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The Simpsons Hit & Run Mysteries Explained by Its Own Developer

Lets take the camera absolutely anywhere we want to learn more about The Simpsons: Hit and Run!
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Cary Brisebois Twitter (thank you for letting me do the gag at the start sir) -
I will not make chalkboard gags in my video descriptions.
I will not make chalkboard gags in my video descriptions.
I will not make chalkboard gags in my video descriptions.
I will not make chalkboard gags in my video descriptions.
I will not make chalkboard gags in my video descriptions.
I will not make chalkboard gags in my video descriptions.
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Outro art sourced and repurposed from Startropics, animated by Clay Burton:


  1. Brock Baker

    Brock Baker

    3 tháng trước

    I love this so much. Thanks for having me be a part!

    • Kendra Schell

      Kendra Schell

      Ngày trước

      Brock Baker the impression is spot on! Good job! Brought back the memories

    • Dark Bowser X-Treme

      Dark Bowser X-Treme

      5 ngày trước

      you are the ALLSTAR MAN

    • Polo Surf

      Polo Surf

      Tháng trước

      @Brock Baker you shouldn't even bother dude. You have thousands of retards on the internet that would like to find and excuse to hate for the most retarded reason. He doesn't even care at all, he is just acting ofended for the sake of it. Blocking and ignoring is easier. Trying to explain you'r way of seeing you interpretation of the character is a big waste of time for you and just feeds this sjw trolls to think they are relevant and that everybody owns them an explanation. Good job btw. Keep it up.

    • Jeremy Watson

      Jeremy Watson

      Tháng trước

      @Bleeds I'm sure he would've enjoyed the talent as well. Hmm I'm sure he never would've anticipated this strange cultural shift where everyone gets so offended and butt-hurt over nothing. It's sad.

  2. Alex Rasmussen

    Alex Rasmussen

    11 giờ trước

    Just hand it over to THQ Nordic, already! Someone should bomb EA! Seriously!(No threat intentions).

  3. Ivan Emilov

    Ivan Emilov

    2 ngày trước

    this really was the game i grew up with screw gta this was the real deal in fact im gonna replay it again thanks for making the game

  4. Сергей Соломянюк

    Сергей Соломянюк

    2 ngày trước

    PLEASE, i wanna ramake to ps4, (((

  5. Kristijan Petrovic

    Kristijan Petrovic

    4 ngày trước

    I think this is the way our world is like things are loading hen's why we have red traffic lights

  6. Kristijan Petrovic

    Kristijan Petrovic

    4 ngày trước

    R.I.P Phil Hartman

  7. Player 7421

    Player 7421

    5 ngày trước

    Just for this video you deserved to be video game channel of the year. Subbed.

  8. Tad Strange

    Tad Strange

    6 ngày trước

    This game desperately needs a remaster.

  9. me curse you mimikyu

    me curse you mimikyu

    7 ngày trước

    I miss this game

  10. jamil


    12 ngày trước

    i will make an HD remastered for this game i will make an HD remastered for this game i will make an HD remastered for this game i will make an HD remastered for this game i will make an HD remastered for this game i will make an HD remastered for this game i will make an HD remastered for this game i will make an HD remastered for this game

  11. David Mizrhi

    David Mizrhi

    12 ngày trước

    im sooooo in to the game like thats my childhood game like i used to play it sence a was 4 or 5 years old and now im 21 and i just want to play it more becouse the game reminds me alot of memories of me and my childhood that i had fun with the game and it just give me alot of joy to remember all of the old memories :) tnx alot Cary Brisebois for u and the rest of the team of making this game sooo super awesome :) #biggest fan of all the team who made the game

  12. Richard Birch

    Richard Birch

    12 ngày trước

    I guess you're using the camera free roam option in Dolphin?

  13. MetroidJunkie


    14 ngày trước

    What kind of tool do you have that allows the camera to freely roam around like that? Closest I managed is the one built into the Dolphin Emulator.

  14. Tripleskate


    15 ngày trước

    With in the game files you'll see that Carl's model is referred to as Carlfuckedhead, and the UFO is named the Planet Express Ship.

  15. Lester Paredes

    Lester Paredes

    17 ngày trước

    That intro! Amazing

  16. Lino Arenz

    Lino Arenz

    19 ngày trước

    If you drive backwards with the RACING CAR you can climb up walls

  17. Jose ricardo Nini

    Jose ricardo Nini

    21 ngày trước

  18. ᅙᅀ


    21 ngày trước

    i want openworld simpsons game

  19. skylar15123


    23 ngày trước

    The babies in the sedan are like Life pieces.

