruthless hit men and women await his every turn.
Summit Entertainment presents, a Thunder Road Films production, in association with 87Eleven Productions.


  1. The Great Silence

    The Great Silence

    4 giờ trước

    The following dislikers will meet the pencils doom.

  2. Glen Nicholas

    Glen Nicholas

    4 giờ trước

    You were right smith, you were always right. It was inevitable.

  3. Jamie Clarke

    Jamie Clarke

    4 giờ trước

    The first John wick movie came out before the stupid Fortnite skin, if you think the movies are based on fucking Fortnite go and ask your mum and dad if they're brother and sister.

  4. Ethan Shihster

    Ethan Shihster

    4 giờ trước




    4 giờ trước

    Damn!! Maddog n kitchen fight the raid 😍😍

  6. XXX Savage

    XXX Savage

    4 giờ trước

    Wonder how many fortnite addicts are going to watch this movie

  7. YuGiOhForYU


    4 giờ trước

    John Wick EndGame

  8. sweet but psycho

    sweet but psycho

    4 giờ trước

    Pencils lots of PENCILS!! 😂

  9. Og Plays

    Og Plays

    4 giờ trước

    Johnny johnny: (father) Killing people? No papa Telling lies? Yes papa Give me ur gun Ah ah ah

    • Og Plays

      Og Plays

      4 giờ trước

      Srry forgot the yes papa at the beginning :D

  10. massiccio81


    4 giờ trước


  11. Gusdebo


    4 giờ trước

    Hey, they gave John Wick from Fortnite his own movie!

  12. Aryan Ahmed

    Aryan Ahmed

    4 giờ trước

    1:19 Deja vu

  13. Imran Shaikh

    Imran Shaikh

    4 giờ trước

    after the "Jason Bourne " series this is the best

  14. Friendly Neighbourhood Ginger

    Friendly Neighbourhood Ginger

    4 giờ trước

    He needs our vbucks to get out of this

  15. Gihan Deshapriya

    Gihan Deshapriya

    4 giờ trước

    Jhon wick on full neo mode !

  16. RAYRAY 15

    RAYRAY 15

    4 giờ trước

    click here to get subscribers

  17. Lady Nadia

    Lady Nadia

    4 giờ trước

    Y'all please view this hit song Nasty C-SMA ft Rawlene. He is so talented and yet so young and underrated. Give him one chance and I can assure you, you won't regret it PLEASE!

  18. sweet but psycho

    sweet but psycho

    4 giờ trước

    It's season 8 chapter 3 if I even make sense ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  19. Noel hrr

    Noel hrr

    4 giờ trước

    i dont need to go to the movie theaters any more just watch it..LOL.

  20. Peter


    4 giờ trước

    You know why everyone wants to see a Keanu movie? Because he doesn't make an ass of himself at award shows giving superficial and hypocritical speeches about equality and political correctness. He keeps his ego in check and acts like a regular guy; he minds his own business; he does what he loves, and that is why I'll go and spend money to see John Wick 3.

  21. SuperJohn691


    4 giờ trước

    .... The Matrix.....Guns, Lots of Guns...... John Wick: 3

  22. QuantumZ


    4 giờ trước

    omg they turned John Wick from fortnite into a real thing!!

  23. [] Adrian Rivera []

    [] Adrian Rivera []

    4 giờ trước

    Where are the fortnite comments at lmao

  24. The Grey Ghost

    The Grey Ghost

    4 giờ trước

    I wasn't just a puppy

  25. Kzyy OG

    Kzyy OG

    4 giờ trước

    These comments tho 😂😂

  26. ChuckTheDuck98


    4 giờ trước

    Isn’t this the guy fortnite made big?

  27. Billy2 K

    Billy2 K

    4 giờ trước

    Nigga wanted by everyone An is riding a mother fucking horse JOHNN WIIICK

  28. Laavinesh Nithianandan

    Laavinesh Nithianandan

    4 giờ trước

    Now I know what China is preparing for .... THE BABAYAGA IS COMING !!!

