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Lego Wrong Police cars and trucks, concrete mixer truck, fire truck, Brick Building video for Kids

Lego wrong cars building from Police truck, concrete mixer truck, garbage truck, dump truck, mobile crane, fire truck, tow truck and police car.
Stop motion animation for kids


  1. MaxTime TV

    MaxTime TV

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    Lego Wrong Police cars and trucks!

    • emirah702


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    • Memet Ceik

      Memet Ceik

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  2. KIDS PLAYground

    KIDS PLAYground

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    I like this video!

  3. kindey playing with kids

    kindey playing with kids

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    Just i like it

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    Thuý Vũ

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    • Francesco Lo presti

      Francesco Lo presti

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  6. Billy Bolly

    Billy Bolly

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    Kind of boring but funny

  7. dafa fun game

    dafa fun game

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    Bisa aja bikin nya

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    Ekau Rau

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    Kereta Kids Toys

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    I love it Don't forget to subscribe, friends also subscribe to my channel too because subscribe is free :D

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