*NEW* AVENGERS MODE V2 in Fortnite!

Fortnite Battle: Royale - Avengers mode RETURNS!
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    • Ultimate Doom

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  2. Pierce Stone

    Pierce Stone

    9 giờ trước

    OH WOW,this was hilarious xD

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    i love this dude

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    Nice video

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    That's so funny!!

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    I love your vids

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    Lol every video is huuuuuuh on the thumbnail lol

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    AlexPlayz- Roblox

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    Noooooooo way sarcasm

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    i love this dude

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    yay thanks

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    That's so funny!!

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    Its weird seeing ali without a hat🤣🤣🤣



    23 ngày trước

    You can only like this if you remember Directional Pads!

  14. Annabelle Robertson

    Annabelle Robertson

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    This is how many times he said ultimately

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    like the conted

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    you my hero

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    It's at the movies!

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    who do you thank is better mr top 5 or ali a

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    Hair reveal

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    No cap jeez

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    If it wasn’t from Ali-A Fortnite would be dead

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    Player: *gets infinity gauntlet and turns into thanos* Also player: *uses snap emote* Epic games: wait that’s illegal

  24. Alexandros-Charis Chari

    Alexandros-Charis Chari

    25 ngày trước

    I ve got a 143 kills gameplay with thanos if someone wants to watch it

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    I use code Ali-a

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    Kailyn Mitchell

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    It ps Crazy how in season 4 and 8 the government is investigating the island (4+4=8)

  30. Greg McKinlay

    Greg McKinlay

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    i watched you when you played pokemon go

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    Can you send me a gift with the black widow outfit

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    I’m sorry is this guy relevant anymore

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    Plz me xgay22222

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    Ginny Allott

    26 ngày trước

    Have you noticed a sign at polar peak, volcano and where the rocket launched! The one at polar peak is pointing to the rocket launch site! What does it mean?? You might know!

  39. desmond stinson

    desmond stinson

    26 ngày trước

    Fortnite is hot trash

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    You are the best

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    Yo his hairline is back

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    Sub To PewDiePie now

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    Are any mobile players getting a glitch that they can’t update?

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    Rip tony

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    What number are you 1.fortnite player 2.fortnite clickbaiter

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    Where’s ur hat?

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    my 3 month old sister was clap u in a 1v1

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    Nice Thumbnail

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    which season did you join fortnite in? Comment - Season 1 - 4 Like Season 5 - 8

    • Faze DShea

      Faze DShea

      26 ngày trước

      Season 1 i have hundreds of solo wins

  51. Uzi Zgodzzz

    Uzi Zgodzzz

    26 ngày trước

    Those signs in loot lake r from season 4

  52. GameMinorTv


    26 ngày trước

    Fortnite vs Apex Legends Like vs Comments

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    I subed

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    Okay I’m glad I’m not the only one that gets 1% random packet loss off and on every game. It’s so annoying.

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    No I think it would be thors new hammer

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    Mi namn in fortnite is Lillebus08

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    Iron man captain america and Thor never died in avengers infinity war

  64. The Fire

    The Fire

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    will you and vikkstar123 ever playing Pokemon again together ?

  65. IGameSometimes


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    so, how does it feel to be a meme?

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    Cammie Deraveniere

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    i can never stop watching this

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    Pls play something that’s not fortnite

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    All those simbles are the cube sign

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    ali-a's forehead tho

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    can i have the iphone xr

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    do you guys think i would beat alia in a 1v1?

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    do you play

  76. I used code ceedayy 69

    I used code ceedayy 69

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    Oh lol season 9 starts 2 days after my birthday

  77. Joshua Beemon

    Joshua Beemon

    26 ngày trước

    Did anyone else think he was saying "ENDGAME" when he said "IN-game?"

  78. Gaming Prince

    Gaming Prince

    26 ngày trước

    0:3 on the chest of the dude it has the Alia logo

  79. Sportsftw 1

    Sportsftw 1

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    that was a fun game to watch u play in the background

  80. flint boalch

    flint boalch

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    ALI-A BRING YOUR OLD INTRO BOI doing floss wrong in backround

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    Love Ali a he is a fortnite news reporter btw im a underrated fortnite player and i would love if you check me out!

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    Yo look at his hairline

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    You trash



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    Fortnite glitch at IGNRIZES AND SUBSCRIBE

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    Go to the ice and you can find a spot to the secret bunker

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    aaaaaaaa ntocul ocrop oid oid adrem mannaggia alla annodaM

  91. Fradeloh


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    oid ocrop

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    wow 5 kills... trash

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    you are smart in this t shirt

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    This dude couldn’t wait ONE DAY to make a video when the actual game mode comes out. Dude really loves them views🤣🤣🤣

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    I want them to add the gauntlet to creative

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