  29. Jay Gee

    Jay Gee

    5 giờ trước

    "Guns. Lots of guns" I literally screamed "YES!" Without thinking when I heard this Matrix reference. So fuckin' cool

  30. Defaulty_ bois_ ,

    Defaulty_ bois_ ,

    5 giờ trước

    Wait John wick dog haven’t I seen this before look at fortnite oooooooooooooooh shit

  31. Miguel Angel Valenzuela

    Miguel Angel Valenzuela

    5 giờ trước

    "Guns, lots of guns" Wasn't that from The Matrix?

  32. Erica F.

    Erica F.

    5 giờ trước

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  33. ITZ REZ


    5 giờ trước

    Who came from fortnite

  34. Big Walt

    Big Walt

    5 giờ trước

    Neo Morpheus And Halle Berry as Reborn Trinity Matrix Reboot

  35. Jay Gee

    Jay Gee

    5 giờ trước

    Best action movies ever made. Period.



    5 giờ trước

    This will never happen if the dog would be alive

  37. Grizelda


    5 giờ trước

    I can’t believe they made a movie based on the fortnite character



    5 giờ trước

    I can't believe this all started because of a dog death 😐

  39. Vex Held

    Vex Held

    5 giờ trước

    Finally fortnite the movie 3 came out!

  40. Marcus Ayrton

    Marcus Ayrton

    5 giờ trước

    Avengers Endgame: Purple Slanted Text John Wick 3 : Purple Slanted Text John Wick in avengers endgame confirmed leaked news

  41. Matthew Mcclements

    Matthew Mcclements

    5 giờ trước

    They’ve milked John wick too much i can already tell it’s gonna be shit

  42. Saint Rich

    Saint Rich

    5 giờ trước

    What do you need? Guns i need lots of guns John wick is ready to rape some ass to hell with his lots of guns

  43. Hitmonkey


    5 giờ trước

    The same person who designed the stunts for these films is doing the stunts for Marvel's Black Widow movie. Have high hopes.

  44. lil jumpy

    lil jumpy

    5 giờ trước

    Just call this: matrix neo is back !

  45. PATSFAN420


    5 giờ trước

    Halle Berry in it? yeah I will pass not gonna pay to see her in anything i will wait till it on Netflix

  46. Imran Shaikh

    Imran Shaikh

    5 giờ trước

    madly waiting for the most stylish killer of the silver screen

  47. Maicol juarez

    Maicol juarez

    5 giờ trước

    They made john wick from fortnite into a movie😮😮

  48. KingPownz


    5 giờ trước


  49. Su Yini

    Su Yini

    5 giờ trước

    😂😂 all these people are dying because once idiot killed his puppy. That's actually a scary thought 😱

  50. Footage


    5 giờ trước

    I hate when they add cheesy comedy lines to serious action movies.

  51. Bapi_Bastian


    5 giờ trước

    dang they made the fortnite skin into a movie

  52. Riku Lindblad

    Riku Lindblad

    5 giờ trước

    Read her lips, she doesn't say "Puppy", it's "Bitch"

  53. Dell Wilson

    Dell Wilson

    5 giờ trước


  54. GNTwixBar


    5 giờ trước

    If you guys play fortntnite and have John wick like this comment. And also pls sub to me trying to get 10 subs👦

  55. Brett Wisniewski

    Brett Wisniewski

    5 giờ trước

    Whe a fortnite character gets three whole movies! Wow!

  56. stereo man

    stereo man

    5 giờ trước

    John Wick Vs Taylor Mason, this should be interesting!

  57. assd abi

    assd abi

    5 giờ trước

    It's not just puppy It is John wick s puppy

  58. Reginaldo Hernendez

    Reginaldo Hernendez

    5 giờ trước

    I've never watched these movies are they any good because my opinion Keanu Reeves sucks ass as an actor , now I've heard he's good at sucking men's asses !!!!!!

  59. lu2x4ah


    5 giờ trước

    John Wick morphing into Matrix

  60. PB DJ Slap My Ass

    PB DJ Slap My Ass

    5 giờ trước

    Reminds me of fortnite

  61. AmassiveOverLoad


    5 giờ trước

    It's been along time since any anticipated movie or movies give me the goosebumps...I can say, holy shit, I'm HYPE AF.

  62. Ch1q


    5 giờ trước

    Fortnite irl?

  63. Aaken


    5 giờ trước

    Of course they had to make john wick from Fortnite into a real thing.