  20. AqWha Water

    AqWha Water

    26 ngày trước

    could this game be canon in any way possible? "in what part of the storyline would it be put in" is what i mean

  21. Joel Montoya

    Joel Montoya

    26 ngày trước

    Awesome, I remember getting this game and just blasting through it with a couple cousins over a few weekends! Shit was fun!

  22. Julian Tallen

    Julian Tallen

    28 ngày trước

    cool i install the mod/hack and try it

  23. Jeremy Testicleman

    Jeremy Testicleman

    29 ngày trước

    1 millionth view wys

  24. TheDutyPaid


    Tháng trước

    Could have been 10 minutes long.

  25. Regah Productions

    Regah Productions

    Tháng trước

    Below 1M views squad lmao

  26. New Age

    New Age

    Tháng trước

    One of the best games ever, blew me mind as a kid

  27. Eazy E

    Eazy E

    Tháng trước

    Where can I download a script for this game to a free camera or buy it?

  28. Kenji The Jazzy

    Kenji The Jazzy

    Tháng trước

    Dang, I was hoping to see an break into Area 393. It's past the cutoff bridge in the final level and really incomplete and has some leftovers because of time restraints and they scrapped it because of wanting to not crunch time with the art team.

  29. Cyka_Delik


    Tháng trước

    You are a lot less obnoxious than A+ Start and Beta64 and I really like that. Straight to the point and no dumb jokes. I like their content a lot too, but I find yours much more enjoyable to watch. Never change.

  30. Raptor5dino


    Tháng trước

    One of the first games I really remember playing, and going through a whole lot of crap to actually get my hands on a copy. Absolutely love this game, and this episode ❤️

  31. Scrapyard Dragon

    Scrapyard Dragon

    Tháng trước

    The amount of voice actor cameos you get is crazy dude.

  32. Steve Blake

    Steve Blake

    Tháng trước

    Doesn't have much memory on device, so leaves assets loaded and loads unused textures... right there, that's where the explanations lost me

  33. Kalmer Gutmann

    Kalmer Gutmann

    Tháng trước

    So there is someone Who still plays this game

  34. Thomas Durand

    Thomas Durand

    Tháng trước

    Hello, What mod did you use for the "free camera" fly like that ? thanks u

  35. Tys Gaming ツ

    Tys Gaming ツ

    Tháng trước

    I will not spam this comment I will not spam this comment I will not spam this comment I will not spam this comment I will not spam this comment I will not spam this comment I will not spam this comment I will not spam this comment I will not spam this comment I will not spam this comment I will not spam this comment I will not spam this comment I will not spam this comment I will not spam this comment I will not spam this comment I will not spam this comment I will not spam this comment

  36. Tyler Sane

    Tyler Sane

    Tháng trước

    I'm shocked anybody is allowed to play this game and show it on youtube with Apu being such a racist character -_- haha people need to understand one thing if something was made before political correctness is it wrong??? No because it's impossible to make something in way where it 100% won't offend ppl in the future! The stupidest part is they think "Apu" is racist because he's a stereotype! But if you really wanted to do some damage why not say that there calling a colored man Apu which could be taken as since he's black there calling him Apu but mean "A Poo" just shows how people's opinions come from TV or other ppl! It's like how they made a big deal about the Red Skins football team it would be fine if Native Americans were offended in masses but instead it's the same race which is white ppl making a big deal like it's racist when it was probably there own family members who were racist to the Indians!. People are just so lost! Some people thought Obama was perfect and couldn't ever do wrong because he was the first black president! But more black people were killed in cold blood by authority then any other recent president -_- that's why they do it because nobody wants to ruin history especially with a touchy topic like racism! Next will be the first female president so they can say we'll ya she did bad stuff but what do you expect from the first female president?? Well if the president had control which it don't I expect them to be qualified!.. then after that the first black female president which will prob be Obamas old man Michael! Oopps I meant Michelle

    • James C

      James C

      Tháng trước

      Tyler Sane stfu it’s a kids game with a bit of fun so what about app he’s a fun character stop taking things to heart ffs

  37. Tom Glenwright

    Tom Glenwright

    Tháng trước

    3:03 If I remember rightly, Lisa is there because that’s where the interior of the school is, but it doesn’t get loaded into the game until you walk up to the exterior door - if you drive/walk up to the door then quickly pan the camera over to that area, you should be able to see that Lisa is now standing in the school hallway

  38. Gen 8 Viewbot

    Gen 8 Viewbot

    Tháng trước

    My childhood fr

  39. Braian Peralta

    Braian Peralta

    Tháng trước

    Holy fuck, the ads bro

  40. Jasmine


    Tháng trước

    I had this on Gamecube, when I didn't even have a memory card and had to leave the game on overnight, praying my mom wouldn't turn it off while I was sleeping. Definitely one of my favorite childhood memories. Simpsons Road Rage was a classic as well.

