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The Grey Menace | The Oxwagon Diaries, Part 7

A fantastic Winter's day of varminting with the PCPs and the powder-burners!
FX Impact:
Atlas Bipod:
Nightforce SHV:
Nightforce ATACR:
Leica Rangefinder:
Vanguard Gun Hugger Sling:
Scope Rings:
GRS Stock:
Spotting Scope:
Side-Shot Scopecam:
Sony RX100V Scope Cam:
Scope Camera Mount:
Panasonic 4K Camcorder:
Canon Camcorder:
Canon 750D:
Sigma Art 18-35 f1.8 Lens:
Tamron 24-70 VC Lens:
DISCLAIMER: This video has been produced and uploaded with the intention of providing educational content that encourages safe and ethical practices. None of the products used in this video were designed for use on human beings - Only targets and animals. I DO NOT sell firearms or firearm parts - I provide information about airguns and bolt action rifles for enthusiasts who wish to educate themselves. All effort has been made to adhere to and respect VNchannel’s firearm policies. By viewing or flagging this video you are acknowledging the above.


  1. Stone Tacular

    Stone Tacular

    Năm trước

    That feeling when you will NEVER be as cool as Anton (7:32)

    • Rafa Putra

      Rafa Putra

      10 ngày trước


    • Bobby Tucker

      Bobby Tucker

      Tháng trước

      @Teddy Bizzlee damn right it's fun, can't wait til they open season on vegans and liberals! lol!

    • Willame Barbosa

      Willame Barbosa

      2 tháng trước

      @loAd tre4 r3w3u2

    • NCTarheel13


      3 tháng trước

      loAd missed it did you dumbass?

    • Zendi Irwian

      Zendi Irwian

      3 tháng trước


  2. Devi Ana alifah

    Devi Ana alifah

    Giờ trước

    Your people stupid 😤

  3. Ahyatul ihsan

    Ahyatul ihsan

    Ngày trước

    Anjing kau.... Kau memburu hewan dan kau tidak bunya adap anjing

  4. Rey Anthony Navarro

    Rey Anthony Navarro

    Ngày trước

    95% talking 5% huntinf 👎

  5. Mason M

    Mason M

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    4 ngày trước

    Yg nonton orang indonesia like dong

  7. Iyan Putra

    Iyan Putra

    5 ngày trước

    you're not worried about animals

  8. Sadda Official

    Sadda Official

    5 ngày trước

    5:33 maturely explains everything with so cute way

  9. orp Banjar1616

    orp Banjar1616

    6 ngày trước

    aing urang dayeuhluhur indonesia



    6 ngày trước

    What ammo were you shooting? @airarmshuntingsa

  11. Baharuddin pc

    Baharuddin pc

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  12. ron naldo

    ron naldo

    6 ngày trước

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  13. ali setoper

    ali setoper

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    I'm from indonesia🤨👎👎👎👎

  14. محمد المضيف

    محمد المضيف

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    8 ngày trước

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  16. muhammad riski

    muhammad riski

    8 ngày trước

    bangsat ni emang orang. lagei lempap aneuk bajeung

    • Aulia di

      Aulia di

      7 ngày trước

      Saba bang saba😂😂

  17. Cayanx Bogel Celalu

    Cayanx Bogel Celalu

    9 ngày trước

    kalian jadi monyet di tembak kek gitu enak kali

  18. Cayanx Bogel Celalu

    Cayanx Bogel Celalu

    9 ngày trước

    so stupid work

  19. ناصر ابوحرب

    ناصر ابوحرب

    9 ngày trước

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  20. الصياد الصياد

    الصياد الصياد

    9 ngày trước

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  21. diegohrv17


    9 ngày trước

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  22. Alan Parkinson

    Alan Parkinson

    10 ngày trước

    ...less chat more splat...

  23. Dito Winarno

    Dito Winarno

    10 ngày trước

    Kasian cobain aja kalo kamu jadi monyetnya yang setuju like

  24. jpaolo mcy

    jpaolo mcy

    10 ngày trước

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  25. trường Nguyen

    trường Nguyen

    11 ngày trước

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    YouTube العراق

    11 ngày trước

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  27. Ashik Aashi

    Ashik Aashi

    11 ngày trước

    stop shooting the nature plz

  28. Jordan andres Vera arevalo

    Jordan andres Vera arevalo

    11 ngày trước

    Como son tan malos que andan matando a los animalitos por que no te pesco a valazo yo hijos de la puta que los parios

  29. Ben Johnston

    Ben Johnston

    11 ngày trước

    looks fun!

