LEGO Cars and Trucks Experemental Steamroller Police, Fire truck, tractor, dump truck Video for Kids

Video for kids about lego toys. New series with experemental cars and trucks like fire engine, steamroller police car, concrete mixer tractor, police truck and van.
Funny stop motion animation.


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    MaxTime TV

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    New series with experemental cars. Do you like ?

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      Car Toys Fun TV

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      awesome series!

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      MaxTime TV pooo

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      Mihályné Tirpák

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      Traktorosvidel. Bbbtr

  2. Car Toys Fun TV

    Car Toys Fun TV

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    Guys! It's really great idea👍👏👌😉😎🤗💖

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  6. Diamond - Gamer819

    Diamond - Gamer819

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    1:30 a car doesn’t just BURST INTO FLAMES like that, I mean come on with a miner crash like that

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    Magnolia o.O

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    Bhai chutiya hai tu

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    Andrea Rotaru

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    Ciao a tutti i giorni Usjjd

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    LOL 1:28

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    Ambros Toys

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    Awesome cars, and very creative content. Keep up the good work, big like from us!

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    Marie CREPIN

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    you are good animator

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    J'adore la vidéo☺

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    Aditya Mahanty

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    Please make some new video

    • MaxTime TV

      MaxTime TV

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      sure ! Soon

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    Erik van aalst

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    i m adult and love lego

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    Siev Toys

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    amazing videos

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    Nice video👍😀 Like!

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    2:34 which set ?

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    Vehicle Toys

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    Awesome I like your cars and truck video :)

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    Creeper 120909

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    Very good video, me like :D

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    Le toca su pack dislike(los tiene desactivados)

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    i love legos

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    4:44 lIkE

    • xShqdow3d


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      XD this video random came across and I was waiting for cringe ThAnkkSs

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    Nice video 😘 #rafashome

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    Nice trucks

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    The Plains

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    great video

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    Do vehicles like that exit

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      Joshua Joshua ??????????

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