  41. Jack


    Tháng trước


  42. Marcelo Leite

    Marcelo Leite

    Tháng trước

    Destroy All Humans! next!

  43. Lee Ham

    Lee Ham

    Tháng trước

    I have this game, but i cant play it because i dont have a ps2.

  44. Kxng Alex

    Kxng Alex

    Tháng trước

    Do the walking dead s1 s2 s3 and s4

  45. La VoS es DeuS

    La VoS es DeuS

    Tháng trước

    I like the intro, but It makes me feel weird when I think about how he died and wonder... is that in good taste?? hmmm well Im not offended so.... I guess it was??

  46. Adam B

    Adam B

    Tháng trước

    *If we minimize this VNchannel video we can see that the VNchannel video itself is one giant 3D object*

  47. Adam B

    Adam B

    Tháng trước


  48. Sal Cruz Jr

    Sal Cruz Jr

    Tháng trước

    SOB that impression is spot F'N on

  49. boost_is_happiness


    Tháng trước

    Never redo his voice that badly

  50. Wes_The_Hunter


    Tháng trước

    The thing is. He talks about short cuts and doing stuff quickly. But its just sooo very polished. Unlike modern games like Watch_Dogs 2

  51. goodshotcam


    Tháng trước

    Omg the credits broke my entire reality 3:09

  52. Thibault


    Tháng trước

    Can we play this game in 2019 ?

  53. Manored


    Tháng trước

    I like how many weird things in games are explained simply by "we forgot to remove that"

  54. Manored


    Tháng trước

    1:13 Horror

  55. ytubejme123


    Tháng trước

    broo the nostalgia with this game is a lot!! zoming around on that missile jet style car 😂 legit hit and run was the bollocks.

  56. gabriel Sciuto

    gabriel Sciuto

    2 tháng trước

    This game was my childhood.Now ruined

  57. Mark Anthony Reyes

    Mark Anthony Reyes

    2 tháng trước

    The worst troy tho



    2 tháng trước

    Did you not ask him if there was a reboot in the works, man I have so many questions!

  59. Diego Burando

    Diego Burando

    2 tháng trước

    "Illustrated based on description" Was the description "Edna mode if she had a square head, no nose, was an inkling, and had stubble"

  60. Jason X

    Jason X

    2 tháng trước

    Wow, that's a damn close Troy McClure.

  61. TPike777


    2 tháng trước

    The game could be a glitchy mess at times..but it was one of those games where that pretty much added to the fun...MOST times anyways lol. I poured countless hours into this as a kid..unlocking all the vehicles, doing side missions and just having fun with cheats and glitches. I wouldnt change anything about the times I had growing up with this title. Those were the days.

  62. Liam Ayson

    Liam Ayson

    2 tháng trước

    Can you do NBA 2k, I’ve always wondered what it’ll look like

  63. Sam Mears

    Sam Mears

    2 tháng trước

    one interesting thing is that while the whole HUD moves with the camera, the coin for the coin counter in the top right doesn't. why is that?

  64. PrettyPuppy 3000

    PrettyPuppy 3000

    2 tháng trước

    17:12 ”We made it.” *me, an intelligent Pyrocinical fan* : so guys we did it, we got to the Shorty Awards

  65. Isaac Lee

    Isaac Lee

    2 tháng trước

    This is amazing 👌🏻👏🏻 I never knew I needed something so much until I received it ❤️ This game needs a remaster. Now. I would pay literally full price for it. or even Hit and Run 2 🙏🏻❤️💰

  66. Shadsy The Hedgehog

    Shadsy The Hedgehog

    2 tháng trước

    Thanks Troy McClure

  67. Auditory Cheesecake

    Auditory Cheesecake

    2 tháng trước

    What a game

  68. Super Skully

    Super Skully

    2 tháng trước

    This game is incredible. I’m glad it’s being discussed even today.

  69. HRK #FunnyMoments

    HRK #FunnyMoments

    2 tháng trước

    i Loved This Game & JAK 3 So Much On PS2, All Those Summer Breaks From School. This Game Rocks, & i Finally Got it 2Run On My PC As Well💪🎮🤗. i'd Love 2Play This Game & Free Running On PS4 Along With JAK 3(Like The Old Days😄👍)

  70. Nick Fletcher

    Nick Fletcher

    2 tháng trước

    I love this game, like, who hasn't played it?