  30. Rohitmeena Raj

    Rohitmeena Raj

    11 ngày trước

    Plzzzz stop hunting...☺☺



    11 ngày trước

    If u can't eat " Haram" u don't have permission to kill,,,, who give you the permission to interfear the nature .....we are alive, untill the nature is alive



    11 ngày trước

    Don't play with nature if God play with you, than no one can escape you, insha -Allah you will go to hell with your family

  33. Watrin Thongmak

    Watrin Thongmak

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  34. محمدعبدالعاطي حسن سيف

    محمدعبدالعاطي حسن سيف

    12 ngày trước

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    • YouTube العراق

      YouTube العراق

      11 ngày trước

      صدك لو كالو اكثر مخربين في الارض همه البشر

    • YouTube العراق

      YouTube العراق

      11 ngày trước

      والله كلش انقهرت عليهن غير اعرف ليش هيج يسون

  35. Ben Winstanley

    Ben Winstanley

    12 ngày trước

    Love the recipes 😂👌👏👍

  36. Ben Winstanley

    Ben Winstanley

    12 ngày trước

    Baboon cause havoc n carnage all round the world . Glad your wacking them !

  37. Serpent Jazeen

    Serpent Jazeen

    13 ngày trước

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    Cricket 2.2 kalibrgun

    14 ngày trước

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  39. Bouzidi Choukri

    Bouzidi Choukri

    14 ngày trước

    The grey menace =crime against nature Unjustified

  40. Rachid Fellah

    Rachid Fellah

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  41. Talbi Tec

    Talbi Tec

    15 ngày trước

    "A problem that they are more than happy to deal with" You are living in the middle of their territory? What did you expect?

  42. Sheri Olson

    Sheri Olson

    15 ngày trước

    O !! Hell yeah 👍👍👍 and little advice always cook ya bacon 🥓 first then egg

  43. Gregg hatfield

    Gregg hatfield

    15 ngày trước

    That is way CooL 😎

  44. Понтий Пилат

    Понтий Пилат

    15 ngày trước

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  45. فيصل F

    فيصل F

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  46. ghostbuster


    16 ngày trước

    Feed the Lions

  47. Nunya biz

    Nunya biz

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  48. ThreePhaseHigh


    16 ngày trước

    Yeah 28° F. 🥶is kind of chilly for in a wagon. I hope your not eat those eggs before you turn them over easy 🤢. The monkey in the Fenceline was a nice shot seemed further than 43 + yards though. Very nice pellet rifle without a doubt. And you’re right about reloads , I really enjoy that part of it as well. We also have quite a few monkeys around here but unfortunately they’re the kind you can’t shoot 😏 And it’s not fair that anyone should have is much fun. ( I’m not talking about the monkeys ) Well there you have a few of my critiques. Excellent video really enjoyed it thanks for putting it together.

  49. Bochta Rabi

    Bochta Rabi

    16 ngày trước

    😠😠😠😠fak you

  50. Norbero Fontanez

    Norbero Fontanez

    16 ngày trước

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    Ngộ khỉ TV

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    Дмитрий Губин

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  53. Achmad Husin

    Achmad Husin

    18 ngày trước

    Saaken blok , mending tukuo panganan nde warung lak wes a

  54. the brain

    the brain

    19 ngày trước

    It could not have been said any better. Great job and video. What gun is that and is it a 30- 06?

    • Ben Johnston

      Ben Johnston

      11 ngày trước

      @the brain ya a 6.5mm creedmore i belive at least those were the bullets he was pressing. they also had a .260 remington.

    • the brain

      the brain

      11 ngày trước

      @Ben Johnston What does 6.5 mean? 6.5 mm?

    • Ben Johnston

      Ben Johnston

      11 ngày trước

      it was a 6.5

  55. Agarwall 1984

    Agarwall 1984

    19 ngày trước

    Hey god pls sent all hunters to hell....pls kill their childerns and family in terror atachk so they can feel the pain of hunting.... Karma watching every things dnt wry

    • Agarwall 1984

      Agarwall 1984

      19 ngày trước

      @Phillip Shin humain have so many option to eat other then dead bodies.... But animals dnt have

    • Phillip Shin

      Phillip Shin

      19 ngày trước

      How do you think humans got here in the first place. We had to hunt for our food.

  56. Mario Briganti

    Mario Briganti

    19 ngày trước

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    صياد الحسون ابو عبدالله

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  58. Ade Nazarudin Sukandar

    Ade Nazarudin Sukandar

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    salil gaurav

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    Tauro sub

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  61. fuck boy

    fuck boy

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    กรกฎ จอมอิ่น

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      15 ngày trước

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    ช่าง ปุ๋ง

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    Rodrigo Santos Rodrigo Santos

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    Dikisss shooter

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      scorpinox 84

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    Abang Djono

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    • ali afan

      ali afan

      20 ngày trước

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  70. Justin Timer

    Justin Timer

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    Dhamam Alfahdawi

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    Freaknet Bora

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    the_kratos 93

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    Leri Shamaelov

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    Medical Ops

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    Anita Bharati

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      scorpinox 84

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