  64. SuperJohn691


    5 giờ trước

    ....I love this series of films ------>>>> 𝐉𝐨𝐡𝐧 𝐖𝐢𝐜𝐤

  65. Golden State Warriors fan since 2015

    Golden State Warriors fan since 2015

    5 giờ trước

    This looks so badass cant wait to see

  66. Ethan holliday

    Ethan holliday

    5 giờ trước

    Fortnight then creates John wick 4

  67. Am Deran

    Am Deran

    5 giờ trước

    john wick needs your help

  68. skankhunt 42

    skankhunt 42

    5 giờ trước


  69. RetroCeso08


    5 giờ trước

    I only see fortnite comments

  70. cool girls

    cool girls

    5 giờ trước

    Can’t wait for this movie to drop !

  71. RoRo Royourboat

    RoRo Royourboat

    5 giờ trước

    Thanos: *wipes out half of earths population* John Wick: *dog also got wiped out* Thanos: Oh shit...

  72. How long Can u last

    How long Can u last

    5 giờ trước

    Is someone say fortnite I am jumping off a roof

    • Yoshua Yoshi

      Yoshua Yoshi

      5 giờ trước

      How long Can u last u suck

  73. John Christie

    John Christie

    5 giờ trước


  74. alessandrguerrero24


    5 giờ trước

    Todo esto por el Amir de un perro

  75. Matt Cochrane

    Matt Cochrane

    5 giờ trước

    Finally! The Matrix sequel we deserve!



    5 giờ trước

  77. Iam Crr

    Iam Crr

    5 giờ trước

    he kinda looks like John wick

  78. 4k Destro

    4k Destro

    5 giờ trước


  79. Olamide Olawoye

    Olamide Olawoye

    5 giờ trước

    Add my insta o_olawoye

  80. 101bribrilove


    5 giờ trước

    This trailer makes me wanna wear my shoes on my hands

  81. jimmythespy


    5 giờ trước


  82. John Rice

    John Rice

    5 giờ trước

    God damn it John wick bout to double pump this shit

  83. Tausib Hasan

    Tausib Hasan

    5 giờ trước

    Loved it. Excited. Waiting.

  84. AsianBoy Bran

    AsianBoy Bran

    5 giờ trước

    WHOA. ThEy. MaDe. A. MoVie. On. ThE. FoRtNiTe GuY????

  85. MemeScreen


    5 giờ trước

    Isn’t this the guy from fortnight

  86. GoHard MyLord

    GoHard MyLord

    5 giờ trước

    Share, like, comment and/or subscribe. Thx. #MyLordInc #VAULTSOFMYLORD

  87. Ahau zou

    Ahau zou

    5 giờ trước

    will you help me to subscribe to my channel?

  88. Samuel Ohilebo

    Samuel Ohilebo

    5 giờ trước

    Guns, Lot of Gunnnnnnnnnns😂😂😂 I'm in love with that part.

  89. Lelz Guy21

    Lelz Guy21

    5 giờ trước

    Thanos killed John wicks dog he’s now in trouble

  90. Miguel Garcia

    Miguel Garcia

    5 giờ trước

    Is this gonna be in fortnite

  91. Ohh yea yea

    Ohh yea yea

    5 giờ trước

    He got the #1 victory royale

  92. Marsh E

    Marsh E

    5 giờ trước

    Employee: How Many Pencils do u want sir John Wick: Yes

  93. Tide Pods

    Tide Pods

    5 giờ trước

    Chuck Norris I beat butt John wick hold my beer

  94. DrHouse146


    5 giờ trước

    I love McShane's faint smile when John says the iconic "Guns. Lots of guns." it's like he's saying: "go get 'em, son." :D

  95. Breeze


    5 giờ trước

    James Charles Kissed You Like To Undo

  96. eden nguyen

    eden nguyen

    5 giờ trước

    para bellum is a operation in rainbow six siege

  97. Treble


    5 giờ trước

    Winter is an excellent choice for this trailer.

  98. Neyo


    5 giờ trước

    Im fucking tweaking, a fucking matrix reference. holy fuck

  99. Dylan Baker

    Dylan Baker

    5 giờ trước

    Better than avengers.

  100. Smiley Singer

    Smiley Singer

    5 giờ trước

    I came because I new John wick from fortnite lol I don't even know who the real one is

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