  71. AlphaReaper 5243

    AlphaReaper 5243

    2 tháng trước

    This game was my childhood

  72. J


    2 tháng trước

    Someone should make this game with raytracing

  73. Spook


    2 tháng trước

    I tought of making hit n run remake but there is no way not getting sued when using the characters

  74. Adam Olivier

    Adam Olivier

    2 tháng trước

    This. Game. NEEDS. A. Remaster. 👇 sign here!

    • Leo Osnaya

      Leo Osnaya

      Tháng trước

      This is what I came for. I want a petition

    • Markus Isaksson

      Markus Isaksson

      Tháng trước


    • Jack


      Tháng trước


  75. Matheus Souza

    Matheus Souza

    2 tháng trước

    Amazing intro 😂

  76. Jethilius Avalar

    Jethilius Avalar

    2 tháng trước

    Aight craziest glitch in the game that happened to me. One time I was driving at the bowling alley and the hit the log in a weird way and was just launched somewhere else. There was not geometry and I couldn't drive more than an inch before hitting an invisible wall. I got out of the car to see wut i could do but I just went thru the invisible floor. I kept falling but I stayed a few minutes to see if I'd land. Nope, I restarted my xbox

  77. Vovical


    2 tháng trước

    I know it's been said to death, but *THIS GAME WAS MY CHILDHOOD*. And now I have the PC version...

  78. O Gato

    O Gato

    2 tháng trước


  79. Mike Ever

    Mike Ever

    2 tháng trước

    Phil Hartman is dead shot by his fact don't piss off your wife lol you'll get bullets for sure

  80. TalkierLotus


    2 tháng trước

    I would love to see this game make a comeback.

  81. Lewis


    2 tháng trước

    The ending is really sweet. They obviously worked really hard on that game and it shows, what a timeless classic it’s become.

  82. Tristan Swain

    Tristan Swain

    2 tháng trước

    This game was a good part of my childhood, what a lovely video to find

  83. danman1012


    2 tháng trước

    My dick your ass lol

  84. Reclusive Eagle

    Reclusive Eagle

    2 tháng trước

    My question is are you using PCSX emulator or are you upscaling PS2 video?

  85. Danny Holland

    Danny Holland

    2 tháng trước

    I would Love a modern remake of hit and run for Xbox One, PC and PS4

  86. Jonty Levine

    Jonty Levine

    2 tháng trước

    It feels really strange to see the game like this. It almost makes it feel less real, like going backstage and seeing that the characters in a play are just actors. It's one thing to know it, but another thing to see it.

  87. Houdini Man

    Houdini Man

    2 tháng trước

    Please make another simpsons game like this. This was my childhood. I love it and still play it all the time

  88. Ana M

    Ana M

    2 tháng trước

    My brother and I kinda stole this game from our neighbor. He had left it there and was forgotten and then moved away. :/ Kinda miss that kid.

  89. Dildo Faggins

    Dildo Faggins

    2 tháng trước

    I remember playing a Simpsons game back in the day but it looked nothing like this. So i went down stairs looking through old boxes and seen that it was Road Rage. Wish i would have had this game instead.

  90. PasteyWhiteboy


    2 tháng trước

    The Simpsons Hit & Run Remastered Please

    • Jerry


      2 tháng trước

      MiniRunnera Well there’s all the reason you need not to remaster it then, even then The Hit and Run licensing is still up in the air, no clue if Activision still has the rights to it.

    • Jerry


      2 tháng trước

      PasteyWhiteboy Problem is who would remaster it? No one knows who really owns the rights, Radical is pretty much a shell of themselves.

  91. shane moran

    shane moran

    2 tháng trước

    Hit and run remaster and story expansion

  92. Paulafan5


    2 tháng trước

    There should have been a sequel or two made, but they went in a different direction (as far as Simpsons games are concerned). Wonder why they didn't do it? Was this game not a hit?

  93. manni17b


    2 tháng trước

    That Troy Mcclure was spot on.

  94. MatthewJBD


    2 tháng trước

    This is cool

  95. seanodinihio


    2 tháng trước

    Damn this was a shit looking game lol very lazy design team

  96. Bren


    2 tháng trước

    Imagine if they remastered this...

  97. 101ILoveMarina


    2 tháng trước

    I'd completely forgotten about this game I played so much when I was younger. Awesome video!

  98. Gonza Roa

    Gonza Roa

    2 tháng trước

    Do silent hill 4!

  99. Holiday


    2 tháng trước

    Destroy all humans next!!

  100. Violent Immortal

    Violent Immortal

    2 tháng trước

    You want to talk about weird, underneath one of the advanced warfare maps there is a massive image of the golden gate bridge

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